Red Dye Over Teal Hair: the most important thing is the hair dye you choose

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  • Red is the best color to apply over teal hair. It’s the opposite color on the color wheel and, therefore, it’ll cover it.
  • The most important thing to get a perfect red is the color type you’ll apply and how you feel about that color change.


  • If your teal is fading, you’ve been applying a semi-permanent hair dye, you get tired of the colors quickly, or your hair is dry, I recommend you apply a semi-permanent red hair dye. Some of the most popular semi-permanent hair dyes brands are Manic Panic, Punky Color, Arctic Fox, and Adore.
  • If your teal is intense, you’ve been applying a permanent dye, and you want less color maintenance, my recommendation is to choose a permanent red dye. The best choices are Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, L’Oréal Paris Excellence, and Clairol Professional True Color. In a few moments, I’ll tell you exactly which red shade to choose.


Either you got an “A” in your art class at school, or you hit the nail by pure chance. Your decision is the right one:  the best color to cover teal in your hair is red. 

After all, every color has an opposite one that neutralizes it:


In this case, as your hair is teal, you can apply red because it’ll not leave any trace and will cover it completely.

That’s the right decision whether your teal hair was colored with a semi-permanent or a permanent dye.

So, if you’ve hit the nail, what could go wrong?


Well, among other things, a wrong choice of red hair dye.

To go deep on this matter, you should also watch if the teal color is fading before applying the red dye. Still, there’s something else left, your hair’s health.


Of course, we’re considering all this if you want to wear a vibrant red on healthy hair. However, if you live on impulse without measuring the consequences, go for it! Dye your teal hair with the first red color you find. Don’t come crying afterward…


If you want to prioritize health and get a harmonious result, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • What type of red dye to choose to cover teal hair based on your hair history and health
  • 4 tips to keep red longer
  • Which shade of permanent red dye to use to cover teal hair

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What type of red dye to choose to cover teal hair based on hair history and health?

We’ll start with a key point for you to make the right decision. There’re two types of red dye you can use on teal hair: permanent and semi-permanent. What’s the main difference?


Its composition.

  • The semi-permanent dye doesn’t contain ammonia and is applied without a developer. So, it’s deposited on the outside of the hair and fades faster. Most brands are vegan, and 100% animal cruelty-free.
  • The permanent dye contains ammonia and is applied with a 20-volume developer. So,  the color change is permanent because it occurs on the inside of the hair. 


To know which red dye to apply you must take into account two factors: your hair’s health and the type of dye you applied previously.



If your hair is damaged, brittle, or dry, or you’re still not convinced of the color change, you should choose a semi-permanent red color.

semi permanent hair color cream

Semi-permanent dyes don’t have any chemicals that could damage your hair and will gradually fade with washes.

The options for semi-permanent dyes are almost endless. Not as infinite as you might think, but you can go to Amazon, Mercado Libre, or your favorite online store. You’ll find plenty of options.


Once you find the dye brand you like, you can surf the manufacturer’s page to see the full range of colors. Suppose you choose Manic Panic dye. Then, you go to their website to see all the red options that the brand offers.

You can do this with several brands. In just 10 minutes, you’ll have so many red options you can’t even imagine.  


To make your life easier, I give you some popular semi-permanent dye brands that are relatively easy to find worldwide.

  • Manic Panic
  • Punky Colour
  • Arctic Fox
  • Adore


If your hair is healthy, and you’ve previously colored it with a semi-permanent or permanent dye, you can choose a red permanent dye.

permanent hair color

The permanent dye will cover your teal. You’ll get a longer-lasting color because it won’t fade with washes.


I recommend this option if you’re absolutely convinced of coloring your hair red. If you regret it, you’ll have to go through several bleaching sessions to remove it. Red is one of the most resistant and difficult colors to remove due to its powerful pigmentation.

Have you decided on a permanent dye? The options are very varied.


Which shade of permanent red dye to use to cover teal hair

Each brand has a specific line of reds ranging from the darkest, such as 3.66, to the lightest, such as 9.66. You can choose the tone that you like and apply it to your teal hair because it’ll cover it completely.

I recommend that you choose red according to the shade of your teal. What does this mean?

  • If your teal base is dark, you can choose the darker reds like 3.66 or 4.66.
  • If your teal base is medium, you can choose medium reds like 5.66, 6.66 or 7.66
  • If your teal base is light, you can choose lighter reds like 8.66 or 9.66.


4 tips to keep red longer

Joico color infuse

Now that you’ve left the teal behind and your hair looks a radiant red, it’s time to worry about color maintenance whether you’ve chosen a semi-permanent or permanent color.


Red is one of the fastest colors to fade. It’s all about the molecules. The red molecules in hair dyes are bigger than other color molecules. So, they don’t penetrate the hair cortex as deeply as others.

That’s why  even though red is one of the most difficult colors to remove, it’s also one of the fastest fading colors. 


It’ll allow the dye pigments to fully penetrate the hair fiber, especially in permanent dyes.


  • Use sulfate-free shampoo.

It’s key. Sulfates are corrosive to color and carry over red pigments, especially in semi-permanent dyes.


  • Don’t expose your hair to high temperatures.

It applies to heat tools, such as dryer and flat iron, and water temperature.


  • Use a red toning shampoo.

This type of shampoo extends the life of the color. I recommend using it every 10 days from the roots to the ends and leaving it on for three to five minutes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.



If you want to apply a red dye over your teal hair, you must consider your hair’s health and the hair dye you previously used. You want full coverage of the color without damaging your hair.

If your teal hair is dry or damaged and you had applied a semi-permanent hair color, the best is to choose a semi-permanent hair color.

If you want longer-lasting red and your hair is healthy, choose any of the red shades of permanent hair color from the brands recommended above.

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