How long does it take for roots to show after bleaching?

woman with freshly bleached hair worried about her roots

  • It will take four to five weeks for your roots to appear after bleaching if your hair grows an average of one to one and a half centimeters per month.
  • But if your hair grows more slowly as a result of bleaching, your roots may appear after six to seven weeks.
  • It’s important to avoid bleaching your roots too often to avoid weakening your hair. You could cause hair loss or stop hair growth altogether. And later I’ll tell you what you can do to disguise your roots.


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How to bleach roots without overlapping with already bleached hair


Do you know the difference between the two concepts “hair roots” and “regrowth”?

Because knowing this difference is important in determining  how long it takes for your roots to appear after bleaching. 


So I think it’s a good idea to start with this topic. Let’s take a look.

  •  We colorists call those little millimeters that appear in your hair two weeks after bleaching “regrowth”.  Since they’re just a few millimeters of new hair in your natural color, they are hardly noticeable. That’s why they are called “regrowth”.
  •  We colorists call the two centimeters of grown hair “roots” , which is a much more noticeable portion of hair.


You must take this difference into account if you want to avoid damaging the hair follicles on your scalp. Why?

woman shows grown roots in bleached hair

Because obviously, if you’re worried about how long it will take for your roots to become visible after bleaching, it’s because the color difference between the new growth and the rest of your hair is starting to keep you awake at night.

But no matter how many sleepless nights you’ve had, you can’t make hasty decisions. I mean,  the regrowth, those millimeters of new hair, don’t get bleached. 


It doesn’t matter if it bothers you when you look in the mirror or if you feel uncomfortable because you think all eyes are on your dark roots.

You can’t bleach those few millimeters of new hair because you can’t apply bleach too close to the scalp. You’ll burn the hair follicles.

And if you burn them, your hair will fall out and no new hairs will grow at all.


So when your roots grow a centimeter or two after four to five weeks you can bleach your roots. And here’s why.


What to do when your roots appear four to five weeks after bleaching

bleaching roots that grew after previous bleaching

First of all,  once your roots appear four to five weeks after bleaching, my advice is to put your hair in the hands of a professional. 


Because roots are one of the most fragile parts of the hair. They’re the part closest to the scalp, which is where the hair grows from. One mistake, and you’ll burn your scalp.

If you damage the ends, you can always trim them. If you damage your hair follicles, you’ll have to make an appointment with a dermatologist to start fighting alopecia.

So, once your roots start to grow, you have several ways to go:

woman with dark roots grown in contrast to bleached hair

  •  You can go for a “Nirvana Blond” look, if you bleached your hair to an extra light blonde . In this case, your dark roots will contrast with the color of your hair.
  •  If you prefer to keep the color of your hair even without contrast between the roots and the lengths, you should go to the salon to have your roots bleached when they reach one or two centimeters, which will be at around four to five weeks.  It’s important to touch up your roots before they grow too much, as new hair bleaches faster. If you bleach your roots when they’ve reached four or five centimeters long, your color can become uneven.
  •  You can also apply a super-lightening dye to dye your roots and match their color to the rest of your hair.  Keep in mind that you apply super-lightening dye with 30-volume developer. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to see a professional, to avoid damaging your roots.



Now you know how long it takes for roots to appear after bleaching. And you also know the alternatives you have for when your roots grow to one or two centimeters in length.

My professional advice is that if you want to bleach or apply a super-lightening dye to your roots, go to a salon to avoid burning your scalp.

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