5 differences between champagne blonde and ash blonde: discover the best one for you

Here I’ll tell you the 5 most important differences between ash blonde and champagne blonde.

I assure you that in less than 3 minutes you’ll know which shade of blonde to choose for your hair.

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There’s no doubt that blondes never go out of style. Blondes are attractive, rejuvenating, conceal imperfections, and bring sweetness to the by softening facial features.

However, blondes aren’t all the same. You should find that personal shade that can lighten your look and make your skin glow. 


Are you in doubt about dyeing your hair champagne blonde or ash blonde?

Well, you did very well to take a break from the search for your perfect blonde.

 Although they look the same, these two blonde shades have differences. Some of them are quite noticeable. 


What will determine which of the two shades is best for you? Some determining factors are your base hair color and your skin tone.



If your hair is very dark, you’ll have to bleach it several times to get it to ash blonde. Also, the maintenance routine will be much more intense because you’ll have to use toner frequently.

I don’t want to scare you. After all, the decision is yours. Still, to make the best decision, you should know all the differences between these two blonde shades.

So, let’s start with the first one, which could determine your choice.

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Difference 1: ash blonde is ideal for people with pale skin tones. In turn, people with warm skin tones, such as brunette, benefit from champagne blonde.

warm skin

Before deciding which of the two blondes to choose, you should know your skin tone. Are you sure you have fair skin?


To find out exactly, all you have to do is look at your veins where they’re most visible: the back of your wrist.

  • If your veins are blue, your skin tone is cool.
  • If your veins are green, your skin tone is warm.


Do you already know your skin tone?

Then, you’re closer to deciding what your hair color will be.


  • If your skin is cool, I recommend ash blonde.

People with cool tones have fair skin and light, blue, or green eyes. The base color of their hair is blonde, black, or brown. If you have cool tones, the undertone of your hair is silver. So, silver accessories will look great with ash blonde.

Also, the ash-blonde will highlight your features and give you an elegant and delicate style.


  • If your skin is warm, the best for you is champagne blonde.

It’ll bring out the best in your features and will also highlight them. Since your base hair is black, brown, and reddish, the color will bring out the golden highlights in natural light.


It would also be ideal to use gold accessories such as chokers and large earrings. They’ll bring out the brightness of the champagne blonde even more.

Champagne blonde is ideal for women with warm skin tones or brunettes with pink or yellow tones. The contrast of the champagne tone gives luminosity to the face.


Also, you can play with a shadow root effect, using a light brown at the base or your natural base, and the champagne blonde from mid-lengths to ends.


Difference 2: champagne blonde is ideal for dark-based hair, while ash blonde is a better choice for light-based hair.

The best advice I give to my clients when they want to change their hair color is to go natural.

Platinum blonde is a beautiful shade. However, first, you have to know how to wear it because you won’t go unnoticed with it. Also, you have to bleach your hair several times to get to this shade.


The same goes for champagne blonde and ash blonde.  You should always choose the shade with your natural hair color in mind. 

Therefore, it should always be a maximum of three shades lighter or darker.


Each color will change depending on the base on which it is applied.

  • If your natural hair is blonde and light, you can choose ash blonde. As you already have a light base, you won’t need to go through so many bleaching sessions. Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process for the hair.
  • If your hair has a dark base, you’ll need to bleach and tone it a couple of times before applying the ash blonde color.


Also, since champagne blonde is a combination of auburn and blonde, it’s ideal for women with naturally dark hair who want to lighten it because it’s applied on a dark base.


Difference 3: Ash blonde has cool tones, while champagne blonde has warm tones.

Although ash blonde and champagne blonde are in the same range of blondes, they are opposites.


 Ash blonde has cool shades, while champagne has the warm shades. 

That is directly related to your skin tone, as we saw before.


Difference 4: to keep champagne blonde free of unwanted tones, you should use blue shampoo. Whereas if you dye your hair an ash blonde, you should use violet shampoo.


Champagne blonde requires basic care to keep the color shiny and not turn greenish. Also, to keep your hair looking healthy and moisturized.


Therefore, if you color your hair champagne blonde, you should:

  • Use violet toning shampoo. Violet is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. So, it’ll neutralize golden tones.
  • Apply moisturizing masks at least once a week. Don’t forget that you may have bleached your hair before applying the dye, and it’ll need moisturizing.
  • In summer, you should avoid swimming pools because the chlorine will give your champagne blonde a greenish color.
  • Protect your hair with heat protectant every time you use a blow-dryer or a flat iron.


If you color your hair ash blonde, you should:

balayage from dark blonde roots to very light blonde roots

  • Use a blue toning shampoo for your hair to maintain its tone.
  • Apply moisturizing masks once a week if you had to bleach your hair to achieve this shade.
  • Use heat protectants every time you use a blow-dryer or flat iron.


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Difference 5: While the highlights tend to gray in ash blonde, they generally turn to gold in champagne blonde.

Ash-blonde is one of the deepest shades in the blonde range. Usually, the undertones tend to gray.

Therefore, if your skin is pale, you can opt for this blonde tone. It’ll disguise the appearance of the first gray hair. Also, its cool pigments will highlight the color of your skin and your features.


If you just want to lighten a few shades on your brown hair to bring out the golden highlights, champagne blonde is the best option for you.



Both ash blonde and champagne blonde allow you to look natural and radiant. When choosing either of these colors, you should think about your personality, skin tone, and lifestyle.

Only this way, the tone you choose will favor your face and your features.

Now tell me, which of these shades will you choose?

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