9 best black dyes for bleached hair and other hairdresser tips to avoid ruining your hair

woman shows her bleached extra light blonde hair

  • Before applying any of the best black dyes to your bleached hair that I recommend, you must check your hair’s health and color.
  • If your bleached hair is healthy and very light blonde, you can choose a permanent dye. However, before you apply it, do a color filler. I’ll tell you why.
  • If your bleached hair is dry and either light blonde or dark blonde, I recommend you apply semi-permanent hair color.
  • The best semi-permanent black dyes for bleached hair are ARCTIC FOX, MANIC PANIC, CLAIROL INSTINCTS, PUNKY COLOUR, and ADORE.
  • Alternatively, the best permanent black dyes for bleached hair are REVLON COLORSILK, L’ORÉAL PREFERENCE, GARNIER NUTRISSE, and SCHWARZKOPF KERATINE COLOR.


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  Are you looking for some of the best black box dyes for bleached hair?  


I just named the dyes I consider the best black dyes for bleached hair.


However, I’d like you to take a few moments to think about the decision you’re about to make before you rush out and buy one dye.

You’re in for a drastic color change when you decide to dye your hair black. Also, black is the most complex color to remove.

black hair dye in plastic bowl

Can you picture yourself not getting used to, for example, Revlon Colorsilk’s black permanent hair color because you feel that the change is too dramatic?


In that case, your only alternative   will be to bleach your hair again,   even if Revlon’s black hair color is the best.

To prevent that, you need to make sure about the decision and its consequences.


You should also have the necessary training to work with bleached hair. For example, if you apply a permanent dye to dry hair, you’ll ruin it even if the dye is a well-known brand.

Do you know your base color after bleaching? Remember that   black dye doesn’t work the same way if your hair is very high blonde or light brown after bleaching.  


So today, in addition to naming the best black hair dyes for bleached hair, I want to go a step further and help you choose the best option for your hair.

We’ll consider two things: your hair health and base color after bleaching your hair.


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You should choose the best black hair dye for bleached hair considering your hair health

various semi-permanent black dyes for bleached hair

Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process. Professionals take every precaution to ensure that it affects the hair as little as possible.

For example, we may recommend including Olaplex or spacing out bleaching sessions if the client wants to achieve very light blondes.


Since I don’t know if you bleached your hair alone or in a salon, I ask you to look at your hair first.

woman checks her bleached hair with magnifying glass

  •   If your hair is dry, it breaks when you comb or detangle it, it has a lot of frizz or tangles easily after washing,  it’s weak. Therefore, I recommend you apply a semi-permanent black hair dye.

Arctic Fox Transilvania is an excellent choice due to its bluish tones that are only noticeable under sunlight. Otherwise, Jet Black is a very deep black from the Adore brand.


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You can also go for Raven or Blue Panther by Manic Panic, Ebony by Punky Colour, or Black 2 by Clairol Natural Instincts Black 2.

They’ll fade from your bleached hair gradually with washing. So, if you eventually don’t like black hair, you can opt for other colors.


Alternatively, you can opt for a permanent color if your hair is healthy. However, you still need to consider your base color before you bleach it, and that’s what I’ll talk about below.


If your bleached hair is very light, you’ll need to do a color filler before you apply a permanent black dye

brown hair dye that will be used as a color filler

When you bleach your hair, you remove all the color. Then, the innermost layer of the hair, also called the core, is left without color or pigments.

If you apply an intense color like black, it won’t adhere easily to the hair fiber because the bleaching removed all the color molecules.


Therefore,   before you apply the black dye to your bleached hair, you should perform a color filler. It involves applying an intermediate dye to prevent the black dye from fading.  


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Which hair dye should you apply?

I recommend that you choose a light brown 5 or dark blonde 6. After six weeks, apply the black dye when your hair has absorbed the color filler.


If you apply a permanent black dye directly to your very light-bleached hair, the color will fade after a few washes and turn greenish.
I also recommend that you do a color filler if you want to apply a semi-permanent black dye to your very light-bleached hair. Otherwise, the black dye won’t last more than two or three washes.



Although you now know the best black hair dyes for bleached hair, I recommend you go to the salon. Dyeing bleached hair black requires professional training and experience.

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