How long does Sun Bum hair lightener last? Its effects are permanent…

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  • The effects of lightening your hair with Sun Bum are permanent. This means that even if you just manage to lighten your hair half a shade, that color will be permanent. And I’ll tell you why later on.
  • And as for how long a bottle of Sun Bum lasts, it all depends on how much you apply each time you use it, how many times a week you apply it, and the length of your hair. But generally speaking, if you use it twice a week, apply two or three pumps to a few sections of your hair and your hair is just above your shoulders, one bottle of Sun Bum can last between two months and two and a half months.


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Are you thinking about lightening your hair? Do you want to have some highlights, such as lightening the strands of hair around the contours of your face?

Then you can use Sun Bum hair lightener.


 But before you start spraying your hair with Sun Bum hair lightening spray, it’s important you understand the effects are permanent. 


Once you apply Sun Bum to your hair and expose it to the sun, the color you’ll achieve in your hair will be permanent.

Want to know why? Read on.


Once you apply Sun Bum to your hair the effects are permanent and won’t fade

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That is,  the sections of your hair where you apply Sun Bum will lighten up to half a shade. 


And that hair where you applied Sun Bum won’t ever go back to its previous color.

Because Sun Bum hair lightener contains hydrogen peroxide, which opens the hair cuticles, to lighten the color of your hair. Peroxide is a chemical, and its effect is permanent.


So for instance, if you were to use just 10-volume developer to lighten your hair, the effects would also be permanent.


But Sun Bum also contains lemon juice and pineapple juice, which also have lightening effects. And as if all this were not enough, after you apply Sun Bum you expose your hair to the sun. This enhances the ingredients of the product, making your hair half a shade lighter.


 When you apply any kind of chemical to your hair, the change is permanent.  There is no turning back.


Because no matter how many times you wash your hair after applying Sun Bum, the lightened strands won’t return to their natural color.

The same is true when you color your hair with a permanent hair dye. Your natural color will only come back as your hair grows out.

And the same is true when you perm your hair. Your hair will return to its natural shape as your hair grows.


So if you get some golden highlights in your hair after applying Sun Bum, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • Your hair lightened with the Sun Bum  will not return to its natural color. 
  • If you want your hair to return to the color it was before you applied Sun Bum, you will need to dye your hair a darker color.


Want to know how much a bottle of Sun Bum yields? Let’s try to do the math.


How long does a bottle of Sun Bum last?

How long a bottle of Sun Bum lasts depends on several factors.


The length of your hair

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If your hair is very long, a bottle of Sun Bum will last for less time than if your hair has a Pixie cut, for example, because you’ll have to use much more product to lighten your hair.

If this is your case, I recommend you choose a few specific strands to lighten to make the product last longer.


The number of applications

In principle,  the manufacturer recommends using the Sun Bum product a maximum of twice a week . Because if you apply Sun Bum too often, you can dry out your hair.

I suggest you respect the manufacturer’s recommendation to make your Sun Bum bottle last longer and avoid ruining your hair.


The amount you use

Since Sun Bum is a lightening spray, I recommend you apply it in two or three pumps. Then you should boost its effects by exposing your hair to the sun.



Once you apply Sun Bum to your hair, the effects will be permanent and won’t disappear with washing or over time.

Why? Because Sun Bum contains hydrogen peroxide which is a chemical that produces permanent changes in the hair.

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