How to bleach green hair to get the dye out of hair?

  • It is not always necessary to bleach hair to remove green color.
  • If your hair is dark green, oil green, or midnight green, firstly, you should use a clarifying shampoo to remove the pigments before bleaching.
  • If your hair is pastel green, water green, or neon green, you can wait for the color to fade with washing or use a dandruff shampoo. After using that shampoo, if there’s no green left, you will be able to show off your blonde or choose a new color.
  • I’ll tell you later how to bleach step by step and what color options you have to apply to your bleached hair.

one bleaching session

Tired of your green hair and want to change color?


Usually, you immediately think about bleaching.

After all, you’re tired of watching dozens of videos on YouTube where green, blue, and purple hair turns blonde almost magically.


 However, don’t believe everything you see. You don’t always need to bleach your hair to get rid of the green. 

This is the word of a professional stylist, and I will sign my statement before a judge if necessary.


It’s not always necessary to bleach green hair because, after all, you got it with a semi-permanent dye that fades with washing.

Now, if it fades with washing, in what cases will green hair need to be bleached?


It all depends on the intensity of the green color.

 The more intense the green color, the harder it is to remove. In those cases, you will need to bleach your hair. 

However, you should know some important things before you get there.


Therefore, stay with me, and I will tell you today:

  • In which cases it is convenient to bleach the green hair to reach the blonde
  • How to assess hair before bleaching
  • How to bleach your hair step by step
  • What color to dye your hair after removing the green color

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In which cases it is convenient to bleach the green hair to reach the blonde

Now that you’re in this “green, I don’t want you anymore, green” stage, it’s important to determine in which situation you should bleach your hair.

While semi-permanent hair dyes fade with washing, some colors are more difficult to remove, such as blue, fuchsia, purple, and some very persistent greens.


  • If your color is pastel green, water green, or neon green, you won’t need to bleach your hair.

use before coloring hair

I hope you’re already celebrating, as you’ll be preventing your hair from going through a process as damaging as bleaching.

Those softer green colors will fade with washings.  If you can’t wait, use a dandruff shampoo daily, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes, and you’ll see that, in 2 or 3 washes, your green will have disappeared. 


As the anti-dandruff shampoo has sulfates, it will remove the green pigments in two or three washes.

Once the green color is gone, you have two options: wear the blonde color you have achieved or apply a new color.

Don’t go away! In the end, I’ll give you some super fun and unique color ideas.


  • If your color is dark green, petroleum green, or night green, you will have to bleach your hair. But, firstly, you will have to remove the color.

washing toner from hair

Those colors have stronger and more resistant pigments. They will not fade completely with washings.

 Then, you’ll need to use a clarifying shampoo. Only after that you will be able to bleach your hair. 


Clarifying Shampoo removes the artificial color from hair, leaving the base shade free of dye. It’s best to use it outside of the shower.

Wet your hair, apply the shampoo, making sure to make a good lather, and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse and dry your hair.

Now, watch the color.

  • Is it completely blonde? If so, apply the new dye or keep the resulting color.
  • Is your hair still dull green? Then, you’ll need to re-wash your hair with clarifying shampoo as often as necessary. There should be no green left.
  • Do you notice some blonde areas and some light green ones? Then, you’ll need to bleach your hair. Your hair must be strong enough to do this.


How will you know?

With the clues I will give you below.


How to evaluate your hair before bleaching it

before coloring

I will be very clear.

If your hair is battered, dull, and feels like straw, bleaching will only damage it further.

So, to make sure it will resist bleaching, it’s important that you do a strand test.

  • Mix bleaching powder and 30 volume peroxide in a plastic container.
  • Apply the mix in a small strand. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse.


If you can’t comb out the strand or it becomes an unraveling knot,  you should not bleach your hair. If you do, you will definitely damage it irreversibly. 


If the strand feels rough to the touch and dull, you should moisturize your hair before bleaching

  • Apply coconut oil four hours before the process.
  • Nourish your hair with keratin moisturizing masks 2 or 3 times during 1 week to prepare your hair.


Now it’s time to bleach your hair to leave the green behind for good.


How to bleach your hair step by step

equal proportions


  • Bleaching powder
  • 30 volume peroxide
  • Coconut oil
  • Gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Dye brush
  • Plastic container



with gloves

  • Untangle your hair and separate it into four sections, from front to back and from ear to ear, holding each section with the hair clips.
  • Put your gloves on and mix the bleaching powder and the 30-volume peroxide in a plastic container until you get a homogeneous consistency. You can add 10 or 15 drops of coconut oil to protect your hair during the process.
  • Start applying the bleaching mixture, from the back of your head, with the help of a dye brush. You must do it from root to tip, leaving 2 or 3 centimeters of growth.
  • Repeat this action in each section and, when you finish, wrap your hair with a shower cap, leaving the bleach mixture to work for 10 to 20 minutes. It is important to check how bleaching progresses every five minutes because it is not convenient to leave the bleach longer than necessary.
  • Afterwards, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water and use shampoo and conditioner to make your hair more manageable.


Once your hair is dry, watch it in natural light.

Now that green is only part of a memory, what new color can you wear in your hair? Let the rainbow appear!


What color to dye your hair after removing the green

  • If your hair is completely blonde, you can choose a lead-gray tone or a traditional color such as platinum blonde 10.0.
  • If your hair still has some very light green in it, you can apply a pastel pink, as red neutralizes the green. You’ll get a pastel pink ash that will be very original!
  • If your hair still has  a bit more intense green, you can apply fire red, purple, violet, or fuchsia. All these colors contain red, which is a complementary opposite, to neutralize the green. 


You can also choose traditional colors, such as medium brown 5, dark blonde 6, or brown 4.



  • If your hair is colored water green, pastel green, or neon green, it won’t need to be bleached. You can expect it to fade with washing or speed up the process with a dandruff shampoo.
  • If your hair is dark green or petrol green, you’ll need to bleach it. However, firstly, you’ll need to remove the pigments with a clarifying shampoo.


Now, you can start dreaming about the color you will use to replace the old green.

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