Color Prep vs. Color Oops: these slight differences will help you determine which one to choose

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The most important differences between Color Prep and Color Oops are:

  • Difference 1: Color Prep is designed to remove a hair dye and apply a new one, which has to be up to two shades higher or lower. In turn, Color Oops prepares your hair for coloring even after removing black hair dye.
  • Difference 2: The Color Prep formula is gentler than Color Oops.
  • Difference 3: As Color Oops is stronger, it completely removes even the darkest colors.


Do you still have questions about applying Color Oops or Color Prep to your hair?

I’ll try to simplify things for you, but you’ll need to answer a few questions.


  In that case, you should choose Color Oops because it’ll remove the hair dye, even if you have been coloring your hair with the darker shades for years. 


  • Do you want to change the hair color shade and apply a slightly lighter shade?
  • Do you want to remove a fairly light shade, such as a dark blonde?
  Then, your choice should be Color Prep because it’s gentler and will leave your hair prepared for the new hair dye. 


In other words, both Color Oops and Color Prep are designed by the same manufacturer. Their difference is that one is gentler than the other.

As we all know, removing red or black hair dye isn’t as simple as removing brown hair dye.


In fact, until a few years ago, the only possibility to remove black or red hair dye was bleaching.

Nowadays, things have changed, and you can remove black color, without damaging your hair, with a remover like Color Oops.


 But you can’t just choose any color remover. Instead, you have to choose the right one to get the result you want. 

The manufacturer was clever enough to design two removers to meet the needs of different audiences.

Let’s see which group you belong to so you can decide if you should use Color Prep or Color Oops.

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Difference 1: Color Prep removes the hair dye for a gradual color change while Color Oops allows you to remove the hair dye for a complete color change.

removes permanent and semi permanent hair color

So, with this difference in mind, your choice will depend on what you’ll use the color remover for.


  • Color Oops is designed to remove color permanently. It means that it’ll remove all the hair dye from your hair.
  • Color Prep removes the color in a gentler way to prepare the hair for the new hair dye.

Let’s look at an example to clarify this.


Let’s say you dyed your hair dark brown 3 and you want to go to a dark blonde shade 6.

In this case,  Color Prep will be ideal. As there’s a little difference between the shades, you don’t need a colorless base to make the new shade look even and perfect. 


Now let’s say you colored your hair dark blonde 6, and it looks too dark or wasn’t the color you were hoping for. In that case, Color Oops will remove the hair dye from your hair, and you’ll go back to the previous shade.



  • If you’re doing a gradual makeover, Color Prep is for you.
  • If you want a total change, Color Oops should be your choice.


Difference 2: Color Oops is stronger than Color Prep.

removes hair dye

Regarding the intensity of the chemicals, both have the same components but in different proportions. That’s why Color Prep is milder than Color Oops.


  • This is because Color Prep only removes the hair dye preparing an even base color for the next shade you want to apply. Meanwhile, Color Oops removes it but can often be uneven.
 If your hair is damaged, dry, or brittle, you should use Color Prep  even if you want to remove the hair dye and not apply another color.

Color Oops will remove all the color but can cause more drying and the ends may split.


  • Both products contain chemicals, but Color Prep is formulated with a lower concentration.

Now, even though Color Prep is gentler, it doesn’t mean it won’t have an impact on your hair.


  • Both these removers may dry your hair. That’s why  regardless of the color remover you use, you should moisturize your hair. 

You can use coconut, argan, rose, almond, or castor oil. They’re an excellent source of hydration. Use them as a moisturizing mask two or three times a week from mid-lengths to ends.


You should consider your hair’s health before using Color Oops or Color Prep:

  • If your hair has mild to moderate damage, you can opt for Color Oops.
  • If your hair has moderate to extreme damage, use Color Prep.


Difference 3: Color Oops removes darker hair dyes that are difficult to remove.

The choice of either remover will depend on the shade of hair dye you want to remove.


  •  If your hair is black 1, dark brown 3, or brown 4, you should use Color Oops  to remove them thoroughly. It’ll remove the strongest pigments.


  •  Alternatively, if your hair is colored light brown 5, dark blonde 6, or blonde 7, choose for Color Prep.  You don’t need to use a stronger formula to remove these pigments.


Let’s say you want to remove a blonde 7 hair dye because you don’t like the way it looks. If you apply Color Oops you’ll dry out your hair because the color will fade quickly… and nutrients too.

However, Color Prep will be milder to remove the hair dye without drying your hair.


Also, if you want to remove a dark shade, you should use Color Oops because Color Prep wouldn’t have the necessary strength. You would have to apply it several times with the obvious consequences: drying out your hair.



Color Oops and Color Prep are similar color removers. They’re applied in the same way, they have the same exposure time, and their smell is quite penetrating.

However, if you want to remove a very dark color to change, you should opt for Color Oops. In turn, if you want to remove a medium shade of hair dye, you can use Color Prep.

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