How can you fix a balayage that is too blonde? You have two options…

woman unhappy with balayage color

  • If you want to fix a balayage that is too blonde, simply use a purple shampoo.
  • You could start using it once a week until the yellow disappears. Then continue to apply it once a week, for color maintenance.
  • You can also use a toner, such as Wella Color Charm T18, but I only recommend this option if you have coloring experience. And I’ll tell you why later on.


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 Want to fix a balayage that is too blonde? 


Now you know you have two choices to fix it:

  • You can apply a toner, which will fix your yellow balayage immediately. However, this option requires some knowledge of colorimetry.
  • Or you can use a purple shampoo, which will fix your yellow balayage after two or three washes.


But before you decide on either of these options, let’s first examine why your balayage is too blonde.

And the reason is that you bleached your hair. When you bleached your hair, you removed all the color. And you most likely removed it over several bleaching sessions.

colorist applying balayage

In each session, you remove layers of color, all the way down to blonde. What happens is that bleaching can leave harsh colors in the hair, which you obviously have to neutralize to achieve an even, light color.


Therefore, at the hair salon, the last step to achieve a perfect balayage is to apply a toner. This is a professional tool that neutralizes harsh colors, whether these are yellow, orange, or reddish tones.

In this case, since your balayage is too blonde, you should neutralize it with a product containing violet pigments, which is the opposite color of yellow on the color wheel.

And there are two products containing violet pigments that you can use: purple shampoo and toner.

Which one should you use?


If you want immediate results and you have experience in coloring, you can apply a home-use toner

20 volume developer

Why do I only recommend toner if you have prior experience in coloring?

Because toner is applied with 20-volume developer. And the developer is a chemical. So if your bleached hair is weak, you can dry it out and weaken it even more.


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Also, toner starts working immediately, as soon as you start applying it. Therefore, if you don’t carefully control the exposure time, you can end up with balayage that’s gone completely purple.

If you choose to apply the toner, I recommend you select WELLA COLOR CHARM T18, which is for home use. But whether or not you have coloring experience, I highly recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fix your balayage that’s too blonde and achieve a pale blonde balayage.


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If you have no coloring experience, apply a purple shampoo to fix yellow balayage

This will be the safest way to fix your balayage color. I’m telling you the truth.

You should use purple shampoo at least two or three times to remove the yellow. And then you should continue to wash your hair with the purple shampoo at least once a week to prevent the yellow from coming back.



To fix a balayage that is too blonde, you can either apply toner or wash your hair with purple shampoo.

Your choice should always depend on your coloring experience.

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