Can you wash your hair the same day you dye it? No, and today you’ll know why

  • You shouldn’t wash your hair the same day you dye it.
  • Because if you wash it right after dyeing it, the color will fade and become duller, your ends will be lighter, and you’ll have to renew the color in two weeks instead of five.
  • What you should do, instead, is simply rinse out the dye and apply the post-color treatment included in the box dye.


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Today, I hadn’t even finished getting the salon ready to receive clients when I saw one of them knocking on the glass door.

Oh my gosh, I hadn’t even had my daily caffeine yet, and my day was already starting with a client who looked like she was on fire.


When I opened the door for her, almost groaning, she said,  “Alejandra, I colored my hair two days ago, and my color doesn’t exist.” 


Huh? Something must have happened if two days after dyeing her hair, her color didn’t exist.

And that’s when I knew the truth. My morning at work was starting off on the wrong foot.


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 No hair dye fades after two days when you do things the right way. 

Not even the semi-permanent dye fades so quickly.

What had happened?


I’ll tell you the truth.

It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what had happened to my client’s hair color.


Only one question was necessary.

Which one?

Did you wash your hair after applying the dye?


And her answer confirmed my suspicions.

 My client had washed her hair the same day after coloring it. 



She didn’t know she didn’t have to.

Also, she hadn’t bothered to read the leaflet with the instructions included in all coloring kits.

Are you about to apply the hair dye, and you’re not sure if you can wash your hair after the exposure time?


Then, take five minutes to read the following.


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Why you shouldn’t wash your hair the same day you color it.

clarifying shampoo to wash hair

 If you wash your hair with a shampoo, even if you use a sulfate-free shampoo, you’ll remove a large part of the dye pigments. 


When you apply a permanent hair dye, a chemical reaction modifies your hair color.

The chemicals that cause this reaction are the developer and ammonia.

The 20-volume developer opens the cuticles of your hair to expose the hair fiber. It, in turn, begins to receive the pigmentation from the dye. Finally, the ammonia fixes the color.


It takes 45 minutes for the hair to absorb the color, and this is known as exposure time.

 After 45 minutes, it’s time to rinse the hair dye out. 

What should you use to rinse the dye?


 Just water. Plain and simple water. 


You shouldn’t use shampoo or conditioner to rinse out the dye.

Just place your hair under water and massage it gently until it runs clean.

Rinsing your hair will help the cuticles retain the dye pigments.


 After removing the dye with water, you can apply use the post-color treatment included in the box dye. 

This product is designed to soften the cuticles and restore moisture to the hair.


When can you wash your hair after coloring?

hair washing frequency

You can wash it 72 hours after coloring it.

Some days after coloring, your hair continues to absorb the dye.


 Finally, when you wash your hair 72 hours later,  it’ll expel the excess color.


The color settling process takes 10 to 15 days. Then, you’ll be able to see the final result.

Now, if you wash your hair the same day you color it, you’ll interrupt the color settling process.

Then, nothing good will happen to your hair.


If you wash your hair the same day you color it, you’ll have to renew the color in two weeks, and your ends will be lighter.

keratin in dyed blonde hair

Yes, just as you read it.

You shouldn’t only wash your hair the same day you dye it.

 You shouldn’t wash it the next day or two days later either. 

You must wait 72 hours to wash your hair after coloring it.


If you don’t wait for that time, the cuticles will reopen, the hair fiber will be exposed, and it’ll start to absorb water and shampoo.


This will cause the dye that is slowly settling into the hair to mix with the water and other products.

That way,  the color will fade faster. 


The same goes for the lotions we apply to moisturize our skin.

Once you apply the moisturizer, you should wait at least twenty minutes for the skin to fully absorb it and receive the hydration it needs.

If you take a shower five minutes after applying moisturizer, you’ll remove the lotion you applied because your skin didn’t have time to absorb it.

The same goes for the dye you apply to your hair.


What would happen if you washed your hair the same day you dyed it?

  •  You’ll notice your color faded and dull  because the pigmentation lost strength.
  • Your ends will be lighter.
  • You’ll have to renew the color only two weeks later.


And I want to dwell for a moment on this last point: “you’ll have to renew the color after two weeks”.

Do you know how often a permanent hair color is renewed?


Depending on your hair care routine, permanent hair color is usually renewed after four to five weeks.

If you wash your dye the same day, you’ll need to renew it much earlier.


It has some consequences.

  • You’ll spend more money.
  • You’ll expose your hair to a new chemical process in a very short time. Therefore,  your hair will be drier and weaker. 


In short, if you wash your hair the same day you color it, you’ll lose much of the color. Therefore, you’ll have to dye it again, and your hair will suffer the consequences.



You shouldn’t wash your hair the same day you color it. It applies to both permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes.

The pigments need to fully settle in the hair so that the color is even, uniform, shiny, and it lasts until the next renewal.

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