Blue or Purple Shampoo: Which one should you choose for your hair?

Which one choose

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Today we are going to talk about something that’s as exciting as it is confusing.

Purple and blue shampoos.


  • Purple shampoo eliminates or neutralizes yellowish tones.
  • Blue Shampoo eliminates or neutralizes orange tones.


In order to understand the reason behind this, have to go back to the color wheel.

Do you remember the color wheel?


It’s a circle where the colors are placed by tone.

 The colors across from each other are complementary and they cancel each other out, or neutralize each other.  So, in order to tint hair that has turned orange, we are going to need a blue shampoo. In order to tint hair that has turned yellow, we are going to need a purple shampoo.

opposite colors are complementary



Let’s suppose you are a brunette and you have blonde highlights that are a harsh orange.

What shampoo should you use?


for orange or brassy hair

Now, let’s suppose that a few weeks ago, you dyed your hair blonde to look radiant during the summer. You left the salon elated with your new hair color. But little by little, your beautiful blonde hair started turning an eerie yellow.

What shampoo should you use?

Blue or purple?


If you said purple, you got it.

for yellowish hairs

How do you use the shampoo to get the best results?

A few years ago, these types of products were exclusively used in beauty salons. It was very rare that a person had a blue or purple shampoo at home, unless they were a hairdresser or stylist. But in the last few years, that has all changed.


Today, people have more access to products than ever before. Products that used to be reserved only for professionals, anyone can buy today, from hair dyes to more delicate products like hydrogen peroxide, and hair treatments like botox or keratin.

leave it between 3 and 5 minutes

I’m not at all against the fact that people have the ability to access all these products. But I think it’s important that before using them, they should be well-informed.

A lot of people buy products and use them without stopping to evaluate if they’re what their hair needs and then commit atrocities on their hair. For example, a few days ago, I read this comment in a Facebook group about hair.

Girls, I don’t know what to do. I washed my hair with a purple shampoo and now my hair is green. I look like an alien.”


Unfortunately, I read similar comments every day.

It’s sad because these things are avoidable. If that girl had taken a little bit of time to read how to use the shampoo, I’m sure that that wouldn’t have happened.


It turns out that one of the comments asked, “How long did you leave the shampoo in your hair?”

“10 minutes,” the girl responded.

Which is bad.

You shouldn’t leave shampoo in your hair for longer than three or four minutes, especially if it’s the first time you’re using it.

Some tips for using the shampoo

chicken yellow hair toning

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That’s why I want to wrap up by telling you which I think is the best way to use this type of shampoo, whether it’s blue or purple.

1- Fort the first wash, unlike what this girl did, I recommend leaving the shampoo in your hair for a maximum of 3 minutes.


2- When your hair is completely dry, you can evaluate the results of the shampoo. In some cases, just one wash with purple or blue shampoo is enough. In most cases, a few washes with the shampoo are necessary. It might be two, three, four, or more.

eliminates brassy yellow tones

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3- The advice I always give is to use the shampoo sparingly. That way, it might take longer to get the hair tone that you want, but you will be sure of the results and at the same time, eliminate any possibility of headaches.



If you’re still unsure about which shampoo would be best to use on your hair, you can leave me a comment below.

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