Wella t14 toner before and after on orange hair, do you really want your hair to be this shade?

from orange to ashy

  • The result of applying Wella T14 to your hair will depend on your base color. That is, the color you currently have in your hair.
  • If your hair is dark or medium orange, it’ll be medium ash brown or dark ash brown after applying the T14 toner.
  • If your hair is orange, it’ll become dark ash blonde or ash blonde after applying the toner.
  • And if your hair is light or very light orange, the result will be a pale ash blonde or very pale ash blonde.


  • Unlike other Wella toners, T14 neutralizes unwanted tones like an orange while adding an ashy pigmentation to your hair.
  • If that’s not what you’re looking for, you should choose another toner number such as t18.


with wella toner

No, I haven’t gone crazy. I simply woke up today with different energy: the energy to bust myths.

For example, the myth that “toner is only applied to blonde or very blonde hair.

That is absolutely a myth. Why?


Because Wella’s T14 toner can be applied on any hair shade. Its purpose is to neutralize colors and add an ashy pigmentation.

Wella Charm T14 can be applied to any hair color.

How will your hair look after using Wella T14?

toning orange hair

It’ll depend on how light or dark the orange in your hair is.

Let’s look at three possible scenarios:

  • If your hair is dark or medium orange because of hair dye 3 or 4, it’ll turn a medium ash brown 4.1 or dark ash brown 3.1 after applying Wella T14.
  • If your hair is orange because you used a hair dye 5, 6, or 7, you’ll get those same shades, but they’ll be neutralized. There’ll be no traces of orange. They’ll be medium ash brown 5.1, dark ash blonde 6.1, and ash-blonde 7.1.
  • If your hair is light orange or very light orange because you dyed it with a hair color 8 or 9, the result will be a pale ash-blonde 8.1 or very pale ash-blonde 9.1


Why am I confident of these results after using the T14 Wella Color Charm?


Because it doesn’t lighten or darken your hair. Instead, it neutralizes the orange tones. Therefore, the color level remains the same.

What is the difference with other toners?


It’s a huge one. In addition to neutralizing orange tones, Wella T14 adds ash pigmentation to your hair.

toner, developer, bowl and brush

Therefore, unlike other toners, T14 tones and adds color to the hair.

Have you ever used a purple shampoo or any other toner to neutralize your orange hair?


Let me guess!

You’ve probably noticed that the orange disappears, but some blue or purple undertones remain. That’s because those products only work by neutralizing the orange. They don’t add color.


It doesn’t happen with Wella Color Charm T14 because its pigmentation is pale blonde. So, when you use T14, you neutralize the nasty orange. There’ll be no trace of blue or violet, and your hair will look ashy.

That was the case for one of my clients, who discovered that T14 was the holy grail to produce a really noticeable change in her orange hair. Do you want to know her story?

Read on.

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Wella Color Charm T14 on bleached hair: it works where other blue toners don’t

Jessica is a special client for me. She was one of the first clients to ask for an extreme color: white.

For any stylist, this type of request is a big challenge. It consists of removing all the pigmentation from the hair.


It can’t be done in just one bleaching session, especially in Jessica’s case, whose natural color is light brown 5.

That’s why, after each bleaching,  her hair ended up with some orange undertones. We’d always neutralize them by applying a blue toner. .


As we got closer to the platinum blonde Jessica wanted, I began to notice that she became discouraged.

When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she was tired of the orange tones that appeared after the blue toner faded.

Also, Jessica used a blue shampoo to maintain the color. Many times, she noticed that her hair had some bluish tones.


So, thinking of an alternative, I suggested using Wella’s T14 because it’s for blonde color.

In other words,  in addition to neutralizing the orange tones, it’d give her a pale ashy blonde tone resulting in a buttery color. .

We only had to get down to work.


After the last bleach, I rinsed her hair and applied the T14 toner. The magic happened immediately. The coppery undertones disappeared, and there was no trace of blue.

That’s how Jessica was finally able to remove the color from her hair. We finally achieved that white she wanted so badly without any orange undertones.


However, life was still going to surprise me.

After three months, Jessica came to the salon and asked me to reapply the Wella Color Charm T14. She was missing missed the pale blonde.

As you can see, in Jessica’s case, I used the toner to completely neutralize the orange residue. Then, to add color.

The real innovation in coloring is that Wella Color Charm T14 produces an incredible before and after.



If you want to neutralize non-orange tones in your hair and add ashy pigmentation, Wella’s T14 will be true before and after.

As with any coloring product, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and respect the exposure times. It’ll be a maximum of twenty minutes for T14, checking the color every five minutes.

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