Can I color my hair if I go to the beach? Can the sun damage the color?

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I had chosen the ideal beach destination, I had the tickets and the hotel confirmed. I even bought a heart-stopping model bikini. All that was left was to dye my hair, because I didn’t want my grown-in roots to be seen in the photos.

I decided to dye my hair one day before catching the plane, destination my vacation anxieties.

Are you about to take a few days of rest at a paradise beach?


Then, you should know that you can dye your hair before taking off on your vacations. But you should do it two days before, so that the pigments of the dye set properly in the hair fibers and the cuticles completely close.

If you don’t do it that way, you will run the risk of losing the color in a few days, like what happened to me.

Remember that I told you that I applied the dye the day before going on vacation?


That was my first error, because ultimately, I didn’t give the dye the necessary processing time for it to set correctly in the hair.

But also, my chain of errors continued, a chain of errors that undermined the color.


  • While I dived into the waves, I didn’t think about what the salt water was doing to my hair.
  • While I played beach volleyball with my friends, I didn’t think about what the sun rays were doing to my hair.
  • While I covered my body with sun screen, I didn’t think that my hair would also need some.
  • While I enjoyed some exquisite, natural smoothies to calm my thirst, I didn’t think that my hair would also need hydration.


 And because I didn’t think about all these things, the salt, the sand, the wind, and the sun rays, the toll was made visible in my colored hair. And the color, which looked so beautiful when I arrived, disappeared after five days.  

So, I was condemned to being in all the pictures with hats and scarves, even in the photos when we went out at night.

I ask you again, are you about to dye your hair before going to the beach?


Then keep Reading, because I will tell you:

  • How to protect your hair from seawater
  • How to lengthen the duration of the dye in spite of the sun
  • Other cares to keep in mind when you go on vacation with dyed hair


Ready to enjoy your vacations without turning your roots into a martyr?


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How to protect your dye from the damage of the sea water

protect hair from salt

The best advice that I can give you to protect your dyed hair from saltwater is that each time you go for a swim or a dip, you use a swim cap.

But we know that no one uses these types of caps at the beach. It would be almost ridiculous.

 But what you can do is wet your hair with tap water before you go in the water.  

Yes, I know. Where do you find tap water in the middle of the beach?


You have a few options.

The first, take a one liter plastic container and fill it with water from home. Of course, that water will run out at some point.

Think, aren’t there bathrooms in the changing rooms? Fill your plastic container using the bathrooms that are there.


Also, if this method seems very cumbersome. You can always wet your hair in the showers available in all the changing rooms.

Another good piece of advice is avoiding those far-away beaches where civilization doesn’t go. Not civilization, nor showers, nor bathrooms.


It is very important that before you go into the sea, you wet your hair with tap water because that way, your hair will have much less capacity for absorption. Therefore, salt water won’t reach the cuticles of the hair.

You should also rinse with that tap water when you get out of the ocean to eliminate the possibility of salt residue.


 And when you get to the hotel, it’s important that you wash your hair carefully using a special shampoo for dyed hair that is sulfate-free.  

Gettting all the salt water out of your hair is very important, but do you know why?


Because sea water has a very high pH,which damages the elasticity of the hair.


We have already talked about one of the worst enemies of dyed hair during the summer: salt water.

But there is a worse enemy: the sun.


Do you have dyed hair? Protect it from the sun during vacations

take care of hair dyed from uv rays

Remember that I told you that I ended my vacations wearing hats practically all the time to hide the horrible color that had ended up in my hair?


I wish I had used it during the first day at the beach, because I would have avoided the sun practically disintegrating my color.

 And when I think about hats, I think about all the types. Wear the zaniest hats, caps with Flowers and even incorporate the pirate look with different color bandanas.  

Covering your dyed hair is fundamental so that the ultraviolet rays don’t lighten your hair.


I think that even in hair that hasn’t been dyed, the sun can lighten the color. Imagine the power of the sun on hair processed by dye, in the molecules that are deposited on the external layer of the hair.

Do you have your hat?

sun care

Then now, it’s time to think about hair products specifically for the beach. Because the sun robs the hair of its natural moisture, now bitter in the case of dyed hair, leaving it dehydrated and with the ends prone to breakage.

 And I introduce you to the incredible thermal protector. You can’t not have it in your beach bag. Honestly, you can forget your cell phone, your favorite book, even playing cards, but you can never forget your thermal hair protector

It is the only safe barrier between the sun rays and your hair. Even, most of them are waterproof.


Do you want to know what else you can do to protect the color of your hair during vacations?


Be extreme about hair care for dyed hair during vacations

wash hair when returning from the beach

Being extreme may seem over the top, but I can assure you that it isn’t. And I know from experience.

Last summer, not just the color of my hair disappeared after a few days of being at the beach, but I also ended up with super damaged hair.

 My hair looked dehydrated, opaque, with split ends and lots of frizz. 


  • That’s why something that you can’t forget in your travel bag is a deep-hydration mask, which you should use at least once a week.

Did you forget to put the mask in your bag?


Buy a bottle of olive oil in any supermarket and use it as a deep moisturizing mask.

If you can spend a few extra dollars, you can also invest in a good organic coconut oil.

The important part is that once a week during your vacations, you deeply hydrate your dyed hair to give it back the moisture it lost.


  • Are you thinking of pulling up your hair while you are at the beach?

Try to always use clips or elastic bands that don’t damage the hair. Remember that wet hair is weaker and prone to breakage.


  • Do you think that you can survive without flat ironing your hair during vacations?

Then do it. Because you hair will run the risk of sun and salt, and the heat tools will damage the natural keratin of the hair, modifying the color of the dye and drying it out.


  • And of course, don’t forget that every day after the beach, you should wash your hair. And to do that, you need to use shampoos for dyed hair that are sulfate-free which will lengthen the life of the dye for longer.

Oh, don’t use hot water. The colder the better.


There is a saying that goes, “man is the only animal that trips twice on the same rock.”

I can assure you that I am the exception to that rule.

Because I will never let the sun and the sea water finish off the color and the health of my hair.


Do you have your hat, thermal protector and tap water bottle on hand?

Then you can dive into the waves.

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