How long does bleached hair last? Can you get rid of it?

how long does it last

First, let’s play a quick game to clear up all doubts.

How long does bleached hair last?

I’ll give you three options.


Let’s see if you can guess the right answer.

A- Bleaching lasts 6 months.

B- Bleaching lasts a year.

C- Bleaching is permanent.


The correct answer, in case you still have doubts, is C.

  Bleaching is permanent. [ su_highlight]

The only way to go back to your natural hair color is to let it grow.


Okay, I wanted to start by making this point very clear before anything else.

Now, we’re going to develop a bit more on the topic of bleaching how long it lasts.


It’s Friday night. Tomorrow, a hectic day awaits me at the salon because Saturdays are one of those days where all women want to look like movie stars. Myself included, I admit it.

Nevertheless, I wanted to take my time to write this post because after looking over various emails, I couldn’t believe the number of people that asked me, “Carina, how long does a bleaching last?”


With both the questions I get on the blog as much as the ones I get in the salon, the answer is always the same:

Once you bleach your hair, you will never go back to your natural tone.

Bleaching is permanent.


There is always an alternative, but I will tell you that at the end because first, I want to tell you what bleaching your hair consists of, how the procedure is, and provide you with the best information so that you make the right decision if you want to bleach your hair.

It doesn’t matter if you want blonde, chestnut, red, or brown hair because behind the color you want your hair, you will have to go through bleaching.

And as I consider that this will be a turning point in your life, I invite you to continue reading, and you will know why I say that once you bleach your hair, you can’t go back to your natural hair color, even though…


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What does bleaching your hair consist of?

hydrogen peroxide

Bleaching your hair is a process in which we get rid of or completely erase our hair color.

This is done to die our hair a new color.


Two fundamental elements are used: bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is used to open the hair strands while the bleach powder takes out the natural pigments of your hair.

You’re saying, “How simple, Carina! There are only two products…”


Yes, but you have to be very careful with the mixture of these products on your hair.

It’s a process that requires patience, and when possible, expert hands.


When people tell me that they want to bleach their hair at home, I always try to get them to think about the hair as a body part.

  If your back hurts, you go to a specialist so that they can check you out and figure out why. If a strange lump appears on your skin, you consult with a dermatologist.      The same happens with your hair. 

Stylists know what is best for your hair’s health, and we can also advise on what products would be best for your hair type and the general state of your hair.


Bleaching is nothing more and nothing less than a technique that requires precision, practice, and responsibility.

I’m sorry if I went off-topic. It’s just that I’ve seen so many girls that decide to bleach their hair, and they end up ruining it, so the least that I can do if you decide to bleach your hair helps you think seriously about it.


And I’m not an alarmist.

 Hair grows back, but until that happens, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and live with the results that you have. 

Later, I’ll tell you what can happen if you don’t do the bleaching process correctly.


Now, we’re going to talk about the optimal hair conditions before bleaching.


Look through your hair thoroughly before bleaching

three or four months

As I said before, it’s vital to revisit our hair’s general health before bleaching it.

If you see that your hair:

  • Shows signs of dryness…
  • Has breakage…
  • It looks opaque or lifeless…

My advice is that you forget about bleaching for the moment.

First, concentrate on repairing your hair, injecting it with a good dose of nutrients.


Just as much the bleach powder as the hydrogen peroxide will accentuate these weak hair symptoms because they are chemicals.

If you also recently permanently straightened your hair, it’s not a good idea to put it through bleaching as well.


They say that patience is bitter, but the results for your hair are more than sweet.

If you want more assurance to bleach your hair, do a test on a small piece,  a test that we’ve talked about in other posts, and double-check the results. They say that a button works well as a sample, which works flawlessly in this case.


Do you want to know the consequences bleaching can have on your hair if you don’t keep in mind this advice?

For this, I will tell you about the experiences of two of my clients.


I remember, for example, Alexandra’s case.

Alexandra is a teenager, avid in experimenting and living new experiences. Her hair does not escape; this need to make extreme changes.

One day, she decided she wanted to dye her hair pink but committed a huge error in not researching more first. It’s a shame because she had beautiful hair.


She left the bleach mixture on her hair for two hours, and her hair ended up burnt.


Eugenia was 30 years old. She was looking to take her black hair to an ashy blonde. She put her trust in the hands of her friend Carolina. The result was a “chick” yellow, which practically forced her to use bandanas all the time.

Like I said before, once you bleach your hair, you can’t go back to your natural color.

And on top of that, if what you get is far from what you were looking for, you may have to deal with quite an ordeal.


I repeat, bleaching doesn’t “last,” it’s permanent.

And all the while, you will suffer the consequences of mistreated hair.

You also will have to put up with feeling wrong about the effects of a bad bleaching job.

Because the only thing that you can do is wait until your hair grows back, that hair that hides the secrets of your natural tone.

Bleaching is permanent.

It’s that simple.

It’s that definite.


Bleaching doesn’t fade with washing nor any other type of treatment

Once you’ve erased the natural color of your hair, there’s no going back.


The only thing you can do is arm yourself with patience and wait until your hair grows.

 And as your hair grows, trim the bleached ends, which will also help to better the look and health of your hair. 


My eyes are closing. These are the last hours of this Friday in which I hope to have helped you make the right decision.

Bleaching your hair is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Get informed. Have patience. Consult a professional if it is possible.

A good stylist is defined by honoring their profession’s art and their clients’ hair’s health.

At least I take that respect in my profession.

Because the hair of each one of you is my hair.

And because I would never advise you to do something that I wouldn’t do to my hair.

Now you know, with bleaching, there’s no going backward.

Tomorrow will be a new day.


I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, or questions.

Are there still any doubts about bleaching?

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