What color cancels out teal hair? Red, but don’t forget this…

Blue hair woman

  • The color that cancels out teal hair is red.
  • And you can use a red dye, a red toner, or a red toning shampoo to cancel out teal hair.
  • If you choose a red dye, the teal color will disappear, leaving your hair red.
  • If you choose a toner, you will neutralize the teal color and your hair will go an iridescent brown.
  • If you choose a toning shampoo, the teal will fade with each wash, until you reach red if you wish to.


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I’m sure you thought that by knowing  what color you should dye teal hair , your hair problems were over.


But in reality, I think that once you know red cancels out teal hair, you’re faced with a new challenge: what product should you use that contains red to cancel out teal hair?


And now you also know you can use three products to achieve this. And that in order to choose which of these three products to use, you must know beforehand what you want to achieve with your hair.


 When we talk about canceling out or neutralizing a color, we’re really talking about achieving a neutral color, that is, brown.  It’s a medium color that includes all the colors.

If you break down the color brown, in its composition you’ll find red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and violet. Therefore, you can always neutralize all colors with brown.

If you want your hair red, you will need to add more red. But what if you don’t want your hair to be completely red?

Don’t worry. Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know to cancel out the teal in your hair.


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Use a red dye to cancel out your teal hair and look completely red

shades of red for hair dye

On the color wheel, the opposite color of green is red. So a red dye will cancel out your teal hair.

  •  If you want to achieve a very intense red color in your hair , you can apply a 6.64 or 7.64 red dye.
  •  If you want to achieve a more sober red color with your hair , you can choose darker red dyes, such as 5.64 or 4.64, which will take away the green, bringing a beautiful reddish brown to your hair.


Use a red toner on your teal hair for beautiful brown hair

brown hair

Here things change completely. Because toner, unlike hair dye, simply neutralizes unwanted colors, but won’t completely change the color of your hair.

I just want to give you two warnings:

  • Remember that you apply toner with 20-volume developer. Therefore, you should make sure your hair isn’t too damaged before applying the toner. Because the developer will weaken it further.
  • You should carefully control the exposure time of the toner. Because toner starts acting immediately, and if you don’t control the timing, you can end up with totally red hair. When the teal disappears completely, you should rinse your hair immediately with cold water.


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What will you achieve if you apply red toner to your teal hair? You will achieve a beautiful brown 4 with some iridescent violet or red undertones.


Apply a red toning shampoo if you want to cancel out teal hair gradually

Joico Red Toning Shampoo

I think this is the best option if you haven’t decided to go completely red yet, but you can’t stand your teal hair anymore.

A red toning shampoo allows you to add more color with each wash. Therefore, after two or three applications, the teal color will be completely gone.

In this way, you can regulate your color with each application. And if you wish, you can also continue to apply it until you achieve a deeper red.

You should use a toning shampoo once or twice a week, replacing your usual shampoo.




Red is the color that cancels out teal hair. And you can use a red dye, a red toner, or a red toning shampoo.

Now it’s time to decide whether you want to go full red or full brown. You know now just which product to use to achieve it.

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