How to warm up ashy hair at home? Hairstylist tells you all about it

warm up hair color


  • To warm up ashy tones or warm up your hair, you should choose a hair dye with copper, mahogany, golden, or red undertones.
  • To identify these warmer tones in box dye, look for the numbers 3, 4, and 5 after the dye number and the dot. For example, a golden blonde would be 7.3. Number 7 refers to the level of the dye, and number 3 is the undertone.
  • Remember to choose the same color level as your hair. You should choose the same level with warmer undertones.


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I don’t know where in the world you’re reading this. In the case of the southern hemisphere, we’re going through a period of renewal and change. How come?


We’ve welcomed spring are getting for the great season of freedom and joy: summer.

Seasons bring changes in hair color.


It’s time to renew the hair color to leave behind the ashy tones that remind us of the winter season. Let’s welcome warm tones!

I don’t mean that you have to dye your ashy tones.

What I mean is you can turn your ashy blonde into an exciting warm blonde by warming up the tones.


  To achieve this, you’ll just need to color your hair with a dye with copper, auburn, golden, or red undertones.  

I’ll tell you in detail how to identify these numbers.


Warm tones in your hair will help you disguise those little imperfections on your face.

Yes, believe it or not, a golden blonde can perfectly disguise those little wrinkles around the eyes.

Warmer blondes will also add more luminosity to your face.


Summer is the season to shine and to attract the energy and light of the sun to our lives and our hair.

It’s time to warm up your ashy hair. So, we must correctly identify which hair dye to use.


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To warm up ashy hair go for hair dyes with warm undertones

hair dyes to warm up ash blonde hair

Before buying any box dye that “looks warm” to you, you need to identify your current hair color.

The color scale ranges from black 1 to platinum extra light blonde 10.


  There are also secondary colors like ashy or golden. They’re identified with a number after the dot.  


These secondary colors or underlying pigments are:

  • 1 ash (blue)
  • 2 iridescent / pearlescent (pearl)
  • 3 golden (yellow)
  • 4 copper (orange)
  • 5 mahogany (bordeaux)
  • 6 red
  • 7 metallic (green)


These seven secondary colors are divided into two major groups:

  • Ashy: 1 ash, 2 iridescent, 7 metallic.
  • Warm: 3 gold, 4 copper, 5 mahogany.


This is how the colors are represented in the chart. Now, all you have to do is identify your color.

Which number corresponds to your current hair color?

Light ash brown 5.1?

Ash blonde 7.1?

Why does your current color end with a .1?


Because your hair is ashy, and the number 1 corresponds to the ashy undertone.

So, all you have to identify is the main number of the color you usually dye your hair with.


  Then, just look for a dye with that same main number but with warm undertones. The number after the dot could be 3, 4, and 5.  

How do you know which gold undertone suits you best to warm up your ashy hair?


That’s what I’ll tell you next.


How to choose the ideal warm tone to warm up ashy hair according to your face or style

Once you know your hair color, the options are almost endless. There’s a warm color for every ashy tone to light up more than just your hair.

  • If your skin is very pale, you can choose warm colors like copper or mahogany.
  • If your skin is darker, you can choose gold and red.
  • If your hair is straight, you can choose gold or copper.
  • If your hair is curly, you can choose red or gold.
  • If you have a sophisticated style, gold is ideal for you.
  • If your look is urban, red or auburn will look perfect.
  • If you have a sporty look, gold will look fantastic.


  The color combinations are endless. You can warm up your ashy hair with any of them   for a playful look or to hide imperfections such as high cheekbones.

If you warm up your ashy hair, you’ll lighten your face, hide wrinkles, and look younger.

The most important thing is to respect your hair color level. You can’t apply 5.1 to a light ash brown and 8.3 to a light golden blonde.

The only thing you need to modify is the underlying tones to warm up your ashy hair!


For example:

  • If your hair is a very light ashy blonde 9.1, you can choose a very light golden blonde 9.3 or auburn 9.5.
  • If your hair is a light ash brown 5.1, you can choose a light reddish brown 5.6 or copper 5.4.
  • If your hair is an ash blonde 7.1, you can choose an auburn blonde 7.5 or golden blonde 7.3.


How to warm up my ashy hair at home

golden blonde hair dye

Have you already chosen that special color that will warm up your ashy tones?


Let’s get to work. If you’ve chosen a box dye, you’ll find everything you need: a developer, hair dye, and post-color treatment.


Step 1: prepare your hair

Comb your hair and separate it into sections from ear to ear and from forehead to, nape to start applying the dye.


Put on gloves and mix the dye with the developer.   Read the instructions, pay close attention and do as they say.  


Step 3: Applying the hair dye

With gloves on, start applying the hair dye to the bottom of your hair working your way up to the roots.

Continue applying the dye to each section, making sure to cover each of your strands thoroughly.


Step 4: Exposure time

Generally, the exposure time for hair dyes is 45 minutes. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rinse the dye with cold to lukewarm water until it runs clear.


Use the post-color treatment that’s included in the hair box dye for hydration and shine.


Step 5: drying and styling

I recommend you air dry your hair. If you prefer the hairdryer, use it on a medium level. ,

Apply anti-frizz oil.

Now it’s time to face the mirror. Do you recognize yourself?

That’s the magic of warming up ashy hair.



Warming up ashy hair doesn’t require years of coloring experience. There are two things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, choose your hair color level. Then, opt for hair color with warm undertones such as gold, copper, and mahogany.

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