How often to use blue shampoo? It depends on your hair color…

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  • Blue shampoo is usually used for one to three washes per week, according to your hair color.
  • If your hair is dark orange, you can use it twice or thrice a week.
  • If your hair is orange, you can use it once or twice a week.
  • If your hair is light orange, you can use it once a week.


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 Blue shampoo is generally used once or twice a week. 

Of course, this will also depend on the manufacturer’s instructions and your hair’s needs.


I recommend my clients start using it twice a week. Once they neutralize the unwanted orange, they can maintain the color by applying it once a week.


Another question I often receive is whether it’s necessary always to use the blue shampoo or if it’s possible to alternate washes with the traditional shampoo.

The answer is “it depends.” It depends on the needs and color of your hair.

For example, some of my clients use blue shampoo in every wash because they only wash their hair twice a week. And others do one wash with blue shampoo and another with traditional shampoo.

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Another question about using blue shampoo is whether it should be used before or after the traditional shampoo in one wash. And the answer is “no.”

 If you wash your hair with blue shampoo, it isn’t necessary to use a traditional shampoo afterward. 


The blue shampoo deposits pigments to neutralize the unwanted orange, and it also cleans your hair.


Going back to the ideal frequency of use, one of my clients who had a blonde balayage, used blue shampoo three times the first week after leaving the salon. When she reached the ashy color, she continued to use it once a week.

Another client who left the salon with ashy highlights noticed that she had some orange shine and started using the shampoo only once a week to keep the ashy shades in her hair.


So, what this is really about, is that we figure out together the exact frequency of blue shampoo for your hair. And I promise you that we’ll find it out together.


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How often should you use blue shampoo on your hair?

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I first recommend reading the instructions for the blue shampoo you chose carefully.

If you should use that blue shampoo once a week, start using it once a week and observe the results. If it doesn’t work, you can start with a self-designed plan.


That being said, you can make a straightforward calculation on how often to use blue shampoo to remove the orange:

  •  If your hair is dark orange,  you should apply the shampoo 2 or 3 times a week.
  •  If your hair is orange,  you should shampoo 1 or 2 times a week.
  •  If your hair is light orange,  you should apply the shampoo once a week.


The less intense the unwanted color of your hair, the easier it’ll be to neutralize it. Once you achieve the ashy color you want, you only need to maintain it by applying blue shampoo once a week.


But since every hair is different, it all comes down to trial and error.

So, ideally:

  • Start using blue shampoo with the frequency indicated by the manufacturer.
  • If that frequency isn’t suitable for your hair, you can add another application and evaluate the results.
  • If, by adding one application, you neutralize the unwanted color, you have figured out how often you should use blue shampoo on your hair.

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You should also consider what coloring job you have applied to your hair.

  •  If you applied highlights,  you can start applying the shampoo once a week. As the weeks go by, you can add one more application until the highlights are renewed.
  •  If your hair has a balayage,  you can start using the blue shampoo twice a week until the technique is renewed. If you think it’s necessary, you can add one more application.
  •  If you bleached all your hair,  and you want to keep the ashy color, you can apply it twice a week until the dye is renewed.


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How to use blue shampoo correctly

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Applying the blue shampoo is simple and can be done in the shower.

  • Leave the blue shampoo on for three to five minutes for  .  Don’t exceed the exposure time of the shampoo to prevent your hair from turning bluish or even greenish.
  • Use a sulfate-free conditioner. Sulfates will remove the pigments deposited by the blue shampoo to neutralize the unwanted oranges.
  • Avoid heat tools. The heat from blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons will damage hair cuticles and fade blue shampoo pigments.



Blue shampoo is generally used at least once a week to a maximum of three times a week.

Ideally, you should start by following the manufacturer’s instructions for use and, according to the results, make the necessary adjustments to your washing routine to maintain the ashy color of your hair.

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