When Should You Use an Ash Hair Color? Secrets hair colorists don’t want you to know

  • You should use an ash hair color when unwanted colors arise in your color-treated hair. They could be orange or reddish tones. You can also use it if your hair is blonde and you’re tired of warmer colors like gold, for example.
  • You can find ash hair colors from the darkest to the lightest hair dyes and toners.


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Do you know what exactly an ash hair color is?

It includes several pigments. It’s mainly blue, but it also has, to a lesser extent, green and gray.

That’s why it’s said that the ash hair color is cool and sophisticated.

It suits any hair color. What do I mean by this?


For example, today I received two clients at the salon.

 Alexandra dyed her hair blonde and Marisa dyed it dark brown. I applied an ash hair color to both of them. 

Maybe you wonder, how is that possible?


Because ash hair color is almost in the whole color range. It goes from dark brown, identified as dark brown ash, to platinum blonde 10.1.


dark brown hair

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  • In Alexandra’s case, I decided to apply a light ash blonde, 8.1. As winter is coming, she wanted to leave behind the golden tones in her hair. Generally, golds are more associated with summer and ashes with winter.

Therefore, Alexandra changes her blonde shade according to the seasons. Believe me, she’s not the only one.


  • In Marisa’s case, I applied dark brown ash because   some orange tones had appeared in her hair after a few days at the beach. 

Marisa wants to keep her hair in the dark brown range. So, she keeps the same base color with dark brown ash but neutralizes the orange tones with the ash hair color pigments.

Can you see it?


The ash hair color was the solution for both.  It suits any woman, any skin tone, and any age. 

Do you still doubt whether the ash hair color is for you?

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If you have unwanted yellow, orange or reddish tones, ash hair color is for you.

turn down tones

It’s ideal for women who don’t want warm tones in their hair. And it doesn’t matter if those unwanted tones are the result of bleaching or if your hair is naturally copper, yellow, or orange.

Are you tired of warm tones?


 Ash hair color is an excellent choice. Being a cool color, its blue, green, and gray pigmentation base neutralizes those unwanted tones. 

Neutralization consists of applying the opposite color to the one you want to eliminate or neutralize.




And the ash hair color contains blue, green, and violet pigments in different proportions:

  • 80% blue
  • 15% green
  • 5 % violet or gray


Therefore, the ash hair dye or toner neutralizes all unwanted colors. Being such a versatile color, it covers everything from dark brunettes to extra-light blondes.

Do you have a lot of gray hair?


Go for the ash hair color!

It’ll give your gray hair a completely different shade that will brighten up and take years off your face.


How to get an ash hair color: dye vs toner


The color scale goes from 1 black to 10 platinum blonde. There are also secondary shades such as ash, iridescent/peach, copper, gold, and mahogany.


Therefore, any hair color that finishes with 1 will be ashy. More details?

  • 1 dark ash brown
  • 1 ash brown
  • 1 light ash brown
  • 1 dark ash-blonde
  • 1 ash-blonde
  • 1 light ash-blond
  • 1 very light ash-blonde
  • 1 extra light ash-blonde


If you prefer an ash hair color toner, you should look specifically for that shade. Brands like Wella, Igora, and Pravana offer extra ashy toners. You can find them on the web or in specialized stores because they’re professional products.

Besides, the toner is applied over the base color. It won’t modify your color. Still, it’ll neutralize the orange or reddish tones.


Can I use other products to achieve an ash hair color?

neutralize orange tones

Of course, you can!

You can use a toning shampoo.

What’s the advantage of a toning shampoo?


Unlike hair dye and toner, the toning shampoo is applied without a developer. So, it’s less damaging because the hair fiber doesn’t lose moisture during the process.

The only difference with regular shampoo is that the toning shampoo contains pigments that neutralize unwanted tones.

Besides, it’s easy to apply.  Just use it every time you wash your hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. 


Color shampoos deposit pigments in your hair fiber without penetrating the core. That’s why they form a color film without causing damage. However, these pigments fade with washing. So, you have to use the toning shampoo at least twice a week.


What are the best toning shampoos if you’re looking for an ash hair color?

  • Matrix total result blue shampoo and conditioner
  • Keracolor Clenditioner Shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1
  • Fanola No Orange shampoo and conditioner
  • Paul Mitchell Platinum shampoo and conditioner.


Any of these shampoos will help you neutralize unwanted tones to achieve an enviable ash hair color.



Now you know. If your hair is golden blonde and you’re bored with it, you can try a change using an ash blonde. You can also apply an ash hair color to neutralize the orange or reddish tones in dark hair.

Finally, what do you think? Is ash hair color for you?

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