Can You Mix Blue and Purple Shampoo? I only recommend it in one situation


  • You can mix purple and blue shampoo if you want to tone orange hair.
  • Now, if you’re hoping to tone yellow or red hair, the result could be a true disaster because you’ll actually end up with green or purple hair.


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Well, the truth is that I might have gotten a bit off track. Because in reality, there’s something that I just don’t get from the start.

First off, why do you even have both purple and blue shampoo in your bathroom?

Unless your hair is dyed two different colors, I don’t get why you’d use both shampoos in your hair.

Why don’t I get it?


Because purple shampoo is used for yellow hair and blue shampoo is used for orange hair to get rid of brassy, unwanted color.

 So, if your hair isn’t two different colors, what might make you want to mix purple and blue shampoo? 

Let’s think about some possible situations.


  • You want to mix purple and blue shampoo to get a deeper blue.

This could be a good idea if and only if your hair is a certain color. And very soon, I’ll tell you just what that color is.


  • You want to mix purple and blue shampoo because you just have a little bit of each left and you hate to waste any of it.

I applaud you for your commitment to the environment, but if the only reason you want to mix two toning shampoos is to make the shampoo last a little longer, then your hair is going to be the one to pay for your mistake.

That’s because I can promise you are not going to like what happens when you use that mixture.


  • You want to mix purple and blue shampoo so your hair absorbs more color.

This is a bad idea because color absorption depends on how long you leave the toning shampoo in your hair. It doesn’t have to do with mixing colors.


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If you’re an artist at heart and you need to get your inspiration out, I recommend you try your mixes on canvas, and not on your hair.

If you don’t want your hair to end up an unexpected color, then there is only one reason why you should mix purple and blue shampoo.

And that is exactly what I am about to tell you.


You can mix purple and blue shampoo if you want to tone orange hair

toning yellow hair

Because  mixing these two toning shampoos will give you a deep blue. 

And do you know why this very special color will come from that mix?


Because purple shampoo contains 50% blue pigment and 50% red pigment. If you add blue shampoo to purple shampoo, the result will be a deeper blue.

What might this purple and blue shampoo mix be good for?


Since mixing the two colors will give you an ultramarine blue shampoo,  it will work for toning orange hair, no matter how intense the orange is. 


That means that it will work just as well for toning dark orange hair as for light orange hair.

So, after toning your hair with the purple and blue shampoo mix,  you hair will end up ashy, without any of those garish colors you started with. 


Now, if your hair isn’t orange, you cannot use the purple and blue shampoo mix.

Why not?


Because the end result could be a very nasty surprise.

  •  If your hair is yellow,  your hair will turn green after mixing the purple and blue shampoo.
  •   If your hair is red, your hair will turn purple after mixing the purple and blue shampoo.

With that out of the way, let’s get into how to make the mix.


How to mix purple and blue shampoo and how to use the mixture correctly

washing hair with purple shampoo

I recommend that you use a clean, empty container to make the toning shampoo mixture.

And  if you can use a clear container,  even better because that way you’ll be able to confirm that the two toning shampoos have fully mixed together.


Because if you don’t mix the two shampoos very well, when you use the mixture on your hair, some parts might end up blue, while others could be purple or even orange.

 Mix equal parts of both shampoos  in the empty container, replace the cap and shake well.


Shake the container several times, up and down so the purple and blue pigments really integrate.

Once the two shampoos have mixed, the time has come to use the mixture on your hair.

  • The first time you use the mix, I recommend  not doing it in the shower , so you’re able to really see the new toning shampoo’s reaction.
  • Wet your hair and leave the ultramarine shampoo in your hair for three minutes. Take a lock of hair, rinse it and take a good, close look at it.
  •  If you don’t have any orange left in your hair , rinse out the shampoo from the rest of your hair.
  •  If the orange is still there , leave the shampoo in for two more minutes.


In my experience, dark-colored toning shampoo tends to neutralize unwanted colors in two to five minutes.

Don’t leave the shampoo in your hair for longer than that. Remember that the purple and blue shampoo has a larger quantity of blue pigments, so if you go over the recommended amount of time in your hair, it might just turn completely blue.



Mixing purple and blue shampoo works for neutralizing unwanted orange colors in your hair because you get a deep blue toning shampoo, but it won’t work on yellow or red hair.

It’s very important that once you use the mixture you make, you are extremely careful about how long you leave it in your hair, so your hair doesn’t turn blue.

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