How to go from red to pink hair with a super innovative and unknown method

  • You have two options to go from red to pink hair.
  • The first and most innovative option, suitable for all hair types, even those dry and damaged, is to apply a semi-permanent dye in WHITE. Yes, you read that right. I’ll tell you the details of this innovative invention and which brands offer it.
  • The second option, only for healthy hair, and which will take longer, is to fade the red with color-corrosive products, such as dandruff shampoo.
  • You should not bleach your red hair because you run the risk of ending up with orange and damaged hair.


before it was red


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When we thought that everything had been invented in coloring, especially after fantasy colors, an invention revolutionizes the world’s beauty salons. Stylists were speechless.

It’s always the same. I still remember the noise that the permanent straightening treatments brought or without going long ago, the Olaplex revolution.



Today again, we’re screaming “Eurekas” into the sky due to the invention of the semi-permanent white dye.  If you want to leave the red in your hair behind, to turn it into a pink, you should also shout out “Eureka! 


Yes, scream loud and clear because it’s also one of the safest ways to go from red to pink hair.

Besides being safe, it can be used on all hair types, whether damaged or healthy, and all red shades, from dark to light red.

Why are stylists so happy about this dye?



Because red is one of the most persistent colors to change or remove, even for a professional stylist like me.

Bleaching hair is already an aggressive process. When it comes to red, several bleaching sessions will be necessary. They, in turn, increase the damage to the hair.

Don’t even imagine if you also want to bleach your red hair without the proper skills. Chances are your hair will end up as orange as the carrot you eat in a salad.


So, bleaching your red hair to make it pink, no way! If you were thinking about this option, look elsewhere. True to my commitment to offering healthy and possible solutions, you just won’t find it here.

But if you’re worried about your hair, and you want the best for it without giving up wearing pink, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • Method for healthy and damaged hair to go from red to pink
  • Exclusive method to switch from red to pink, only for healthy hair


Going from red to pink for healthy and damaged hair

subtle waves

What I like best about this method, where we’ll be using the semi-permanent white dye, is that you can use it whether your hair is dry or healthy.

I have even better news.


 It works for red colored hair, both with permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. 

The semi-permanent white dye is not applied with developer or ammonia. Therefore, it won’t modify the red color. It’ll create a film of pigment, leaving your hair pink.



Of course, like all semi-permanent dyes, it’ll fade as you wash your hair. In that case, you’ll have to reapply the white hair dye again.

But that’s a pretty low price considering that we’re talking about red. It’s one of the most persistent colors, and it doesn’t harm your hair.


I know what your anxious little head is up to. I bet you’re wondering what shade of pink that will be.



What color will your hair be after applying semi-permanent white hair color?

And that, my impatient darling, will depend on the red color of your hair.

  • If you have dark red hair, the result will be dark pink, strong and deep.
  • If you have medium red hair, the result will be a medium, sophisticated, and very pop pink.
  • And if you have light red hair, the result will be light pink, intense and romantic.


Now, since I know that you are not only impatient but also suspicious, I’m giving you a challenge: do the strand test. You’ll be able to see how your red hair turns pink and in what shade.


Strand test step by step

strand test before coloring

First and foremost, if you accept the challenge, you must buy the semi-permanent white dye.

If you don’t know which one to buy, don’t move yet. In a few moments, I’ll recommend you the best ones.


If you don’t accept the challenge, you’ll never see how amazing it is to go from red to pink hair in a matter of minutes.


Once you have the color, do the following:

  • Separate a strand of your hair, preferably from the back, and apply semi-permanent white dye leaving it to work according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rinse the strand and watch the results. Are you there?


I thought you fainted from the excitement!

To keep the excitement, and please don’t faint, here are the best brands of semi-permanent white dyes.



4 amazing products to help you go from red to pink

Yes, I’ll give you four names for the price of one. When companies want to excite their stylists, they don’t mess around.


  • Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow

virgin snow

It’s a semi-permanent dye to get the pink you’re looking for from a leading brand in fantasy colors.

Brands went a step further to make it just as easy to go from red to pink hair gradually.



If you can’t handle anxiety and want to see different pink shades in your hair, I encourage you to try color depositing shampoos. Of course, the color will also be white.


  • Celeb Luxury Gem Lite colorwash

Celeb luxury

The DIAMOND FLAWLESS shampoo will give you white pigmentation with every wash. You’ll see your hair gradually transform from red to pink.


  • Keracolor Clenditioner Platinium



This all-in-one shampoo and conditioner gives you pure white that’ll bring you closer to the pink color you want for your hair.


  • Stargazer Coloración Semipermanente Blanco

It’s a semi-permanent white dye that also contains moisturizing components.


Now, if you want to apply a pink dye, you must fade the red color first. You’ll have to prepare yourself. You’re in for a long haul only if your hair is absolutely healthy.

That is, no split ends, frizz, or roughness to the touch.


This method to go from red to pink is only for healthy hair

washing removes color

Unfortunately, if you don’t want to use the semi-permanent white dye, you’ll have to fade the red before applying the pink hair dye.

However, I already warned you. You’ll only have this option if your hair is totally healthy because you’ll have to use corrosive products that’ll dry out your hair.


 If your hair is dehydrated, you risk damaging it. Then, where will you apply your long-awaited pink dye? I think I was clear, wasn’t I? 


If your hair is healthy, and I take your word for it, you should wash it with corrosive products such as pH-balanced or dandruff shampoo.


They contain a higher amount of sulfates, which are detergents that degrade your color quickly. How should you use them?

  • Wash your hair daily for 3 days, and you’ll see how your red color will lose intensity.


Once the red has faded, you can apply the semi-permanent pink hair dye of your choice.

semi permanent color

You’ll surely notice that there are always some remnants of red left. Therefore, my advice is to choose dark pink. For example, Hot Hot Pink” by Manic Panic, “Flamingo Pink” by Punky Colour, “Neon Pink” by Adore, or “Virgin Pink” by Arctic Fox.

As they’re dark pink colors, they’ll cover any red that might remain in your hair.


If you’re looking for a light or pastel pink, so trendy these days, you should leave your hair in professional hands because you’ll need to bleach it.


And that’s a different matter, which I won’t be talking about today.



If you’re looking for stronger or more intense colors, you can always choose between two healthier options than bleaching. Also, you can do them at home.

  • If your hair is damaged, use a semi-permanent white hair dye. It’ll leave your red hair pink without further damaging it. You can also use it on your healthy hair.
  • And if you have healthy hair and want to use a pink dye, you should first fade the red color with a pH-balanced shampoo. Then, apply the pink hair dye.

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