What does 1 part toner 2 parts developer mean?

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  • Toner mixture has two ingredients: toner and a 20-volume developer.
  • The proportions are always one part toner to two parts developer.
  • That means that if you use 20 grams of toner you should use 40 grams of a developer. If you use 80 grams of toner you should use 160 grams of a developer.
  • You should always use the same measure cup for both ingredients. Also, the container should be made of plastic.


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I frequently receive that question on my social networks. How to measure the proportions of the toner and developer to make the mixture?


 Although the toners always include instructions, what confuses my clients the most is the “toner and developer parts.” 


When the product instructions say “one part toner and two parts developer,” it refers to the proportions you should use of each product to prepare the mixture that will finally be applied to your hair.


Let’s take a look at what the manufacturers say on the toner bottles. We consider using all of the contents:

  • Wella Color Charm contains 1.4 oz (or 42 ml) Therefore, you’ll need 8 oz (or 84 ml) of a 20-volume developer.
  • Schwarzkopf Blondme contains 2.1 oz. So, you’ll need 4.2 oz of a 20-volume developer for mixing.
  • Icy White ion Creme Toner contains 2.05 oz. Therefore, for the mixture, you’ll need 4.1 of a 20-volume developer.


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 As you can see, all three toner brands agree on the same thing: you should always mix one part toner to two parts developer. 

It means you’ll always use twice as much developer as the toner.


To keep those ratios,  you must pay special attention to the measuring cup. 

You shouldn’t measure them at a glance.

That’s totally forbidden to prepare the toner mixture!


These proportions must be exact. Otherwise, two things can happen:

  • You won’t be able to tone your hair.
  • You’ll ruin your hair and you won’t achieve your goal.


So, now that you know that you’ll always use twice as much developer as toner let’s move to something just as important.

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How should I measure the proportions of toner and developer?

toner and developer mix

To measure the proportions, you can use any plastic container.

If you use a metal container, the developer will start to react before it’s applied to your hair. So, it won’t have the strength to open your cuticles.

In the case of wood, it absorbs the moisture from the toner and developer because they’re thick liquids.


 So, you can use any item that is made of plastic to measure the parts. 


You can find various measuring containers in specialized stores. They’re usually black with the measuring numbers inside.

This way, you’ll control the proportion of toner and developer.


If you don’t find such measuring containers, don’t panic. After all, life is all about being creative. You can use any of the following items:

  • Large syringe, obviously without the needle.
  • Cap of liquid laundry soap
  • Baby bottles
  • Coffee measuring spoons
  • Empty yogurt pots
  • Pastry measuring spoons
  • Measuring jug


Now let’s move on to the practical part.

We’ll see how to mix 1 part toner with two parts developer using some of these items.

  • If you use a capful of liquid toner soap, you’ll need to mix it with 2 capfuls of a developer.
  • If you use an empty yogurt jar of toner, you must fill the same yogurt jar twice with the developer.
  • If you use a measuring jug to prepare the mixture, and put 50 grams of toner, you’ll have to add 100 grams of the developer.


As we’re talking about the toner mixture, I think we need to clarify something else.


Toner can be mixed with a 10-volume or a 20-volume developer depending on the color you want to tone

lightens hair half tone

If you want to tone dark colors, you should use a 10-volume peroxide.

On the other hand, if you want to tone light colors, your choice will always be a 20-volume peroxide.


 Regardless of the developer volumes, the proportions are always the same. 

One part toner and two parts developer.

For example:

  • 40 grams of toner are mixed with 80 grams of a 20-volume developer.
  • 40 grams of toner are mixed with 80 grams of a 10-volume developer.


How to prepare the mixture respecting the exact toner and developer amounts

Once you have chosen the measuring container, you can prepare the mixture. Remember that it must always be a plastic container.

I’ll tell you how to prepare the mixture so that it is super creamy and without lumps, just like the one we professionals make.

  • In the plastic container, place 1 part toner and 1 part developer. Yes, one part, because later, we’ll add the rest of the developer.
  • Use a hair dye whisk or a brush to blend until you get a homogeneous consistency without lumps.
  • Add 1 more part of the developer and continue mixing.


The secret to a perfect mixture without lumps is to respect the proportions and always use the same measuring cup.



You should always respect the exact proportions to make the toner mixture.

The best way to measure the proportions is to use the same measuring container to calculate the ingredients.

Remember, it’s one part toner to two parts developer.

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