My hair is split all the way up, how can I fix it?

bleaached hair split all the way up

If your hair is split all the way up, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  • Excessive chemical processes such as straightening, coloring, or bleaching.
  • Daily use of flat iron or heat tools.
  • Poor hair care.

In this article, we’ll review in-depth each of these possible causes of split hair and possible solutions.


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The first thing I want to ask you is: are you sure that your hair is split?

Have you thought that it could be new hair growing?


  To tell the difference between split hair and hair that is growing, you need to look at its texture.  Is it smooth?
  • Growing hair has a very soft texture. On the other hand, split hair is brittle and dry.
  • New hair is always at the roots, while split hair can be found throughout the length of the mane.


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That said, let’s move on.

I’m sure you’ve already been able to tell the difference, and you’re sure that your hair is split all the way up.

So, let’s take a look at the causes and possible solutions.

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Cause 1: Excessive chemical processes such as straightening, coloring, and bleaching

woman dyes the hair on the back of her head

As I mentioned earlier, the main cause of split ends is the excess of chemical processes.

They include straightening, keratin, highlights, and hair dyes.


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You may have bleached your hair just once and your hair is brittle from the mid-length to the ends. This happened because you bleached your hair too much.

In this case, your hair wasn’t probably strong enough to withstand the bleach (or whatever treatment you had). It’s also likely that the hairdresser overdid the exposure time.

Then, your hair became brittle and started to break.


Alternatively, you may have applied straightening, keratin, or dyes that caused your hair to become brittle. Then, it has begun to split up.

Do you have a solution?


There’s a popular saying that what’s broken is broken. So, I’m sorry to tell you, broken hair can’t be repaired.

But don’t worry.   you can conceal it and prevent the rest of the hair from splitting up.  



Some methods involve trimming the ends. However, I don’t recommend it because you would be trimming your hair even more, and the idea is to even out the parts and prevent your hair from further breakage.


If the hair breaks, it’s because it’s weak.

  • You should treat it with care and keep it well-conditioned.
  • Avoid rough hairstyles or ponytails that are too tight.
  • Don’t wash your hair daily.


At the moment, bad habits may cause your hair to break even more.

Brushing, washing, and tight ponytails won’t help. Everything must be done with extreme care, as your hair is fragile. You need to prevent hair breakage.


Cause 2: Daily use of flat iron, blow-dryer, or curling iron

let heat protectant dry before flat ironing

Another possible cause of split ends is excessive use of a flat iron, blow dryer, or curling iron. You may not have bleached or colored your hair in your entire life, but you use the flat iron too much. You should know that it breaks your hair.

As a hairdresser, I spend time with many women, so I know how important hair is to each and every one of them.

Why do I tell you this?


  It’s easy to get into the vicious circle of heat styling tools. They leave your hair beautiful   even if it’s in the worst condition.

Heat styling is the best makeup. But it’s only temporary.



heat protectant for dry hair

It’s difficult to give up some habits. But, to avoid further breakage, you need to limit services that damage hair, such as coloring and chemical straightening.

Flat irons and heat are the worst enemy of broken hair. Still, if you plan to continue using the flat iron, lower the temperature and use a heat protectant beforehand to help reduce the accumulated damage.


Cause 3: Poor hair care

hair dryer and hair care products

So far, we’ve seen the causes of your hair being split all the way up or in different parts.

Causes 1 and 2 are related to cause 3: poor hair care can lead to hair breakage in different parts of your mane.


So, it’s impossible to move forward without a plan to improve and get out of having split hair.

So, I’m going to guide your hair care routine through this weekly chart so you can move forward. Of course, you’ll adapt the days according to your preference.


Solution: Weekly hair care routine

ph balanced shampoo before keratin

  • Monday

Wash your hair with anti-breakage or moisturizing shampoo. Then, apply the conditioner or mask according to the damage and hair type.

For example, if you have seriously damaged hair, you should choose a mask. Alternatively, if you have mixed to oily hair, go for the conditioner. The mask can be anti-breakage or have keratin.


You can let your hair air dry and style it with a warm iron and heat protectant. Alternatively, blow-dry it with a warm blow-dryer.


To finish, use a leave-in serum to define the split hair You can also use hold hairspray.

Remember that this wash is very important. You’ll wash your hair again on Wednesday.


wash the keratin treatment out

  • Tuesday

Your hair will rest. If you’re used to washing your hair every day, you may feel it’s heavy. In that case, use a dry shampoo to extend the effects of the wash.


  • Wednesday

If you can wait until Thursday without washing your hair, go ahead, you’re lucky.

But, if you can’t stand it any longer without washing it, wash it with the treatment shampoo and apply a moisturizing mask on the lenghts for 20 minutes.

Then, rinse your hair and dry it as usual. Don’t forget the heat protectant and styling serum for split hair.


  • Thursday

If you washed your hair on Wednesday, let it rest. On the other hand, wash it following the steps I explained. Apply the mask, rinse, and dry it as I said before.


  • Friday

According to how you’ve been washing your hair, check if it can last one more day. Remember that you can use dry shampoo until your next wash.

If you must wash it, do it as on Monday.


  • Saturday

If you washed your hair on Thursday, you can wash it today and do a moisturizing mask treatment. Alternatively, let it rest until the next day’s routine.


  • Sunday

Today is your rest day. According to how you organized your wash days, take this opportunity to nourish your hair and apply the second mask of the week.


This routine is a guideline. The main idea is to take care of your hair.


Conclusion: assess why your hair is splitting and take action

In this article, we have gone over the possible causes of your hair split all the way up.

As I said, you should stop doing whatever is damaging your hair, whether it’s daily flat ironing, excessive bleaching, applying keratin, etc.

If you have no hormonal health problems, hair only breaks when it’s processed with chemicals or excessive heat. You can start a routine to improve the condition of your hair. I trust you.

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