Permanent Hair Straightening: how to kill you hair before 30?

harmful chemicals

Let me introduce you to Ana and Eunice.

Both of them got a permanent hair straightening.

A- Ana is 19 years old. She has straight hair with tons of frizz. She straightens heir hair using a hair iron since she was 14.

B- Eunice is 23 years old. She has curly hair. She straightens her hair using chemicals every two weeks.

Which one of them is more likely to go bald?

(don’t look at the answer yet and think about it)

Right answer: Both of them.


Ana and Eunice might go bald before they reach their 30s. Instead of looking for permanent hair straightening treatments on the Internet, they’re gonna be looking for hair grafts, hair transplants, how to get your hair back, etc.

Why am I so sure about it?


I have been a professional hairdresser for 20 years now. I’ve been training hairdressers for 10 years. I’ve seen everything. Nothing is sadder than seeing young women with their hair ruined cause of years of abusing permanent hair straightening.


How can I control my hair’s frizz? Do I have to give up? Do you want smooth and silky hair no matter the weather?

There are options in the market that are less damaging to our hair’s health. What are the best options?

That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you in this post.

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Why is permanent hair straightening so dangerous?

differences with hair botox

How would you feel if one day suddenly, someone would start kicking your legs?

One kick after another. Hundreds of them. Wherever you go that person is there kicking you in the legs.

Can you imagine that?

Surely after a couple of days you’ll be wishing it away. Or stop feeling your legs.


Your legs are the ones that keep you standing. Your support. What would it happen if our support would break or bend?

We wouldn’t be able to stand up. We would surely fall.

Now let’s replace the kicking your legs thing for permanent hair straightening.

We would fall after getting a few kicks on our legs. After years of permanent hair straightening treatments our hair is gonna fall out.

Any idea why?

Because permanent hair straightening breaks our hair inner structure. Lets imagine that every permanent hair straightening is the equivalent of 100 kicks to our hair.


Are you one of those people who uses flat irons to straighten your hair?

Are you one of those people who gets straightening treatments every month?

In any of these instances the effects on our hair will be the same (it’s like if the person who is kicking you use loafers instead of sneakers, Would that change something?)


After a while of getting any kind of straightening treatment, that annoying and out of control frizz will be back. Because what we’re doing is breaking the hair’s structure once and again. The hair will recover its structure but then we go and break it again. We break it.


That’s like if you get kicked on the legs after having fell on the floor after 500 kicks. Your legs are still pretty weak. It took them a lot of effort to get you up. Just like our hair manages to recover. And when you’re up again the kicks are back.


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What kind of treatments do we need to avoid if we don’t want to go bald?

Twenty years ago I started working as a hairdresser on my mom’s small salon that was on our house garage. I still remember it as if it happened yesterday.

avoid treatment with Formaldehyde

Every time a customer got an permanent hair straightening, my house got a sickening smell that made me wanna throw up. My mom and I were left with an unpleasant feeling in our stomachs. Even after a few days that awful smell wouldn’t go.

Why Am I telling you this?

Because what damages our hair structure is the use of products with high Formaldehyde (and similar chemicals) quantities and another ingredients that can be damaging to our health. That is why my house was left with that sickening smell. Neither my mom nor I knew this. 20 years ago these topics weren’t as popular as they are today.


What is Formaldehyde and why do I need to avoid it?

Formaldehyde is one of the permanent hair straightening treatments main ingredients. We are talking about here about Formaldehyde and all it’s derivates.

Formaldehyde is a very toxic chemical that can be quite damaging to our health. It can be harmful to our eyes and respiratory tract.


You probably know that in order to set a permanent hair straightening treatment you need to apply heat. The heat applied on Formaldehyde is what makes it so toxic.


A friend of mine works at a quite famous beauty salon in the city of Rio de Janeiro. And she told me that there are women that suffered first and second degree burns after getting a Brazilian straightening treatment (a treatment that has high formalin concentrations).

High Formaldehyde concentrations can cause severe allergies, sore eyes, skin redness, tearing or dermatitis.

If you still want to get Formaldehyde treatments then what is an acceptable formalin amount?

Less than 5%.


How do I know how much formalin the product I’m about to use has?

There are a few differences between products that contain Formaldehyde and the ones who don’t.

Treatments that contain Formaldehyde must be applied on ventilated areas or on very large rooms. If the room isn’t that large then it has to have windows or  fans to get rid of the smell. Formaldehyde free products don’t need any of these precautions and can be applied anywhere.


Applications techniques are quite different too.

Treatments that contain Formaldehyde are applied strand by strand and the product is seal using a hair iron. You must wait at least 3 days before washing your hair. It doesn’t need a rinse. If the products are Formaldehyde free then you need to wash your hair 30/40 minutes after having applied it.


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Which are the formalin free permanent hair straightening treatments results?

I’m not gonna lie. And if I would tell you that Formaldehyde free products have the same results that the ones that contain Formaldehyde then I’d be lying.


Formaldehyde free products don’t have the same results that those that do contain Formaldehyde.

The best you can do if someone offers you magic like results with treatments that are almost formaldehyde free is to be a little sceptical about it.


Then what do I recommend?

What we look for in a treatment is that it will straight our hair and restructure It.

I recommend my clients to use products with low formaldehyde, and other chemicals, quantities. Hair botox would be a nice option. I already talked about hair botox here.

Something I tell all my clients is that if they’re gonna buy permanent hair straightening products they do so with care.


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Conclusions and comments

permanent hair straightening

I don’t mean to scare you or force you to do anything. Each one of us is the owner of his/her own hair and we can do whatever we want with it.

As a professional with many years of experience I feel is my duty to inform you and tell you about it so you will be able to take care of your hair.


If you’re about to buy permanent hair straightening treatments then I would recommend to conduct a thorough research on the Internet. Find out the ingredients. Get in contact with beauty salons to see if they can give you some advise.


I get it if you prefer to do the permanent hair straightening treatment in the comfort of your own home, there aren’t gonna be many salons willing to give you any advise about it. Maybe you can call them or send them an email.

Nowadays a lot of salons have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to publicize themselves. It will be a good idea to ask them there. Usually they will answer you because this is is public and they don’t want to look bad.


I understand that sometimes we have to struggle to tame our hair. But let’s try not to do things that we might regret later. Because there’s no going back.

I will say it again. If you want to turn 90 and still have an amazing hair then you need to take care of it. If even so, you want to get rid of the frizz then I would recommend hair botox.


What’s the difference between hair botox and keratin straightening?


Do you still have any questions?

Are you about to get a treatment and you still have some questions?  Then leave a comment and I will do my best to respond to it.

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