What is the difference between hair botox and keratin straightening?

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Maria got a Keratin straightening.

Andrea got hair botox.

What’s the difference between them?


Maria has light brown hair that’s a little bit wavy and a little frizzy.

That is her hair natural state.

She hasn’t overused hair irons or chemical products or dyes.

It’s a completely healthy hair that has some light waves.


Maria went to the salon looking for a frizz solution. She told us that a little time after washing her hair she already had an incredible amount of frizz.

When she got to work her hair was such a mess it seemed like she just got caught in an strong wind.

Since her hair is healthy and the hair ends are in perfect state we recommended her a Keratin straightening.


Andrea is 22.

She got to the salon with a really messy hair.

I can’t really describe the level of messiness of her hair.

She told us that she has been changing her hair color once a week since she was 17.

About 2 years ago she also started to iron her hair every single day.


Can you imagine the state of her hair?

Do you know how dry leaves break easily in autumn?

That was the state of her hair.


It was the brittlest hair I’ve ever seen in my entire hairdresser career. She had split and very damaged ends.

Andrea got a hair botox treatment because her hair structure was very damaged and she had split ends.


Hair botox or Keratin shock?

That’s the question

And that’s the same question that every customer at the salon has.

They want a treatment.

They want to get rid of the frizz.

They want their hair to look just like a top model’s hair but they don’t know what treatment to get.


The keratin shock treatment has been one of the most requested for years now.

Not so long ago a new kind of treatment, hair botox, got in the scene and its giving people something to talk about.


  • So which one is better?
  • Which one is the best for your hair?
  • Which one is more expensive?

In this article, we’re gonna talk about the differences and similarities that the keratin straightening and hair botox treatments have.

Then you could choose the best one for your hair.

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What is the difference between hair botox and keratin straightening?

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The difference between the two treatments goes beyond the results.

The most important difference is the ingredients that each of these treatments have.


The main ingredient of the keratin straightening treatment is called formaldehyde.

When we talked about keratin a couple of weeks ago, we said that formaldehyde is an ingredient which can’t be use in high concentrations because that’s ban by the regulatory agencies.

The treatments in the market have mild quantities of formaldehyde.

But even so this is the main ingredient.


Hair botox is a treatment that’s free of formaldehyde and another chemicals that are dangerous for our health. This a treatment that has been created so it isn’t bad for our health.


Who would be a good candidate for the keratin treatment?

It is the best choice for curly, frizzy and dry hair.


Do you remember Maria´s hair?

Keratin is a good choice to straighten curly hair like Maria’s.

Curly hair tends to get frizzy on humid conditions or when the temperature changes. Keratin helps control that frizz.

Keratin treatments give you a straight, free of frizz and manageable hair as a result.


Who would be a good candidate for hair botox treatment?

Hair botox is a treatment that would be ideal for people with damaged hair or split ends. It is a treatment that acts on a more structural level.

We already established that keratin treatments are for curly hair, while botox treatment can be done on any type of hair, curly, straight or wavy.

Besides since is not as aggressive it can be done both in thin and thick hair.


Keratin treatments are not recommended for pregnant women, while the botox treatment can be use by them. (However, I do recommend asking your doctor first


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What are the differences in results?

repair split ends

The biggest differences can be found in both treatments results.

When talking about results I always make a point to separate the visible results from the structural ones.


The visible results have to do with the aesthetic part of the hair. Shine, silkiness and smoothness are all visible results.

Then are the structural results that have to do with the hair inner structure.

On a really broad way we could say that keratin focuses more on the hair’s aesthetic part. Botox focuses more on the hair’s structural part.


Hair botox goal is to repair the hair’s damaged structure. The changes are from the inside out. The result is a wrinkle free hair, that’s the reason for the name, that is healthier and smoother than before.

Botox moisturizes, regenerates and gives volume to the hair.


Keratin goal is to straighten the hair giving it back the lost keratin. It is a treatment that will leave the hair straighten and free of frizz.


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Keratin and botox prices

Keratin straightening prices: between $70 and $140.
Hair botox prices: between $120 and $ 250.

Usually botox price is higher because it is more exclusive.

It’s harder to find salons that offer this treatment. That’s why it’s more expensive.


I did some research on botox and keratin prices on salons of numerous cities around the world (I didn’t visit that cities to find out the prices, I just Googled various salons)

It was interesting to compare both treatments prices on cities where the prices are usually really high like Manhattan, LA, or London, with the cities where prices are usually more reasonable.

In every one of these cases botox is more expensive than keratin.


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What do both treatments have in common?

differences and similarities

The process for both treatments is pretty similar.

If you ever had a Brazilian straightening then you are already familiar with the process.


Usually the first thing to do is wash the hair using a deep cleanse shampoo. We use this shampoo to get rid of all the residues on the hair.

Then we apply the treatment and let it rest for a few minutes.

To finish the treatment we use a hair iron to seal it.


Both treatments can be done at home.

If you choose to do any of these two treatments at home, it’s important that you have clear directions and the right tools.


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Conclusions: 2 key questions to choose the right treatment for your hair

The price doesn’t matter.

The treatment’s price doesn’t matter.

The treatment’s name doesn’t matter.


What really matters is what your hair needs.

What is the state of your hair?

What are the results you’re hoping for?

That’s what matters.


It’s clear that the price shouldn’t matter when choosing the right treatment.

Every single day someone asks me at the salon, ‘Carina What kind of treatment do you recommend for me?’

‘Carina Which treatment is better?’

‘Carina I don’t have that much money, what kind of treatment can I get that isn’t that expensive?’

These are all wrong questions.


The right question would be ‘What kind of treatment should I get according to my hair’s needs?’

This would be the right question to ask your hairdresser.

Because if you don’t ask it, you’re gonna end up with a treatment that isn’t right for your hair’s needs and you’re gonna go back to the salon the next week.


Two key questions

There are two key questions to ask before choosing one of these two treatments.

1- What is the current state of your hair?

If your hair is too damaged, brittle or has split ends then I’d recommend the botox treatment.

If your hair is in good conditions but you wanna straight it or get rid of the frizz then I’d recommend the keratin treatment.


2- What are the results you’re hoping to get from the treatment?

Here, there are basically two choices.

If you want to change how your hair looks I’d recommend keratin.

For example, for people who have really curly hair and want to have straight hair.

If you want to keep your hair looking the same way it does, then I’d recommend the botox treatment.

For example, for people who have wavy hair or frizz and want to keep them. If you want to keep your hair’s original look then I’d recommend the botox treatment.


What do you think?

Have you ever tried any of this treatments?

Were you happy with the results?

Are you thinking about getting one of these two treatments and you still don’t know which one to pick?

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