Purple Shampoo on Dry hair, Good or Bad idea? Is it safe? Here’s the truth

change color to violet

Today, I’m going to tell you about my experience using purple shampoo on my dry hair.


Yes,  just as you read it.

I used purple shampoo on my hair without wetting it or making it damp or anything.

Do you think I’m a little crazy?

I could be.



A few days ago, my life in the style of Reese Witherspoon in the movie “Legally Blonde” quickly transformed into one of those horror movies where the blonde is the first one killed.


Twenty days ago, I went to the salon to dye my hair and keep my honey blonde in perfect condition.

 I don’t know about you, but I hate it when my roots start to show or when pieces of hair start to look newborn, yellow chicks begging for attention. 

Up to this point, everything was fine.

I left the salón super happy. I love my colorist.


She captures the perfect essence of the color that I want in my hair.


The days past with the usual routine, work, going out with friends, shopping, sports, rest.

Until three days ago, while I was enjoying a glass of Malbec on the terrace of my apartment after a chaotic day, where my boss was in more than a bad mood, my cellphone yanked me away from the pleasure of that moment.

His voice on the other line almost made me drop my wine glass.

My whole world seemed to stop, wrapped in that smooth voice, a little raspy, but sexy.



It was him.


The one from whom my blonde streaks, in perfect state or already discolored, would get their own life just by looking at him.

He called to invite me to dinner.

I think because of nerves, I told him the time and hung up.



I ran to my room.

I opened the closet.

Skirt or dress? Bombshell, black dress. That night I had to be dressed to kill…. To love.


I ran to the bathroom.


I looked at myself in the mirror.

Skin … perfect.

Makeup… It wasn’t missing a thing.

Nails … impeccable.

Hair… a complete disaster!



There was no beauty left from how Joaquin had left my hair. It looked like a horrible old yellow color.

I had to do something. There were only two hours until Joaquin would come looking for me.

I lifted my gaze after giving up and letting myself fall into the claws of desperation.

I started to look for the purple shampoo in the bathroom.


It’s the shampoo that I used every eight days to bring my blond hair back to life and prevent it from turning yellow.


But I didn’t have time to wash my hair twice.

All of a sudden, the survival instinct kicked in inside of me.


I’ll put the purple shampoo on dry hair!

I wasn’t sure what would happen, but worst-case scenario, I had an incredible collection of chic hats to cover my head.



I took the bottle of purple shampoo, I looked to the heavens, and I put myself in the hands of all the gods of all the mythologies that had to do with hair.

And if they didn’t exist, I invented them that day.

Do you want to know what happened when I put the shampoo on my dry hair?


Hold on. First, I’ll tell you how I applied the shampoo to dry hair.


How to apply purple shampoo to dry hair

apply purple shampoo on dry hair

Up until that moment, I had always used my purple shampoo in the shower, let it sit for about ten minutes, and after, I rinsed it out.

I used it every eight or nine days to extend the life of my blonde hair.

And I was able to automatically get rid of the yellowing that was happening on some pieces of hair.



That horrible yellow that occurs when our hair makes contact with sun rays, tap water, and in my case, in particular, water from the swimming pool, where I went twice a week.

Also, what I love about this shampoo is that it is sulfate-free, those detergents that dry out your hair, it gives my hair additional shine and keeps me from going back to the salon every ten days.


That’s where I was.

With the jar of purple shampoo in my hands and a fear that wouldn’t go away and that you could see in my eyes.

But I decidedly opened the bottle of shampoo.



I put a towel over my shoulders.

I completely untangled my hair.

I divided my hair into various sections and put them in ponytails.

I poured a good amount of shampoo in the palm of my hands.

Always pay attention to the color of purple shampoo. It should be an intense violet. That will tell you about the quality of the product.


to speed up the process

I started at the roots where you could see my natural color coming through.

I took more shampoo and slowly put it on the length of my hair, piece by piece.

Don’t worry if you stain the skin on your neck, ears, and forehead. It’ll come right off when you wash yourself.

Don’t skimp on the amount of shampoo you use; after all, it is cheaper than a dye job.



Because this time, my hair was dry, there weren’t any water molecules filling up the spaces between the scales of the cuticle of the hair.

Because of this, the violet of the shampoo would better penetrate some of the hairs, or at least, that’s what I hoped.


With that in mind, I decided to let the shampoo work for about seven or eight minutes.


Again, I called on the hair gods, who, for that hour, must have been up to their ears in my begging.


Have you ever felt that seven minutes felt like an eternity?

Finally, the beep!


The timer on my cellphone told me that my wait was over.

I threw myself into the shower.



I rinsed off the excess purple shampoo that I had in my hair.

It’s true that in my case, this shampoo tends to dry out my hair a bit, which is why I always use a nutritive mask.

Now that there were no signs of the shampoo, it came time to face the mirror.

I opened my eyes, took off the towel, and looked.


 My roots were  completely  even and the yellow strands had disappeared! 



Because I frequently punish my hair with chemicals for bleaching, it’s been a while since I stopped using the hairdryer and flat iron, except for very special occasions.

Although this was a special occasion, I wanted to bring out my wild, stormy side, the one that had decide to color my dry hair with purple shampoo.


I combed it with my fingers, thank the hair gods so they could finally rest, and started to get dressed and put on my make up.

Joaquin was about to arrive.



Can you use the shampoo to dye your hair violet or purple?

Some want to use the shampoo on dry hair to dye it.

For example, they have black or brown hair and believe that the shampoo will leave their hair violet.

It doesn’t work like that because the shampoo isn’t able to dye hair, tint it.


There are also girls with blonde hair that want to use the shampoo as if it were a purple dye.

If you have any tone of blonde hair and you use purple shampoo, probably some residue of the color will be left of your hair, but it will wash out by the second or third wash. Remember, the shampoo is meant to neutralize opposite tones on the chromatic circle, not for dyeing.



Conclusions and recommended brands of shampoo

Improvisation is an infallible technique for desperate girls.

Without trying, I discovered a new way to use my purple shampoo to go out in a hurry and still have fabulous looking hair.


I insist that   it is a survival technique and shouldn’t be used in your daily routine. 


Since I discovered purple shampoo, there are two brands that I alternate.


I’ll leave them for you right here.

No Yellow Shampoo

for lightened and bleached hair

Check current price on Amazon


This was the first purple shampoo that I bought when I learned about the advantages of these types of hair products.

What I like most about this shampoo, besides that it works very well, is that it does not dry out the hair like others.



Oh, an important thing.

If you use it correctly, one shampoo can last several months.


Endure Color Purple Shampoo

toning highlights

Check current price on Amazon



I love this shampoo because of how creamy it is, and its intense, almost furious violet color, which guarantees me a Quality product. Also, it gets rid of the yellow in my ends in an incredible way.

Olive oil, Vitamin E, and wheat protein hydrolysate keep my hair from getting tangled after washing it.

Have you ever used a purple shampoo without wetting your hair?

What kind of results did you get?

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