How long does it take for bleached hair to go back to normal?

  • Bleached hair will never be the same after a bleaching process because its internal structure will have changed forever. Therefore, it’ll only go back to normal as it grows.
  • As hair grows at a rate of 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month, in one year, you’ll have between twelve and eighteen centimeters of normal or virgin hair. Then, in two years, you’ll have between 24 and 36 centimeters of normal hair.


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Would you like to get your bleached hair back to normal?

Well, things won’t be so easy. It would be different if you had the magic wand of the Cinderella fairy. After saying the magic words “Bibidi Babidi Bu,” your bleached hair would look as if you had never bleached it at all.

However, we are not in a fairy tale, and no powerful magic can fulfill your wishes.


 Once your hair has been chemically treated, whether it’s been colored, permed or bleached, it’ll never go back to normal because its internal structure has been modified. 

So, what can you do?


Take courage and wait.

Wait for your hair to grow out. As it does, you’ll get your new, unaltered hair back to the way it was before you bleached it.

How long will you have to wait?


while hair goes back to normal

Months, because hair grows at a rate of 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

So, do the math: How long was your hair before you bleached it?

Doing this simple math will tell you how long your entire mane will need to go back to normal.


  • If your hair was 25 cm before bleaching, it’ll take about two years to return to normal, assuming your hair grows 1 cm per month.
  • If your hair was 50 cms before bleaching, it’ll take just under three years to get it back to normal, assuming your hair grows 1.5 cms per month.

Of course, these are hypothetical examples because the hair growth speed varies from person to person.


While you wait for your hair to grow, a few tricks can help you cope with the wait and shorten the hours. Do you want to know what they are?

Read on.

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What to do while your bleached hair is getting back to normal

to maintain the heat

You already know that your bleached hair won’t return to its previous state and that you just have to wait for it to grow out.


  • If your bleaching starts at the roots, it’ll obviously take much longer. In a year, maybe, you’ll have achieved a balayage.

If you don’t like this style,  you can maintain your hair neat by applying hair dyes or toners  to hide the growth.


  • If you choose to dye your hair, look for the same hair dye color as your natural shade. Also, trim the ends every month to get rid of bleached hair.
 Dyeing your hair the same shade as your virgin hair would be one of the best ways to get the appearance of color uniformity.  Still, you should know that this color won’t last for long. It’ll start to lighten with washes, giving it a somewhat artificial look.


  • The right thing to do would be to  pre-pigment the bleached areas for the hair dye to hold better,  making the pigments last longer. But I have to be honest, it’s not a definitive solution.

It all comes down to the time it takes for virgin hair to grow out. Chances are that depending on the length of your hair, you’ll have to continue to apply hair dye to bleached hair for one to two years.


I can sense your impatience, and I’m sure one thought is occupying your mind right now.


Is there a way to make my bleached hair grow faster?

for naturally healthy hair

What a topic!

There has been a lot of talk about ways to make hair grow faster, from the offbeat to the ridiculous ones.

Do you think your bleached hair will grow faster if you cut it when the moon is in the crescent?


That’s as true as certain men transform into werewolves at full light.

From there, everything else is a lie, like mixing birth control pills in your regular shampoo or washing your hair with aloe vera gel. Myths, myths, and more myths!


What is true is that maintaining a good diet and taking care of your scalp will help your hair go back to normal. 

How can you take care of your scalp?


By massaging it frequently so that it doesn’t become tense. This way, you protect the hair follicles, facilitating good blood circulation and hair growth.


What if my bleached hair does not grow at a rate of 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month?

If you notice that your hair is not growing consistently, there may be several reasons.


For example, organic factors, such as thyroid problems, lack of vitamins or stress, or external factors, such as climatic factors.

 My advice is to ask a health professional who will determine the origin of the problem and the treatment to follow. 


Now, if your hair is growing at a normal rate, you can always do something else. You can increase some special care to get it back to normal faster.


How to care for bleached hair while it grows

with scissors

Bleached hair has undergone a transformation from which there is no return. However, while you color it the same shade as your natural hair and wait for it to grow out, you can add some products to your hair care routine.


These products will help you nourish and moisturize your hair. The idea is to keep the color longer and to give it more shine, strength, and consistency.

This will make your hair look healthy and much more natural.


 You can do a deep moisturizing treatment once a week with coconut oil or a hair mask, limit the use of heat tools, and, most importantly, trim the ends every month. 


Cutting the ends as your hair grows is essential. As it’s the hair that underwent the bleaching process, it tends to open up and tangle more easily. Therefore, I recommend that you detangle your hair gently to avoid cutting the hair fibers and, thus, giving it an unpleasant appearance.



Bleached hair never returns to normal. You should wait for the new hair to grow at a rate of one and a half centimeters per month. Also, remove the bleached parts and trim the ends.

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