Manic Panic Amplified vs Classic: 4 differences and which is best for you

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The 4 most important differences between Manic Panic Amplified and Classic are:

  • Price. Because Manic Panic Amplified is a few dollars more expensive than Manic Panic Classic.
  • Availability. Manic Panic Classic is much easier to get. In many perfumery stores, you can even get the full range of colors in the catalog. However, the complete Manic Panic Amplified color catalog is only available on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Manic Panic Classic offers you a much wider range of colors than Manic Panic Amplified.
  • Manic Panic Amplified lasts up to eight weeks while Manic Panic Classic lasts up to six weeks.


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As you can see, there aren’t really that many  differences between Manic Panic Amplified and Classic .

These two Manic Panic coloring lines have more things in common than they have differences.


So, since they don’t have a lot of differences, you have to think about what’s most important. And I think when it comes to hair color, the most important thing is how long the color lasts.

So,  if you’re looking for a color that lasts longer and you want to try Manic Panic, my advice as a professional colorist is to choose the Amplified line. 


Because you should apply Amplified and Classic in the same way and take care of them in the same way. That is, you should wash your hair less frequently and use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.


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The manufacturers also recommend you apply either of their two hair dye lines on previously bleached hair. Because the lighter your hair is, the more intense the color of the dye will turn out.

Let’s look at the differences between Manic Panic Amplified and Manic Panic Classic one by one, and then I’ll help you choose the right line for you.


Most important differences between Manic Panic Amplified and Manic Panic Classic

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Let’s start with a deciding factor when you’re buying your first pot of Manic Panic.

Can you guess what it might be?


That’s right! The price, because what’s currently in your pocket or your bank account can also define your purchases.

Difference 1: Manic Panic Amplified is more expensive than Manic Panic Classic

But don’t panic. We’re not talking hundreds of dollars either, because Manic Panic is not a very expensive brand of hair dye.

 The price difference between Amplified and Classic is about five or six dollars.  Of course, it all depends on the country you live in and where you buy it. Many stores organize significant discounts if they have surplus stock.


Of course, if you buy a single pot of dye, a difference of five or six dollars won’t leave you broke. But if you want to try all the Manic Panic Amplified colors, want to mix two colors to customize your hair color or if your hair is very long, you’ll need to have a bigger budget.


Difference 2: Manic Panic Classic, unlike Amplified, is available both online and in stores

If you’re one of those women who buys everything she needs online, you can get Amplified in all its colors on the official Manic Panic website.

Now, if you do your shopping in physical stores, it will be much easier for you to get the Manic Panic Classic line.

Difference 3: Manic Panic Classic has more colors than Manic Panic Amplified

Why? Well, I could almost tell you it’s all a marketing and sales decision.

First of all, the Manic Panic Classic line came out and had great success. This brand is one of the best sellers in semi-permanent hair dyes, and even more so if you start on fantasy colors.


After a while, the brand realized that some of the colors in the Classic line were extremely popular.

Therefore, the company decided to take advantage. They launched  the Amplified line, which brings together the best-selling colors of the Classic line, but with 30% more pigments.  That guarantees a longer-lasting color. All this according to the manufacturer.

subtle hair highlights
Here’s something important you should take into account. Manic Panic colors can be mixed to achieve a more personalized color. But  you can’t mix an Amplified color with a Classic color. 


You should always use two colors from the same line otherwise the dye won’t last as long.

What you can also do is mix Manic Panic hair color with conditioner to prolong the color.


Difference 4: Manic Panic Amplified lasts longer than Manic Panic Classic

And I think this is the most important difference.

 Amplified lasts eight weeks while Classic lasts six weeks at most. 

So if you like to change your hair color frequently, I recommend you choose the Classic line.

And now for the million-dollar question.


Which Manic Panic hair color line should you choose?

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If you have bleached or damaged hair, I recommend you choose the Amplified line

Because its pigments are more intense and it’s more concentrated. Therefore, the color won’t fade as easily.

In addition, damaged or dry hair loses color quickly.


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 If your hair is porous , you can choose either Amplified or Classic, but you should use two pots of dye. Because porous hair absorbs more color than healthy hair.


If your hair is fairly long or even extra long, use Classic

Because you’ll need two or three pots of dye for each application. And that raises the cost of redyeing your hair.

If your hair is short or shoulder length, you can use Amplified, because even though it costs more, you’ll make up for it because you’ll only need one pot of dye.

Finally, if you like to experiment with mixing colors, go for Classic. Because for less money you’ll have an arsenal of different dye colors at your disposal.



Manic Panic is one of the best semi-permanent hair dye brands around, and both the Amplified and Classic lines give excellent results.

Now if you want longer-lasting color, the Amplified line is definitely your best option.

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