Is Splat hair dye good, or does it damage your hair? Check it out here!

  • Splat hair dye is good and won’t damage your hair as long as you apply it to healthy hair.
  • If your hair is damaged or brittle before applying Splat hair dye, it’ll look even worse after coloring.
  • The only sure way to know if Splat hair dye can damage your hair is to do a strand test. Today, I’ll tell you how to do it properly to prevent any damage to your hair before you apply the product.


apply it on healthy hair

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Let’s start with something basic: if Splat hair dye damaged your hair, no government agency would allow its sale.

All health-related products (hair is within that category) must follow strict guidelines from the authorized agencies in each country.

Hair dyes are no exception.


For example, the European Union’s Cosmetics Directive informs that hair dyes won’t damage hair if the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed. The objective is to minimize the adverse effects of excessive use.

However, of course, no government agency nor the hair dye companies are in the users’ households. That is, they don’t know the history of each hair.

What do I mean by this?


Splat doesn’t know how you have your hair, how you care for it, your base color, etc.

They don’t know, and that’s not their goal either. They want to sell hair dyes in wonderful fantasy colors.

 The responsibility for using Splat hair dye and what happens to your hair afterwards is always yours. 


That’s why Splat coloring kits warn that the manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly followed to avoid unexpected problems.

And that warning is no small thing. Do you want to know why? I’ll give you an example.

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Application of Splat hair dye: two cases with different results regarding hair health

blue and red

When you apply Splat hair dye, you shouldn’t only pay attention to the color results. The health of your hair is equally important.

Let me tell you a story to help you understand.


A few years ago, I wanted to dye my hair fuchsia. After bleaching my hair several times, I got to the base color I needed.

I applied Splat hair dye and left it on for 30 minutes, as instructed by the manufacturer. When I rinsed my hair, the color was bright and intense.


However, a few days later, a client came into my salon with her hair totally damaged. She had applied Splat hair dye of the same color. Her hair also had a light base color.

Why was her hair burned, while mine didn’t show any signs of damage? It’s simple.


  • She didn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When I applied the Splat dye, I left it on for twenty minutes, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Believe it or not, even if we, stylist, understand a lot about colorimetry and hair health,  we follow the instructions from hair product manufacturers. 

On the other hand, my client had left the Splat hair dye on for forty minutes, which is twice the time recommended by the manufacturer! Nothing good could come out of it.


  • She didn’t do the strand test.

As a stylist, I can clearly tell when my hair is damaged. I don’t have to do a strand test to see if my hair will resist the application of a dye.

However, my client can’t see the difference between split ends and dead ends, or a healthy one. She thought the frizz in her hair was a consequence of the humidity, not a symptom of dehydration.


She didn’t consider that her hair had become weaker and more brittle after bleaching.

Of course, she applied Splat hair dye, but her hair fiber couldn’t resist the product’s chemical reaction. Although it’s vegan, it contains some elements that can damage your hair if it’s not healthy. That’s what I’ll talk to you about in a few moments.

Was Splat hair color really to blame for the damage to her hair?


Definitely not. Her hair was previously damaged. So, the damage just got worse.

What can happen is that Splat hair dye can dry out your hair. However, it’ll be minor damage that can be easily repaired with a natural oil mask, like coconut oil, for example.


What Splat hair dye ingredients can damage your hair if it’s not healthy?

differences with arctic fox

Although Splat hair dye is vegan, it contains ingredients such as parabens or dioxide from some metals that can dry out your hair.


  •   Parabens are added to hair beauty products to make them last longer.  Also, they are preservatives that prevent the generation of any microorganisms or bacteria that could ruin the product.

Although they aren’t toxic to your hair, they can dry out your hair fiber.


  • In addition,  Splat hair dye contains different metals’ dioxide that is added to the product to obtain more fixation  or color duration.

While ammonia is used in permanent dyes, semi-permanent dyes use very small portions of titanium dioxide or mercury to extend the dye’s effect and make it heavier.

Those small metal portions can dry out your hair because they sit on top of the hair fiber, coloring and structuring it.


  • Splat contains essential oils that moisturize your hair but which aren’t very intense. Why?

Because Splat semi-permanent dye works by creating a film on the hair fiber by completely covering it. So, the moisturizing components can’t completely penetrate the hair fiber.

Can you imagine what would happen to your dry hair if you applied Splat hair dye now that you know it has those ingredients?


Your hair fiber will accept the pigments, but it’ll end up much more damaged. Chances are that to get it back, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and money in good quality moisturizing treatments.

So, what can you do?


To prevent those problems, and I’ll tell you how.


To make sure that Splat hair dye doesn’t damage your hair, you have to do the strand test

problems with colored hair

The strand test is very important for two reasons:

  • First and foremost, to make sure that Splat hair color won’t damage your hair.
  • And second, you’ll be able to see how the color you’ve chosen looks on your hair.


In the best-case scenario, the color is just what you want. If your hair passes the strand test, you can proceed to dye all your hair.

In the worst case, if you don’t like the color, you have to buy another color.


What do you need?

  • Splat hair dye
  • Gloves
  • Comb



  • Put on your gloves, comb your hair, and pick it up in a ponytail.
  • Release a strand from the back and apply Splat hair dye over the strand during the time indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Rinse your hair and dry it.


Take a look at your strand.

  • Is it rough?
  • Do you notice a different texture than before you applied the dye?
  • Is the color uneven?


  If you notice that your strand has changed in any way, either in color or texture, you should not apply Splat hair dye. 


If it’s rough, damaged, or very frizzy, moisturize it with coconut or almond oil at least twice a week for fifteen days before the coloring session.

After that, once again, test the hair.

If your hair looks healthy and shiny, apply your Splat hair dye without fear because it won’t damage your hair.



You have to do the strand test before applying Splat hair dye because it’s the only way to know if your hair will resist the coloring process.

Don’t forget that it’s usually necessary to do several bleaching sessions to apply Splat dye. That’ll dry your hair.

Be cautious, and nothing bad will happen to your hair when you use Splat hair dye.

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