Can I bleach my hair after Brazilian Blowout? Yes, but you should wait at least 3 weeks

dye right after bleaching

  • You can bleach your hair only three weeks after Brazilian Blowout.
  • If you don’t respect this timing, you’ll remove the Brazilian Blowout from your hair. It’ll have been a waste of time and money.
  • But also, if you don’t wait three weeks to bleach your hair after Brazilian Blowout, you run the risk of damaging your hair. That’s what I’ll talk about below.


Do you ever think about everything you do to your hair? Don’t you?

As a hairstylist, I have to, at least, frown.


Hair, just like every other organ in your body, requires care.

Just as you don’t expose your skin to the sun without sunscreen, you shouldn’t expose your hair to continuous chemical treatments.

When I talk about chemical treatments, I mean coloring, keratin, straightening, and of course, bleaching.


You should choose the treatments for your hair and plan them.

If possible, plan them together with your stylist.

A professional stylist can determine whether your hair will withstand one, two, or three treatments and when to do them.


  So, if you’ve had a Brazilian Blowout, you should bleach your hair only after three weeks.  


A Brazilian Blowout is applied with heat. So, if you add bleach before three weeks, the chemical process can dry out your ends and lengths.

It can dry them out to such an extent that your hair will look like chewing gum. To fix this, you’ll have to remove the damaged parts.

Do you realize why I think you should take care of your hair the same way you take care of other parts of your body?

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If it hasn’t been three weeks since your Brazilian Blowout, and you bleach your hair, you run the risk of burning it

second time in 20 days

There’s no turning back.

Why could bleaching burn your hair if you do it right after the Brazilian Blowout?


There are two main reasons:

  • After the Brazilian Blowout, the keratin continues to repair your hair for at least fifteen days.
  • Since the treatment is applied with heat, the bleaching chemicals can dry out your hair. [/su_list]


It takes about three weeks for the keratin to do its job from start to finish. It means to repair the damaged parts of your hair, restore shine, softness, and manageability.

If you bleach your hair before three weeks, you run the risk of damaging it. The bleach will open the cuticles again and the hair that’s still absorbing nutrients will also absorb the chemicals from the bleaching mixture.

After that, your hair will be dry from the roots.


Also, don’t forget that the Brazilian Blowout treatment is applied with heat to close the cuticles. However, the treatment will finish nourishing your hair after three weeks. In the meantime, the ends will still be weak and prone to breakage.

What do you think will happen if you bleach your hair?


The ends would dry out completely!

Then, your hair will weaken, and you’ll notice an unusual increase in hair loss.


Also, let’s put things on a scale.

If you applied Brazilian Blowout, you were probably feeling your hair needed moisture and nourishment. You were probably tired of fighting frizz and looking dull and lifeless.

So, is it really necessary to bleach your hair now that you’ve finally managed to nourish and moisturize it?


Don’t lose sight of the fact that bleaching is a very aggressive treatment for the hair. It involves a lot of knowledge of hair processes, correct application of bleach, and exposure times.

With bleaching, there is no room for error. You make a mistake and your hair pays the price.

My advice?


Wait at least three weeks to bleach your hair if you’ve had a Brazilian Blowout.

If it’s been three weeks since you’ve had the Brazilian Blowout treatment, my second piece of professional advice is to go to a salon to bleach your hair.

Here’s why.


What to consider if it’s been three weeks since your Brazilian Blowout, and you want to bleach your hair

lighten hair slightly

The first thing to consider is what has happened to your hair in the three weeks following the Brazilian Blowout application.

Let’s look at the details together.

  • During the first seven days after the Brazilian Blowout, the hair absorbs all the nutrients, and your cuticles finish closing.
  • In the next seven days (it’s been 14 days), the hair core finishes absorbing the protein and restructures your hair fiber from the hair follicle.
  • From day 16 to day 21, the hair has expelled the treatment surplus. Now, there are no more changes in the structure. Your hair is stable. [/su_list]


When I say stable, I mean repaired, nourished, and strengthened.

So, you could bleach your hair just twenty days after applying the Brazilian Blowout. However, should you?


I can’t fool you.

  If you bleach your hair, all the nourishment from the Brazilian Blowout will disappear.  Remember that bleaching is one of the most aggressive chemical treatments for hair.

If it has the power to remove the natural pigments in your hair, what will it do to the nutrients?


The bleach doesn’t distinguish pigments, nutrients, or water. It removes everything in its path.

It’s like a volcano. When it erupts, nothing can stop the flow of lava that sweeps away everything in its path. In inhabited places, the only thing left is to evacuate the people because nature will take its course.


You cannot evacuate the nutrients that the Brazilian Blowout brought you. So, just like lava, the bleach will sweep away everything.

And when that happens, frizz will appear.


  That’s why I recommended that even if it’s been three weeks since your Brazilian Blowout, you bleach your hair with a professional stylist.  



A lot can happen to your hair in three weeks, and it may go unnoticed by you, but not by a professional.

For example, maybe you abused the heat tools, and your hair is drier than after the Brazilian Blowout.


But you should also take into account your expectations regarding the level of bleaching you want to achieve.

Bleaching black hair to light blonde isn’t the same as bleaching light brown hair to blonde.


A stylist will control the most appropriate peroxide volumes and the correct exposure times to bleach your hair without losing the nutrients provided by the Brazilian Blowout.



Brazilian Blowout is a keratin treatment that provides excellent results in hair repair. However, bleaching can eliminate the full effect of the treatment.

Respect the waiting times if you want your hair healthy and shiny for longer, and go to a professional stylist. This is the best way to ensure that the nutrients provided by the Brazilian Blowout don’t disappear with bleaching.

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