Can I apply semi permanent hair color over henna?

  • To apply semi-permanent hair color over henna, you must fade the henna from the hair fiber first.
  • To remove henna pigments, you can wash your hair with soap every 48 hours or use a white vinegar mask that’ll bring quick results but dry your hair.
  • If you want to apply a fantasy color, you’ll have to bleach your hair checking that the henna you used was 100% natural. If the henna wasn’t natural, you won’t be able to bleach your hair.


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There’s been so much water under the bridge with henna! Do you want to know why?


Because, for a long time, henna was much criticized and got a bad reputation.

Many said that it had side effects for the hair.  Also, henna could make a hair break if bleaching or coloring was performed after using it. 

However, it’s not exactly like that.

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  • There’s a difference between 100% natural henna and others.

Firstly, henna is a natural dye from ground plant leaves. The resulting powder is applied over the hair.

As it’s completely natural, it doesn’t have ammonia, peroxide, sulfates, or perfume.

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  • However, some henna manufacturers mix it with metallic chemicals to achieve more coverage and longer-lasting products. That’s where the problem begins.
 When those metallic components get in contact with oxidative chemicals on permanent dyes or bleach, they produce a chemical reaction that breaks hair immediately. 


Indeed, semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. However, if you want a fantasy color, you’ll have to bleach your hair. If the henna you applied wasn’t completely natural, you’ll run the risk of ruining your hair during the bleaching process.

Alternatively, to apply a more traditional semi-permanent color, henna has to be completely faded.


So, to clear all doubts and, more importantly, keep your hair safe, keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • How long you must wait to apply semi-permanent dye after you used henna
  • How to remove henna to color your hair with semi-permanent dye

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How long you must wait to apply semi-permanent dye after you used henna

To apply a semi-permanent color, you’ll have to wait until the henna is completely faded.

Watch out, I said “completely.” There mustn’t be any traces of henna.



  • Because there is henna in only some specific colors, such as brown, copper, and mahogany.
 If you apply semi-permanent hair dye on henna traces, your hair may turn red, orange, or a completely different color. 


  • Also, henna pigments are very persistent and have a cumulative effect, meaning that the longer you use them, the more coverage and duration they’ll have.
 So, if you’re planning to apply semi-permanent hair dye, you have to stop using henna.  Alternatively, if you haven’t used henna for a long time, you have to wash your hair until the color disappears.


  • Once henna is gone from your hair, you’ll be able to apply semi-permanent dye without any problems.

You can even bleach your hair as long as the henna you used was 100% natural.

How can you tell?


  • Reading the ingredients. The only components that 100% natural henna should have are Lawsonia inermis and cassia.

If your henna has sulfate, peroxide, ammonia, or any other chemical component, you mustn’t bleach or color your hair with semi-permanent dye.


Is the henna you used 100% natural and want to accelerate the fading process to apply semi-permanent hair dye?

Keep reading because I’ll tell you how to do it.


How to remove henna to color your hair with semi-permanent dye

Despite henna being a natural dye, its pigments may be very persistent, especially in red and orange. How can you speed up the fading process?


Washing your hair every 48 hours with soap because its ingredients are very effective to fade henna.

Your hair will be free from henna, but it’ll also be very dry. So, after rinsing, you have to moisturize it with keratin conditioner or coconut oil.

You’ll see that, after three weeks, henna will have completely vanished from your hair. You cannot wait for three weeks?


You can use a white vinegar mask, but it’s much more corrosive for hair than soap.

So, if your hair is frizzy, brittle, or rough to the touch, you should be patient and remove henna with soap.


If your hair’s healthy, you can use the white vinegar mask. However, consider that, after such a corrosive process, you’ll have to deeply moisturize your hair with coconut or argan oil from roots to ends.

  • White vinegar mask to remove henna:
  • Mix 500cm3 white vinegar with 500cm3 lukewarm water.
  • Apply the mixture on your dry hair, soaking it, and let it in for 15 minutes.
  • Then, shampoo your hair and add conditioner.


You’ll have to repeat this process up to twice a week until henna completely fades.

When there’s no trace of henna, you can apply the semi-permanent hair dye.

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