How long should you wait to bleach your hair after dying it dark?

woman grabbing her hair because she doesn't like the color

  • You should wait two to three weeks to bleach your hair after dyeing it dark.
  • But before bleaching your hair after dyeing it, I advise you to study other possibilities because bleaching is a very aggressive process that could ruin your hair.
  • So, if you dyed your hair but don’t like the color, I suggest you use a color remover instead of bleaching it. I’ll tell you more about it.
  • However, if you dyed your hair and the color seems too dark, I recommend you wait for at least three washes. After three washes, the color settles, and you can finally decide whether to bleach your hair.


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Now you know two things.

  • Firstly, that  if you want to bleach your hair after dyeing it dark, you should wait at least two weeks. 
  • Secondly, bleaching isn’t always the only alternative if you don’t like your hair color after dyeing it dark.


 If you dyed your hair two or three days ago, you could use a color remover to remove the dye.  It’s a healthier alternative to bleaching to remove hair dye.

Color removers are for colors that are hard to remove such as darker colors or red.


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Also, if you dyed your hair and the color is too dark for you, you have an even healthier alternative.

Do you know what it is?

woman washing dyed dark hair
Wait for a few days. After three washes, check your color again. It takes a few days for the dye to settle and remove excess pigments.

Therefore, after a few washes, you’ll notice that the color is slightly lighter and less intense.

Then, if you confirm you don’t like the color, and it’s only two or three days since you dyed your hair, consider the following option before bleaching.


You can use a color remover instead of bleaching your dark-colored hair

color remover for dark colored hair
As a colorist, my suggestion is that  bleaching should always be your last option. 


Bleaching is the most aggressive chemical process for your hair, especially when you just colored your hair. Although coloring is milder for the hair than bleaching, it results in significantly weaker hair. You need to restore your hair’s softness and hydration.


If you are inexperienced, you could severely ruin your hair. Bleaching involves carefully controlling the exposure times of the bleach.


In the worst case, two extra minutes can burn your hair. Alternatively, in the best case, you could get unwanted shades that you’ll have to tone.


So, my advice is that  if you hate your new color, use a hair color remover. It doesn’t need a developer or bleaching powder. Therefore, it’s less aggressive than bleaching.

The two most popular color remover brands are COLOR OOPS and COLOR PREP.


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A hair color remover will only remove artificial colors. In this case, it’ll remove the dark dye you recently applied to your hair, but it won’t remove your hair’s natural color.


Hair color removers are very easy to use because they bring all the necessary elements and instructions.

How does it work?


First, blend the contents of bottle 1 in bottle 2 and shake.

Now it’s time for application.

  • Apply the mixture from roots to ends to your dry hair.
  • Massage your hair so that the color helps it penetrate your hair fiber.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and  leave the remover on for 20 minutes. 
  • Then, rinse your hair to remove the color remover. I recommend that you don’t do this in the shower because you need to use very hot water.
  • Let the water run for 15 minutes while you massage it.
  • Remove excess water with a towel and wash your hair with shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.
  • If there are still traces of dark dye in your hair, you can use the color remover again.


Follow the instructions of the product because they may be different between different brands.



If you dyed your hair but you don’t like the color, you should wait at least two weeks to bleach your hair. However, remember that bleaching shouldn’t be your first choice because it’s a very aggressive chemical process for the hair.

You can wait for a few washes until the color settles or use a hair color remover to remove the dye.

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