How long does it take for Sun Bum hair lightener to work?

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  • The effects of Sun Bum hair lightener are cumulative.
  • That is, you will begin to notice obvious effects on your hair after two or three applications.
  • And those effects will also be more noticeable and appear faster the more times you use Sun Bum on your hair and the longer you expose it to the sun.


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How long does Sun Bum hair lightener last?


 Are you impatient and want to know how long it takes for Sun Bum hair lightener to work? 


The truth is that it’s not an exact science.

Because not all hair is the same. And I don’t know how you use Sun Bum and how long you expose your hair to the sun after using it on your hair.


So, for instance, I can’t tell you it will take an hour or fifteen minutes for the Sun Bum to start to work on your hair.

But  what I can tell you is that Sun Bum has a cumulative effect and every time you apply it, you’ll notice your hair is getting lighter. 


And I can also tell you that if you want to lighten your hair immediately, it’s best to go to a salon to have your hair bleached.

So, to find out how long it takes for Sun Bum to work on your hair, it’s important to be patient.


The lightening effects of Sun Bum are gentle and very gradual

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 From the first application, what you’ll notice is that your hair looks brighter . But if you think you’re going to scale three or four numbers with a single use of Sun Bum, that’s not going to happen.

Because the only process that will immediately lighten hair by several shades is bleaching.


So  Sun Bum will lighten your hair subtly and gradually,  and you’ll also need to expose your hair to the sun to enhance the lightening effect of the developer and lemon juice. These are two key ingredients in Sun Bum.

My advice is to choose certain sections of your hair to apply Sun Bum to, for example, the strands around your face.


Sun Bum application

  • Comb your hair dry.
  • Apply  two or three pumps of Sun Bum  and comb through your hair to distribute the product. It’s important to avoid it concentrating in one place.
  • Now it’s time to expose your hair to the sun for at least fifteen minutes.
  • After the exposure time, wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner.
  • You can repeat the Sun Bum application up to  three times a week. 


How to take care of your hair while you lighten it using Sun Bum

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Although Sun Bum lightens hair gradually and gently, it also contains peroxide or developer, which is still a chemical. Because of this, your hair will feel drier.

So it’s a good idea to moisturize your hair after using Sun Bum.

  • Use moisturizing or dry shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply an argan or flaxseed oil mask once a week.
  • Use aloe vera to moisturize your ends.

None of these products will influence the color you’ve achieved in your hair after using Sun Bum. Because the effects of Sun Bum are permanent.



Right from the first application of Sun Bum, you’ll start to see your hair looking lighter. And the most obvious changes will be after the third application since the effects of Sun Bum are cumulative.

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