My lowlights are too dark and ashy; how can I fix them?

woman with lowlights clutches her head

  • If your lowlights look too dark and ashy, your first option is to wait for the color to fade gradually with each wash. Therefore, after two weeks, the color of your lowlights will be neither too dark nor too ashy.
  • If you don’t want to wait for the color of your lowlights to fade gradually, you can apply a coconut oil mask or an exfoliating mask to lighten your dark lowlights. And I’ll tell you how to do this later.


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 Want to fix some lowlights that are too dark and ashy? 


There’s not much mystery to the solution.

  • Either you wait for the color to fade with washes.
  • Or you apply a mask. You can use coconut oil or an exfoliating mask.


Simple and easy. The first option will take more time than the second option. So, it all depends on how much your dark and ashy lowlights bother you.

Why are your lowlights so dark and ashy?

model shows dark and ashy lowlights


Because you were just looking to darken your hair, let’s see how it works.

Lowlights are applied to highlighted hair that has reached the highest blonde numbers. Therefore, your hair was probably a uniform color.

By applying lowlights, you get the same effect you got when you first applied highlights: lighter highlights and darker highlights.

As a colorist, I can assure you that your solution was accurate. Now, I also understand what’s happening to you right now.

You were used to very light hair, and when you applied the lowlights, you felt like your world was dipping into the shadows. Believe it or not, the difference between an extra light blonde 10 and a blonde 7 is huge.

So now you feel like your lowlights are too dark and ashy.


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In principle,  my professional opinion is that you should expect the dark, ashy color of your lowlights to gradually fade with washes. 

woman from behind washing her hair

By washing your hair normally, without changing anything in your hair care routine, in about ten days, the color of your lowlights will have completely changed.

Now, if you’re bothered by your dark, ashy lowlights, there’s always one more way to fix it. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


You can fix your dark and ashy lowlights by applying a coconut oil mask

Coconut oil bottle
Applying a coconut oil mask, you can lighten your dark lowlights, without ruining the coloring job. That way your color will be more harmonious and without those harsh oranges.

In addition, coconut oil contains no chemicals that can damage your hair. And this is also important.

Because don’t forget that the lowlights technique involves bleaching your hair, which always detracts moisture and nutrients.


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That’s why the last thing your hair needs is to endure yet another chemical process.

Ready? Then let’s get to work.


Coconut oil mask to fix very dark, ashy lowlights

  • Comb your clean and dry hair.
  • Apply coconut oil,  leaving a gap of three centimeters from your roots. 
  • Comb and gather your hair, covering it with a shower cap to retain the heat.
  • Leave the coconut oil mask on your hair overnight.
  • The next morning, wash your hair two or three times with shampoo to completely remove the coconut oil. Don’t use any conditioner.


This is the most economical option to fix your dark lowlights. Now,  if your hair is very oily or your scalp is dry, and you suffer from itching , I recommend a specific product.


Exfoliating mask to fix very dark and ashy lowlights on greasy hair

Briogeo revival Charcoal

BRIOGEO REVIVAL CHARCOAL + COCONUT OIL is a shampoo designed to remove dead skin from the scalp. It also exfoliates hair treated with dyes, as it fades the color.

  • Wet your hair with hot water and wring it out.
  • Apply a good amount of the exfoliating mask, concentrating on the lengths and ends.
  • Massage all over your hair with both hands intensely, but without damaging it.
  • You will notice that the foam will have color, and that’s because the dark color of your lowlights has started to fade.
  •  Leave the mask on for five minutes  and rinse with warm water.
  • Apply conditioner, leaving it in your hair for three minutes. Then rinse with warm, almost cold water to close the hair cuticles.



If you want to fix too dark and ashy lowlights, you can wait for the color to fade with washing or apply a coconut oil mask or scrub, which will lighten them in one application.

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