3 foolproof ways to remove hair dye from the skin after it dries

  • If the dye that has dried and stained your face is dark, the best way to remove it is to use soap and water.
  • If the dried dye on your face is medium to light, remove it with shampoo and water.
  • And if the dried dye is blonde or extra blonde, moisturizer is best.
  • You can also use a hair color stain remover cream or wipes.


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You’ve finished coloring your hair, and it’s already dry. But, when you look in the mirror, some horrible dry color stains remain on your forehead as a reminder of your new color.

Right then, when you have to go to an appointment, and the worst thing that can happen is to have all the dry color stains on your face.

 Don’t worry, because you’ll arrive at your date with your new hair color radiant and without any stains on your face. 


There’re several methods to remove hair dye from the skin after it dries. Some of them are homemade and easy. To choose the best option to remove the color stains from your skin, you only have to consider the dye color you used.

If you’re not in such a hurry, and you can hold out a little longer with dry color stains on your face, you can choose a color stain remover. And today I’ll recommend two brands that work very well.


So cheer up. A few stains can’t ruin your day. Stay with me, because today I’ll tell you:

  • How to remove dry dye from your skin at home
  • How to remove dry dye stains with a remover



How to remove dry hair dye from the skin at home

Dry stains of dye on the skin can be a nightmare when we finish coloring.

However, after the first shock, it’s easy to remove the dry color stains from the skin. You just have to choose the best method according to the color of the dye.


Use soap and water to remove dry stains from very dark to medium dyes.

wash the skin with soap and water

So, if the dye is black, dark brown, or chestnut, the fastest and most effective method is to use soap and water.

  • Moisten a cotton ball and rub it into the soap.
  • Start cleaning the dye stains, and get a new cotton ball as it gets dirty.
  • Do not press on the skin. Remember, you just want to remove the dry stain of dye and not irritate the skin.
  • When there’s no trace of the stain, apply moisturizer, and enjoy your stain-free skin.



Use shampoo to remove medium to light dry stains.

for bleached hair

If the dry stain color is light brown, dark blonde, blonde, or light blonde, you can use water and shampoo to remove the stains from the skin.

  • Moisten a cotton ball and apply a drop of your usual shampoo, making a little foam.
  • Begin to clean the stains from your skin, renewing the cotton ball as it gets dirty. Be careful not to let the water run off the cotton to avoid any more stains.
  • Finally, dry your skin with clean cotton.


Use moisturizer to remove dry light to extra light stains.

If the dry stains are traces of very light blonde, extra light blonde, and very extra light blonde dye, use moisturizer. Very light colors are applied with a 40-volume developer. When the dye comes in contact with the skin, it irritates it.

If you use soap or shampoo, you risk irritating it even more.

  • Place a few drops of your moisturizer on a cotton ball and clean the dye stains.
  • You can also apply the moisturizer directly to the skin and remove it with a cotton pad.


How to remove dry dye from the skin with color stain removers

If you prefer to use purchased products, you can remove dried dye from your skin with a color stain remover.


And best of all, some brands are creams while others are wipes.

Do you prefer the creamy consistency?



hair color stain remover

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It’s a cream that removes dry dye stains of any color. You have to apply it with a cotton ball over the stained area. In a matter of seconds, the dye disappears. You can find it in professional hairdresser’s stores or on the web.


If you’re a fan of makeup removal wipes, why not take advantage of them?


COLORTRAK WIPE OFF, hair color removal wipes


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They are cleaning wipes that also remove any color of hair dye. You can use them on the dye still fresh, meaning you don’t have to wait for it to dry. They’re very useful and hydrate your skin.

Any of these two options work for removing the dry dye from your skin.



  • Removing dry dye from your skin is a simple task. You only need to have soap on hand to remove very dark stains. Also, shampoo to remove medium stains, or moisturizer, to remove extra light dyes stains.
  • You can also profit from the benefits of color stain removers in cream or wipes.

What method will you use to remove dry dye stains from your skin?

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