Which Wella toner should I use to get rid of green tones?

  • You should apply the T15 Wella Color Charm to get rid of the remains of a green semi-permanent hair dye. Also, if the pigments of your usual hair dye saturated the color and turned it greenish.
  • Wella T15 contains red pigments that neutralize the unwanted green tones in your hair.
  • You should respect the exposure time of Wella T15 on your hair according to the intensity of the green you want to neutralize.


neutralize green hair

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Wella is the master of hair coloring. It’s the master as long as the user of these wonderful products knows how to use them.

It developed a complete line of toners to help you get rid of the unwanted tones that arise after bleaching or coloring.


Generally, many of my clients use Wella toners to get rid of orange or yellowish tones.

However, Wella keeps thinking of all the possibilities. That’s why, some time ago, it  launched T15. It’s specially designed to remove greenish tones from the hair. .


  • Have you applied a semi-permanent hair dye? Is there still some green residue regardless of how much you wash your hair?
  • Have you colored your hair with an ashy color for many years, and you notice that some greenish tones are appearing?


Don't worry. This toner will make the green just a bad memory in your hair.

However, the big secret of using Wella T15 to neutralize green tones is the time you leave it on your hair.

It all depends on whether the green is light or dark. So, stay with me. I'll tell you:

  • Why Wella’s T15 eliminates green color in your hair.
  • How to use T15 correctly on greenish hair

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Why does Wella T15 remove green color in your hair?

opposite colors are complementary

Neutralization is a process by which you apply the opposite color to the color you want to remove. The famous color wheel dictates the right color. The right product to carry out the process is a toner.


Sometimes, after bleaching or coloring, unwanted tones such as orange, red, or green may appear. Therefore, colorists neutralize them with the opposite color.

The color wheel says that:



In this case,  as your hair is green, you should apply a product with red pigments. Don't panic. You won't end up as a redhead! .

Your hair is green either because it has the remains of a faded semi-permanent hair dye or because of over-pigmentation from an ash dye. That’s where the toner works.


Is there a secret to using T15?

Yes, and you should know it to avoid ruining your color. However, don't worry. I'm here to prevent that. That's what I'll talk to you about next.


How to use Wella T15 correctly on green hair

Although it’s easy to use Wella's T15, you should consider two things.


What caused your hair to turn green?

  • If the greenish tones arise because you applied a permanent ash dye, I recommend applying T15 immediately. Then, the hair fiber will absorb the pigment from the toner together with the hair dye.
  • If you had applied a green semi-permanent hair dye, I recommend that you let it fade completely. Then, you’ll see if the result is what you were hoping for. If the hair dye is already faded, and you still notice green traces, you can apply the T15.


How intense is the green that you want to remove?

This is very important. It’ll determine how long  you should leave the Wella toner on to neutralize the green without changing your base color. .

  • If the tone is dark green, you should leave the Wella toner for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If the shade is medium green, you should leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If the shade is light green, you should leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If the shade is very light green, you should leave it on for 5 minutes


Also, you should keep a close eye on your hair’s reaction. I mean almost on a minute-by-minute basis.

When you notice that there’s no more green residue, you should rinse the toner out immediately.

The application?

These tips will make it easy.



  • Wella Color Charm T15
  • 20-volume developer
  • Plastic container
  • Hair dye brush
  • Gloves and hair clips
  • Towel



You can apply the toner to either damp or dry hair. Separate your hair into four sections, from forehead to nape and from ear to ear, holding each section with a hair clip.


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  • In the plastic container, mix two parts 20-volume developer with one part Wella T15 and mix well to integrate. Remember to use gloves because the toner stains the skin.[/su_list].


  • Release one of the sections of your hair. Apply Wella T15 from root to tip with the dye brush on each section.


  • Then, let it act according to the times I previously indicated.  Don't overdo it because your hair may end up with a reddish shade. 


  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water until it runs crystal clear. Don’t use shampoo. You can apply a small amount of your usual conditioner


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Wella T15 is the right toner to get rid of greenish tones from your hair.

To prevent green tones from reappearing, you can change your hair color from ashy to iridescent. It’s a different shade, and it won’t leave such unpleasant tones.

You can also use a red toning shampoo once or twice a week. You must also be very strict with the exposure times so as not to change your color completely.

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