Best 5 Black Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes – All the pros and cons

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The best black semi-permanent hair dyes are:

  • JET BLACK 121 by ADORE

Although these semi-permanent hair dyes are great, you should choose one that fits your needs and characteristics. Today, I’ll show you how to choose it.


I’m convinced that even though blondes seem to dominate the world, black hair color is timeless.

  • Black is a classic.
  • It suits all skin tones.
  • It suits all styles of haircuts.


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Pros and Cons of Dyeing Your Hair Black (no one tells you about)


So,  if you want to try and show off your black mane for some time, a semi-permanent dye is the best option. 

Why should you go for black semi-permanent hair color?


  • Semi-permanent dyes don’t contain ammonia and are not applied with a developer. So if you’re not happy with your black hair, you just have to wait for the dye to fade with washes.
  • Also, semi-permanent hair dyes are less damaging to the hair than permanent ones.
  • Finally, there are many shades of black for you to find the one that best fits your look.


It seems that dyeing your hair black only brings advantages for you.

But I have to be honest.


From my experience in the salon, and from feedback from friends and clients,  although all semi-permanent dyes look the same, they are not. 

  • Some cover gray hair better.
  • Others include moisturizing ingredients.
  • You may find that  some semi-permanent black dyes last longer than others because their pigmentation is more intense. 


Therefore, before choosing any of these semi-permanent black dyes, you should evaluate a few things:

  • The  base color of your hair. 
  • Your amount of gray hair.
  • Your hair health.
  • How long you want to wear your hair black.

Are you ready to choose the next semi-permanent black hair dye that will give your hair a new dimension?


Let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of each of these five semi-permanent black hair dyes.

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Dye 1: If your base color is light, and you want the color to last long, choose ARCTIC FOX TRANSYLVANIA semi-permanent black hair dye

semi permanent hair color

What are the PROS?

  • It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  •  Transylvania color is perfect on medium blonde bases, dark blonde 6, or blonde 7, to the lightest ones  such as extra light blonde 10.
  • If your base is light, you’ll notice gorgeous blue undertones under the light.
  • It lasts for 22 to 24 washes.


And the CONS?

  • It could  leave traces of black for quite some time.  Whether permanent or semi-permanent, black dye pigments are resistant and long-lasting.

Although the manufacturer claims it fades after 22 washes, some darker strands may remain.


Dye 2: If your hair has a high percentage of gray, opt for CLAIROL NATURAL INSTINCTS BLACK 2 dye

no ammonia black hair dye

Although it has four black alternatives, including bluish-black, reddish-black, and brownish-black, I recommend Black 2 if you have a lot of gray hair.

This dye contains the strongest and most consistent black pigmentation.


What are the PROS of this hair dye?

  • Perfect gray coverage.
  • You can apply it on light or dark hair bases.
  • Easy application due to its creamy consistency.


What are the CONS of this hair color?

  • The color takes up to approximately 28 washes to fade.


Dye 3: If you bleached your hair, and it’s damaged, choose EBONY by PUNKY COLOUR

semi permanent color

It works as a conditioner with keratin as well.

So, in addition to dyeing your hair black,  this semi-permanent hair dye will repair your hair cuticles leaving it softer and silkier. 


What are the PROS of this hair dye?

  • Ideal for dry and damaged hair.
  •  It can be applied on dark hair  because it’s more intense than other semi-permanent black hair dyes.
  • According to the manufacturer, it lasts approximately 35 washes.


What are its CONS?

  • It’s long-lasting. However, it could be both an advantage or a disadvantage. So, if you’re only looking to change your hair color for a few days, this dye brand isn’t for you because it takes long to fade.


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Dye 4: If you want to wear black hair for a short time, go for ADORE Jet Black 121 dye

black dye that does not damage the hair

I know what you’re thinking.

Who would want to dye their hair black for only a short time?


My answer as a stylist is: a lot more people than you might think.

And let me tell you about it in detail.

  • Some women  only want to wear black hair for a special occasion  such as Halloween or a masquerade ball.
  • Other women want to dye their hair black but are afraid they might not adapt to the change.
  • Others need a push to make a profound makeover.
  • Finally, some women are just bored and don’t know what to do with their free time. I would recommend reading or yoga instead of experimenting with hair. But as the saying goes, to each her own.

If you’re in any of those groups, ADORE’s JET BLACK hair dye is the answer to your prayers.


What are the PROS of this dye?

  • Its moisturizing ingredients will help you to easily detangle your hair.
  • It doesn’t contain alcohol. So, it doesn’t dry out your hair or cause frizz.


What are the CONS of this hair dye?

  •  Short-lasting.  This dye lasts approximately a maximum of 12 washes. However, if you’re looking for a color that fades fast, this disadvantage becomes an advantage.


Dye 5: If your scalp is sensitive, choose the semi-permanent dye RAVEN by MANIC PANIC

hair color cream

You won’t suffer any kind of allergic reaction.

Although most semi-permanent hair dye brands claim to be vegan or cruelty-free,  they don’t actually contain ammonia or are applied with peroxide. 

Still, they must contain some chemical element to modify the hair color even externally.

I have used MANIC PANIC dye on clients who had very sensitive scalps, and it didn’t cause any discomfort or irritation.


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What are the PROS of this dye?


What about the CONS?



Most of these semi-permanent black hair dyes work on medium to light hair. Still, they yield the best results on extra light base colors.

Before choosing a semi-permanent black hair color, consider how long you want the color to last, your base color, the amount of gray in your hair, and if you have a sensitive scalp.

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