How long does bleached hair take to grow out? Does it grow out faster or slower than normal hair?

  • Bleached hair grows out at the same rate as unbleached hair: between 1 and 2 centimeters per month.
  • That growth rate will always depend on the health of your hair. So, it’s important that you take good care of your bleached hair to boost its strength and health.
  • In other words, you need to use the right hair products and trim split ends so that, eventually, your bleached hair continues to grow normally.

seems like it grows slower

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There is a misunderstanding in that bleached hair grows out slower.

 Breathe easy, because bleached hair grows out at the same rate as unbleached hair. 


For example, Roxana, one of my clients, goes to the salon to touch up the roots of her bleached hair once a month.

She does it because her hair grows out approximately 1 to 2 centimeters every month.

In other words, her bleached hair grows the same as any of my clients’ hair.

Now, where does the misconception that bleached hair grows out slower come from?


Well, there is some truth in this false myth.

After all, bleaching causes quite a lot of wear and tear to hair.

If you add to that the fact that many women have gone through several bleaching sessions, their hair will be obviously weaker.


 If we also add weakening and fragility, obviously, bleached hair will grow out less. 

However, it will not grow less because of bleaching; it will grow out less because it is weakened and prone to breakage, especially when it is wet.

So, what can you do to make your bleached hair grow as strong as unbleached hair?


Read on, because I’ll tell you:

  • Care routine for your bleached hair to grow strong and healthy
  • How to touch up the tips of bleached hair step by step

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Care routine for your bleached hair to grow out strong and healthy

Now you know that bleached hair grows at the same rate as unbleached hair. However, there are some things you can do to improve its health.

Pay attention!


I didn’t say I’ll tell you some secrets to make your hair grow faster. I said healthier, which is not the same thing.

 There’s really nothing you can do to make your hair grow faster, as that growth cycle is decided by nature. 

However, what you can do is incorporate good habits and products to help your hair grow stronger.


Remember, bleaching is a very aggressive process for hair and can damage it permanently. If you want your bleached hair to be healthy, you need to repair the damage so that it continues to grow stronger.

Let’s start with the first healthy habit for your bleached hair to grow stronger.



  • Use sulfate-free hair products with nutrients.

for bleached hair

The first thing you should do is check what type of shampoo and conditioner you usually use. If they contain sulfates, my recommendation is to get rid of them.


 You should use shampoos and conditioners that contain nutrients such as keratin, vitamin B5, argan or coconut oil, shea butter or B12 vitamin.

These nutrients are essential for your hair to continue growing normally after bleaching. Why?


Let’s see

  • Keratin will restore the structure lost during bleaching.
  • Vitamins B5 and B12 provide biotin and folic acid that are responsible for your hair growth.
  • Argan or coconut oil, together with shea butter, will provide hydration and manageability.


For these nutrients to penetrate the hair fiber correctly, you must leave the shampoo on for 3 or 4 minutes and conditioner on for 5 to 7 minutes.

Speaking of washing your hair, how often do you do it? Every day? If you do this, the only thing you get is to weaken the hair fiber.


  • Wash your hair every 48 or 72 hours.

If you wash your bleached hair every day, you will lose moisture. When hair is dehydrated, it breaks easily. Therefore, you get the feeling that your bleached hair is growing less.

That’s why it’s important to wash it every two or three days. It’s also important that you brush your hair 2-3 times a day. You can do it before you go to bed. It is also important to sleep with your hair loose.


  If you don’t comb your hair before going to sleep or sleep with your hair tied up, the hair fiber doesn’t aerate and the absorption of vitamins is reduced. 

I also advise you to avoid wearing your hair tied up all the time. Both the tight ponytails and the braids and buns prevent the scalp from breathing and produce the breakage of the hair fiber..


  • Avoid extreme temperature in your bleached hair to help it grow out stronger.

protect keratin from uv rays

Both excessive hot and cold temperatures damage hair. If you’re going to be in the sun, always wear a cap or wet your hair so that it doesn’t lose moisture and dry out.

If you’re going to be in a cold environment, you should also wear a cap to keep your hair warm so that it doesn’t break.

Now, one of the most important recommendations.


  • Trim dry or split ends regularly.

with scissors

It’s important to trim your damaged ends so that your hair has more strength.

The hair core sends nutrients and moisture to each hair. If your ends are split, those nutrients and moisture are lost.

 Trimming the damaged ends will make your hair stronger and healthier. 


Are you one of those people who don’t have time to go to the salon?

Don’t worry, here’s a step-by-step guide to touch up the ends at home, so that your bleached hair grows out stronger.


How to touch up the ends of bleached hair step by step


  • Sharp scissors
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Hair clips
  • Mirror


Step by step:

  • Wash your hair, dry with a towel and untangle it completely.
  • Pull your head forward and comb your hair from the nape of your neck to your forehead.
  • When you have all your hair over your face, make a tight ponytail over your forehead and hold it with the hair clips.
  • Slide your index and middle fingers along the ponytail until you reach the point where your dry or damaged ends begin.
  • Hold it with your fingers like tweezers and cut straight, being very careful that your fingers don’t slip if you don’t want to cut too much.


Trim the ends at least three centimeters to make your hair grow out stronger.



  • If you notice that your bleached hair is not growing out as it should, i.e., at a rate of 1 to 2 centimeters per month, it means that your hair is weak and brittle. Therefore, it breaks and feels like it’s growing less.
  • You need to give it adequate nutrition to help it grow stronger, and trim your ends at least three centimeters regularly.
  • If you notice that your hair is still weak, you can always ask a dermatologist to check for any kind of scalp disease.

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