Can I dye my hair if my scalp is itchy? Yes, you can, but you should do this first

  • Yes, you can dye your hair if your scalp is itchy as long as a dermatologist treated any previous condition.
  • In some cases, an itchy scalp is compatible with hair coloring. In others, it isn’t.
  • For example, if the itching is related to washing habits, you need to get good habits to dye your hair.
  • Now, if the itching is due to dandruff, eczema, or dermatitis, it’s a different story. The best thing is to avoid coloring your hair until those diseases are cured.


worried if she can dye her hair

Does your scalp itch? Do you already know why?


There are many possible reasons for an itchy scalp.

They range from simple issues, such as bad washing habits or using the wrong products, to health conditions that deserve more attention, such as dermatitis.


 Before you color your hair, I advise you to evaluate why your scalp itches. .

You’ll probably be able to figure it out yourself with some clues I’ll give you.


If you can’t figure out why your scalp itches, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor deals with those kinds of issues.  There’s no one better than him to help you understand why your scalp itches and define a plan of action. .


  • If you could figure out on your own the reason for your itchy scalp, you can possibly color your hair by adjusting your hair care habits or even the products you use.
  • Now, if you need help from a doctor, you may have to wait some time before you can dye your hair.


Anyway, here we will see all the possible reasons why your scalp might be itching. Also, if you can dye your hair or not in each of those cases.

Oh, and since I don’t like to keep anything to myself, at the end I’ll tell you which hair dyes you should use depending on your situation.


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Are you sure your itchy scalp is not related to your washing habits? If so, you can color your hair.

moisturizing products

Both over-washing and the lack of it can cause an itchy scalp. Why?


When we wash our hair too often, the skin of our scalp becomes irritated and cause itching. Also, the lack of washing can generate excessive oil on our head and cause itchiness.

You need to find a washing routine that suits your hair best. For example, if now you wash your hair every day, try washing it once every other day for some time and then evaluate the results.


 Maybe you have a dry scalp, so you don’t help it by overwashing it because that way you remove the natural oils that the scalp produces. 

The best you can do is keep testing until you find the best washing habits and products that suit your hair and scalp best.


It will take a few weeks but I assure you it will be worth it because you will forget about the itchiness on your scalp and you can dye your hair.

It will take a few weeks, but I assure you it will be worth it because when your scalp is no longer itchy, you can finally color your hair.


If the itchiness on your scalp is due to dandruff, eczema, or dermatitis, do this before coloring.

dermatological treatment

In my years as a colorist, I met dozens of women with some of these conditions. They’re much more common than you think. A specific treatment is recommended for them, preferably supervised by a medical specialist.

If you want to dye your hair, I recommend you be prudent and use your own judgment. For example, if it itches too much and burns, don’t dye your hair. On the contrary, if the itching is mild and you don’t have any scalp injuries, you’ll have no problem dyeing your hair.


I still insist on the following:  If your scalp is itchy, make an appointment with a dermatologist to exclude any condition that needs to be treated.  


If the itching is due to stress, you can dye your hair.

to stop hair loss

If I told you about the women with itchy heads because of damn stress, you’d stop making an issue out of things right now.

It’s amazing how the mind can affect our body. If you’ve been struggling with some issues lately, that could be the reason for your itchy scalp. In that case, you would have no problem coloring your hair.


If the itching is because of lice, dyeing your hair is a good idea. The hair dye will kill everything on its way.

Are you sure you don’t have visitors on your head? Just in case, I advise you to take some time and go through your hair with a fine-tooth comb to rule it out. If you have any little friends, you can say goodbye to them by dyeing your hair.


If the itching is caused by using inappropriate products, identify the product that’s causing it and stop using it.

without ruining the hair

Did you buy a spectacular dry shampoo? Have you been using a lot of styling products such as wax, spray, or serum?


Watch out!

 Abusing hair products can leave traces building up on your scalp. It could be the cause of your itchiness.  Also, shampoos that are not suitable for our hair type could cause a reaction on the skin of our head.

If you’ve been using a different shampoo or even a new soap, it could be causing that annoying itch.


Try to identify what it could have been and suspend its use for a few days or stop using it altogether. It may be the solution to the discomfort in your head.

If after a few days of stopping using the product(s) that caused you discomfort, your itching goes away, you can dye your hair.


Have you ever noticed how many reasons could cause your head to itch?

Not all of them are serious enough to run to the dermatologist. However, it’s always good to know what’s going on to put our minds at ease. In any case, you should be aware of the itching type you’re experiencing, not to irritate your scalp even more by dyeing your hair.


Having said that, I would now like to advise you on the most specific and most scalp-friendly hair dyes. They’re the ones that will irritate you the least.


Semi-permanent or tone-on-tone hair dyes

blond hair with gray hair

Do you know why I recommend semi-permanent hair dyes?


Because they are ammonia-free.

Ammonia is an irritating substance that is used to open the hair cuticle in permanent hair coloring. So, you should  avoid using permanent hair dyes until you know why your scalp is itchy. .


If you have to dye your hair because you have a lot of gray hair and the dermatologist’s appointment is in a few weeks, choose a tone on tone. It won’t completely cover your gray hair, but it’ll help you until you can figure out what the problem is.

The only problem with tone on tone is that it doesn’t lighten your hair. So, if that’s your goal, forget it. You’ll have to dye your hair with ammonia hair dye. In that case I advise you to  appeal to your own judgment. Try to rule out everything I mentioned above and evaluate what kind of itchiness you have. If your scalp is hurt, don’t dye it. .


On the other hand, if your itchiness is milder and you can’t wait for the consultation, you could dye just the T-zone and the sides of your head. The T-zone is the area of the head that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Divide your head with a line down the middle to the crown and then another line from ear to ear. Then, you’ll have the T zone delimited. Dye that T and the contour of the forehead to avoid putting the product all over your head. It’ll help you conceal it in case you have to dye your hair.



We have seen that there could be many causes for an itchy scalp.

The important thing is to be responsible and not to hurt ourselves even more by wanting to dye our hair. Hair dyes don’t usually hurt the scalp, but they can worsen the conditions.

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