What happens if I use Manic Panic Virgin Snow on brassy hair?

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  • If you apply Manic Panic Virgin Snow on your brassy hair, it’ll continue brassy. It may be lighter or darker but still brassy.
  • This Manic Panic hair dye requires your hair to be butter or extra light blonde 10.
  • So, if you want to transform your brassy hair into a bright white with Virgin Snow, you’ll need to bleach it. You’ll also most likely need between 1 to 3 sessions according to your brassy intensity.


Don’t you believe me?

Then, apply Manic Panic Virgin Snow on your brassy hair and wait for a few minutes. What will happen?


The mirror, just like the famous mirror of Snow White’s stepmother, won’t lie.

  • If you apply Virgin Snow to dark brassy, your hair will be a medium brassy shade.
  • If you apply Virgin Snow to your brassy color, your hair will be light brassy.
  • If you apply Virgin Snow to your light brassy hair, it’ll be extremely light brassy.


Still don’t believe me?

Well, I’ll tell you a story, which isn’t exactly a fairy tale.


manic panic virgin snow

One afternoon, Ema arrived at my salon. She was a new client I had only seen twice before.

She talked as if she had just discovered a new scientific breakthrough. She claimed she wanted Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow shade in her hair.


“Oh, girlie! Not so fast!” – I thought to myself. I explained that as her hair was dark brown, it needed to be bleached before applying the Virgin Snow color. That way, we’d avoid brassy tones.

“Let’s do it!” she replied. Again, not so fast, girlie.  For her hair to turn white like Virgin Snow proposes, we had to take it to a light blonde base. 


So, from dark brown, we would go to red, then to brassy, then to dark yellow, and, finally, from dark yellow to extra light blonde.

That brought us to a total of five bleaching sessions that have to be done every ten to fifteen days.


Ema agreed. However, when her hair reached the brassy shade, her patience almost seemed to have run out, and she suggested that we apply Virgin Snow. I refused.

Do you know why?


Because if we applied it,  her hair would be a salmon-like color – nothing like white! 

So, despite her pleas, we continued on the road with no possibility of shortcuts or detours.


Finally, the big day arrived: I applied the long-awaited last bleaching session that left her hair a buttery color.

Then, without further delay, I applied Manic Panic to her hair and the Virgin Snow looked fantastic.


There was only one detail left: I trimmed her ends to get rid of the dry ends after the chemical processes.

What can I say? Stylist: 1 Impatience: 0


  • Is your case similar to Ema’s?
  • Is your hair brassy, and you need to bleach it to apply Manic Panic Virgin Snow?


Then, you should know how many bleaching sessions you’ll need to apply before using Virgin Snow.

That’s what I’ll talk about next.

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From brassy hair to Manic Panic Virgin Snow

to maintain the heat

If your hair is brassy, you need to achieve a butter base color or extra light blonde 10.

So, you’ll need to go through at least 2 or 3 bleaching sessions. The number of sessions will depend on the intensity of the brassy shade.

However, you can’t do it all on the same day!


 You should allow at least three weeks between sessions   for your hair to hydrate and rest from the chemical processes.

Your hair should also be healthy when you start the process.

Do you know why?


Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical treatment for the hair and can dry it out, generate frizz, and even cause hair loss due to breakage.

That’s why I recommend that whenever you want to achieve great changes in your hair, you should always go to a salon.

Stylists have the knowledge and tools to solve any problem.


You wouldn’t imagine how many women come to my salon with their hair burned by bad bleaching jobs!

Don’t risk it.  If you don’t have coloring experience, ask for professional help. 


Then, the number of bleaching sessions you’ll need will depend on your base color.

  • Starting from dark brassy 5 to extra light blonde 10: 2 or 3 sessions.
  • From medium brassy 6 or 7 to extra light blonde 10: 1 or 2 sessions.
  • From light brassy 8 or 9 to extra light blond 10: 1 session.


In each bleaching session, you can go up 3 to 4 shades, depending on the professional who applies it.

The bleaching session should be done with a 30-volume developer at the most.


Many salons use a 50 or 60-volume developer to speed up the process, but it causes terrible damage to the hair.

 These radical changes that require stripping out all the color from your hair take time. They cannot be done overnight. 


You should also be very careful with your hair health after this process. Your hair will be weak and damaged.

I recommend you use:

  • Natural oils on lengths and ends
  • Moisturizing masks with Keratin
  • Olaplex 3
  • Olaplex 4 shampoo and Olaplex 5 conditioner
  • Aloe vera at night
  • Micellar water spray every 3 hours.


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Yes, I know. It can be exhausting. But the road to Virgin Snow has roses and some thorns.

 For your hair to look its best, you need to replenish the lost moisture. 

Only then will Virgin Snow look splendid.



To show off the color of Manic Panic Virgin Snow hair dye, your hair must have a butter or extra light blonde base.

And to get to that shade, you’ll need to bleach your hair between one to three times, depending on the intensity of the brassy shade.


Remember, if you respect the step-by-step process of radical color change, the results and your hair health are guaranteed.

This will ensure that the magic mirror will always tell you that your Virgin Snow white hair is the most beautiful one in the kingdom.

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