How long should i wait to straighten my hair after dyeing it

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  • To straighten your hair after coloring, it is important that you wait, at least two weeks.
  • It always takes between 48 and 72 hours for the hair to expel the excess pigment and a week for it to settle on the hair fiber.
  • So, if you straighten your hair before, you run the risk of lightening your hair, and, in some cases, it can be lightened up to two shades.


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Do you know vicious circles? Sometimes, no matter what, the same things happen repeatedly.

Why do I tell you about vicious circles?


Because that’s exactly what will happen if you straighten your hair after you dye it.

Let’s look at it more clearly.

  • You color your hair. The pigments take about a week to settle completely on your hair.
  • You straighten your hair. The heat and chemicals in the straightening process lighten your color up to two shades.

What happens then?


Can you see it?


 If you straighten your hair immediately after coloring it, you’ll be going around in a vicious circle, not achieving what you’re looking for. 

What’s worse, you’ll be subjecting your hair to the chemicals and high temperatures of the flat iron for nothing.


That’s why it’s best to wait two weeks between treatments. Also, the type of straightening you choose is important because a keratin treatment is not the same as a permanent straightening.

So, to make the right decision, stay with me and I’ll tell you:

  • Why you should wait two weeks after coloring your hair to straighten it
  • How to choose the perfect straightener after coloring your hair

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Why should you wait two weeks to straighten your hair after coloring it?

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Once you apply the color to your hair, the pigments continue to work on your hair fiber, even if you rinse out the excess color afterward.

During the first 72 hours, the hair fiber will expel any pigments it can’t absorb. Then, it takes a week for the final color to settle.

What could happen if you straighten your hair after coloring it without waiting for those two weeks?


  • If you have light-colored hair, it can get lightened by up to two shades.
  • If your hair is a dark color, it’ll also lighten by up to two shades, but it can also take a horrible orange undertone, which will give your hair a faded color effect.

Why does this happen?


  Because, when the chemicals in most hair straighteners is heated with the iron or dryer, it causes the hair fiber to expel the artificial pigments. 

That’s why you must wait a fortnight to straighten your hair after coloring it. This way, you’ll avoid a change of color in your hair.


Now that you know you have to wait two weeks, have you decided what kind of straightening you’ll do on your hair?

As you read on, I’ll tell you the two most important alternatives.

How to choose the perfect straightening treatment after coloring your hair

straightening for colored hair

To choose the straightening treatment for your hair after coloring it, it’s important to understand the difference between straightening and permanent straightening. It looks the same, but it isn’t.

  • To straighten hair is to leave it straight, that is, to stretch it and seal it with heat without modifying its structure.
  • To permanently straighten hair is to change the hair fiber’s internal structure so that it remains straight.


This difference is basic.  A treatment that only straightens hair will last between 4 to 6 weeks, while a treatment that permanently straightens hair can last up to 20 weeks. 

Of course, the second alternative is stronger and more corrosive for hair color.

The two most used treatments are keratin and progressive or permanent smoothing.


  • Keratin

The main goal of this treatment is to recover damaged, dry hair. That’s why it’s ideal if you’ve been coloring your hair for a long time and the chemicals in the dye have damaged your hair.

It’s always important that you apply the keratin two weeks after coloring your hair because, this way, the keratin will cover the hair fiber sealing the color and nourishing it.


  • Progressive or permanent smoothing

This process straightens the hair because its chemicals penetrate the hair fiber, and when the heat is applied, the structure is modified, leaving it straight.

This is a very corrosive treatment for color, so you must wait at least two weeks after coloring to apply it.

Also, the permanent hair dye penetrates the hair fiber through ammonia and peroxide. So, if you apply the straightener straight away, you’ll overload your hair with chemicals and your fiber will start to shed color.


What to check when straightening your hair at home

The first thing you should keep in mind is the process and the materials you need:

  • pH-balanced shampoo, use it before straightening, to remove any traces of hair products or dirt.
  • A fine comb is used after applying the straightening product, to remove excess and prevent hair from becoming dull or heavy.
  • Hair tweezers.
  • Hairdryer, essential to start sealing the product by smoothing the hair fiber.
  • Flat iron should always reach 230° C to completely seal the product and make your hair straight and shiny.



To straighten your hair after coloring, you should always wait at least two weeks.

This way, the pigments in color will have penetrated deep into the hair fiber, and you won’t run the risk of the straightening process lightening your hair up to two shades.

Wait for those two weeks, and you’ll have the best of both worlds: great color and straight, healthy hair.

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