Can I put permanent dye over Manic Panic? Should I remove the Manic Panic dye first?

woman looks at her hair dyed with pink and yellow dye manic panic

  • What if you choose a light or very light permanent hair dye? As a professional colorist, I recommend removing the Manic Panic hair dye from your hair first. Then apply the permanent hair dye.
  • Some Manic Panic hair dyes can leave traces of color. If you apply an extra light permanent hair dye, for example, your hair might still have some color stains.
  • Today I’ll explain some ways to fade Manic Panic hair dye so you can apply permanent hair dye without getting any unpleasant surprises.
  • What if you want to apply a darker permanent dye color such as brown, dark brown, or black? You can apply it immediately without waiting for the Manic Panic dye to fade from your hair completely.


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Does Manic Panic wash out? How many weeks does it last?


So, now you know  , you can apply a permanent hair dye over Manic Panic .

But it’s critical that before you do, you keep three important factors in mind:

  • Has the Manic Panic color wholly faded?
  • Was the Manic Panic color you had extra dark or bright?
  • Is the permanent dye color you’re choosing to apply after Manic Panic extra light?


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Before you jump straight into applying permanent dye over Manic Panic, consider these factors.

While Manic Panic dye is semi-permanent and fades with washing, some colors may leave more residue than others. For example,  DEADLY NIGHTSHADE, PINK WARRIOR, or BLUE PANTHER.


And this is where the second factor meets the first. Because  you can’t apply permanent dye if you just dyed your hair with Manic Panic. 

Because even though you apply permanent dyes with developer and they contain ammonia, if you apply light blonde 8 over a Manic Panic color like RAVEN or ROCKABILLY BLUE, I can assure you that you won’t like the color of your hair.

For example, Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue is super blue. If you apply a light blonde 8 permanent hair color over it, which contains a lot of yellow pigments, your hair will turn out greenish.


Very dark or extra bright Manic Panic colors such as COTTON CANDY or ELECTRIC PINK PUSSYCAT can leave traces of color if you apply a very light permanent hair color over them.


woman with pink hair

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Now,  any dark permanent dye, such as brown 4, dark brown 3, or black 1, will cover the Manic Panic perfectly, whether the color is faded or not. 

loreal excellence creme brown hair color

You can choose any of the permanent dyes I recommend below:

  • L’ORÉAL EXCELLENCE, dark brown 4
  • GARNIER NUTRISSE, 30 Darkest Brown
  • SCHWARZKOPF SIMPLY COLOR, 4.0 Espresso Intense (brown)


So, for those who want to apply a light-colored permanent dye over Manic Panic, let’s look at how to prep your hair for the color change.


How to fade Manic Panic before applying permanent hair dye

different colors of manic panic hair dye

I already mentioned that  it’s essential to completely fade Manic Panic if you want to dye your hair with a light or very light permanent hair dye. 

What kind of colors are these?

  • Light blonde 8
  • Very light blonde 9
  • Extra light blonde 10


As Manic Panic is a semi-permanent dye, it doesn’t penetrate inside the hair. Therefore, fading is a simple task.

You can use a coconut mask or a detox shampoo.

  •  If your hair has traces of an extra bright or intense Manic Panic color , I recommend using a clarifying shampoo.
  •  If your hair has traces of a pastel color or the Manic Panic color has already faded , I recommend using a coconut oil mask. And if your hair is dry or has a lot of frizz, I recommend using coconut oil to fade Manic Panic.


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Fade Manic Panic with a coconut mask before applying permanent dye

woman shows coconut oil in a spoon

  • Apply coconut oil to your damp hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and  leave the mask on overnight. 
  • In the morning, rinse the coconut oil with several rounds of shampoo.
  • Wait two to three days to apply the permanent dye until the oil completely disappears from your hair.


Fade Manic Panic with clarifying shampoo before applying permanent dye

  • In the shower, wet your hair with hot water.
  • Apply the clarifying shampoo and leave it on for ten minutes.
  • Rinse it out with warm water.
  • Reapply the clarifying shampoo and rinse, letting the water run through your hair for three to four minutes.
  •  Dry and apply the permanent hair color. 



Did you dye your hair with an extra bright or intense Manic Panic color? Hasn’t the color faded yet? Do you want to apply a light or very light permanent hair color? You will need to fade the Manic Panic residue with coconut oil or clarifying shampoo.

If you decide to dye your hair with a brown, dark brown, or black permanent hair dye, you can apply it straight over Manic Panic, because it will cover it completely.

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