High Lift color for brunettes – A complete guide from a professional colorist

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  • If you have naturally brown hair, you can use High Lift color to lift up to five levels in a single application because those dyes are applied with a 40-volume developer.
  • High Lift dyes lighten brown hair but also deposit color and contain pigments that neutralize unwanted tones.
  • However, if your hair is colored black or brown, you should bleach your hair dark blonde before applying the High Lift dye. Also, you should wait three weeks after bleaching to apply the High Lift hair color.


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Can you use high lift color on bleached hair?


  I decided to write a complete guide for HIGH LIFT hair dyes after something that happened today at the salon.  


A desperate person came in because her hair was literally ruined.

What had happened?


First, she dyed her hair with a black permanent hair dye. She didn’t like the resulting color because she felt that it hardened her features and made her look older. So, after three days, her friend suggested she apply a High Lift color.


Her friend had guaranteed that the High Lift color would turn her hair blonde. Of course, she trusted her friend.

There’s nothing wrong with trusting friends. In fact, I do with mine.

However, when it comes to chemical processes for the hair, make sure your friend is trained in coloring.

Otherwise, the consequences could be catastrophic.

ruined brown hair after High Lift

  • Her hair turned orange , with red and yellowish undertones. In other words, no news about the expected blonde.
  • Her hair didn’t resist the reaction generated by the High Lift dye. As a result, her hair was limp and many of her strands broke just by combing them.
  • I had to trim her mane by at least ten centimeters to remove most of her burnt hair.

What’s the result?


Before you apply High Lift color to your brown hair, you must meet certain requirements

majirel high lift dye for brown hair

  •   Your hair color should be natural.   That is, your hair must be virgin. It shouldn’t be dyed.
  •   Your hair must be in top condition.   As High Lift hair color is applied with a 40-volume developer and contains more ammonia than permanent hair color, it’s more damaging than regular dyes.
  •   If you have brown colored hair, you’ll need to bleach it to dark blonde before using High Lift.   Trust me. If this is your case, I recommend you go to a professional to care for your hair.


If your hair is naturally brown, it’s healthy, and you want to avoid bleaching it blonde, you can read this guide to learn all about High Lift hair dyes. Otherwise, I suggest you make an appointment at a salon right now.


How High Lift color works on brown hair

high lift hair dye application

These dyes are designed to lift up to five levels in a single application because   they have more ammonia and are applied with a 40-volume developer.  


So, if your brown hair is virgin, you can achieve dark blonde 6 or blonde 7 in one application. Remember that hair without coloring treatments is easier to color because it has no artificial pigments attached to the innermost layers.


However, if your hair is colored brown 4 or darker, you’ll need to remove the color first. High Lift dyes don’t lighten hair as bleaching does. Instead, you’ll only lighten your color with a resulting brassy or yellow undertone.


That’s why bleaching is the first step for color-treated brown hair before using High Lift dyes.

Now, there is an exception: if your hair is colored dark blonde 6, you can apply the High Lift dye because it works on dyed from blonde onwards. And the first blonde on the scale is 6.

Again, remember that High Lift dyes are applied with more ammonia and a 40-volume developer.

If you’ve made up your mind, here’s how to use High Lift hair color on your brown hair.


How to use High Lift hair dyes on brown hair

from brown to blonde after High Lift

If you bleached your hair because it was previously brown, you should wait for at least three weeks to apply the High Lift dye.

While High Lift dyes are less aggressive than bleaching, they can severely damage your hair if it’s dull or dried out.

Alternatively, if you recently bleached your hair, apply a moisturizing repair mask once a week until you apply the High Lift hair color. You can also use Olaplex 7 Bonding Oil, a special serum against breakage.


Also, you can use Garnier’s Fructis, shampoo and conditioner. They’ll provide you with proteins and vitamins and repair your hair until you apply the hair color.

I recommend   you don’t wash your hair for 72 hours before applying the dye   because it could irritate your scalp due to its high chemical content. Your scalp will secrete oil which will be extra protection for both your hair and scalp.

What do you need to apply the dye?

  • High Lift Hair Color. It could be L’Oreal, Wella, Igora, Pravana, or Ion.
  • A 40-volume developer.
  • Gloves (3 or 4 pairs)
  • Hair dye brush


Step 1: hair preparation

Divide your hair into four sections. Place a clip in each section and hold them tight.


Step 2: dye preparation

mix of High Lift hair dye and developer

In a plastic container, place 2 parts of the 40-volume developer and the High Lift dye of your choice.. Blend them to integrate.

  Start applying it when it’s blended.   Otherwise, it will lose the lightening effect you’re looking for.


Step 3: Dye application

Choose one of the four sections you separated and apply the dye layer by layer. Make sure to cover all the hair with the dye. This is the most important part of applying the High Lift dyes.

You can’t just apply a little bit of mixture and stretch it out. Instead, you’ll have to separate layers within each section and paint them with the brush.

Continue applying the product on the other three sections of your hair.

When you finish the application,   leave it on for 45 to 60 minutes   and cover your hair with a shower cap to keep the heat in and the coloring progressing evenly.


Step 4: rinse and dry

After the indicated time, rinse your hair with plenty of lukewarm water to lower the temperature of your hair. Let the water run for 3 or 4 minutes.

Don’t use shampoo, but apply conditioner to moisturize your cuticles.

Wrap your hair with a towel, comb it gently, and let it air dry.



High Lift hair dyes only work on naturally brown hair. If your hair is colored brown or black, you’ll need to bleach it to blonde 7 before applying the dye.

Also, after coloring your hair with High Lift hair dye, you should keep a routine of hair repair and nourishment.

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