Balayage prices, why do some salons charge a fortune while others charge so little?

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Do you want to know what a fair price is for balayage?


Hmm. Welcome to the club of supply and demand!

Because in hair matters you can find different ranges of prices.


For example, my neighbor did a balayage and it cost 150 dollars.

My cousin also did a balayage and paid 50 dollars.

Did you read that right?


One paid 150 and the other 50, supposedly for the same job.

I’m sure that you are wondering why there is such a difference between one and the other.

I promise that I will tell you in a few moments, but first, let’s talk about current and fair prices.


The average and fair price for a recently done balayage is between 150 and 200 dollars.

Why do some people charge so much for this color service in your hair and others seemingly give it away?

why is it so expensive

A lot of factors come in to play here.

For example, the geographic location of the salon.

Also, take into account the professional training of the person that does the treatment.

The quality of the products that are used to do it.

And many other factors.


That’s why, before you go to do a balayage, I recommend that you read this article carefully, because I will tell you:

  • What are balayage highlights and why they cost so much
  • What factors in to the price
  • What are the pros of well-done balayage highlights


With all of this information, you will be able to decide how much you want to invest in your balayage streaks.


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What are balayage highlights

make balayage highlights by hand

The truth is that Hollywood stars think that they invent new trends.

There’s nothing farther from the truth in the case of balayage.


 When Jennifer Aniston appeared with her incredible balayage, tons of women around the globe ran to imitate the “Friends” star. 

However, balayage has a lot longer history.


A history that starts in France, although not in the times of Marie Antoinette.

Actually, balayage came about in the sixties and was imported to New York in the seventies and eighties.

It seems that at that time, not a lot of importance was given to this technique, until the Hollywood Divas decided to innovate their hair at the start of the new millennium.


 The balayage technique is essentially an art. 

It’s the latest in personalization of color, because it isn’t just about dyeing the hair and lightening it.

It’s about a much more complex technique where the stylist needs to learn all the nuances from the products used to the application, saturation and processing.

they take a long time

Although it seems like a lie, the stylist connects with their interior artist, because they “paint” the hair by hand.

It’s like the hair transforms into a blank cloth where little by little it becomes illuminated in an absolutely personal way.


 There are no two people’s hair with the same balayage, because even the colorist has to determine which brush thickness to use to dye each piece of hair.  

In balayage highlights, you can’t use aluminum foil like traditional highlights.

You only need a deep knowledge of how to apply it to get an absolutely natural effect, which after all, is what people look for in balayage.

All of this that I’m telling you takes us to the next point, which has to do with the price of balayage.

 Do you need professional training to do a balayage? 


To make it clear.

  • If you want your balayage to look perfect I recommend that you go to a professional. And that usually ends up expensive.
  • Now, if you don’t care about the results, if you don’t care if your balayage ends up good or not, you can do it yourself. Or you can ask for help from your friend that goes along with you in all your crazy ideas.


Now, do you understand why balayage is so expensive?


 It’s expensive because just the application is an art./su_highlight]

But also, you should keep in mind the factors that influence why the salons charge so differently for completing these highlights.


What factors influence the price of balayage

brands and product quality

I’m not a worldly woman. I wish I could be like Julio Verne and travel around the world in eighty days.

But I appreciate having had the opportunity to visit very different cities like Madrid, Buenos Aires, Asunción and New York.


In addition to the differences in geography and traditions and customs in each of these important cities, the cost of living in each one is completely different.


A hotel doesn’t cost the same in New York than in Buenos Aires or Asunción.

The same happens with things as simple as sunscreen or a kilo of potatoes.

And matters of beauty are no exception.


  • So, a balayage doesn’t cost the same in Madrid as in Buenos Aires.

Each one of these cities has different expenses, like taxes, supplies and products, personal payments, and even training for each one of its employees.


That’s why, while in New York a balayage could cost 300 dollars, in Asuncion it costs 100 dollars.

Because the supplies have a different price, the same with renting the salon.


  • Also, in salons where balayage costs more, generally the colorist is a specialist in this technique, which allows her to create a shine that imitates the reflection of the sun rays and even some super personal effects in brunettes and redheads.


  • Because balayage isn’t just for blondes. A good colorist can get a beautiful balayage effect in the staunchest brunettes.


  • Experts in balayage use the highest-quality products and the correct proportion of developer, in addition to knowing the science behind the elimination of underlying pigments in the hair.


  • And another factor to keep in mind for the price of balayage, is the professional’s time. For the type of technique, a well-done balayage done at a salon can take between three and four hours.


  That’s why if you are thinking of doing a balayage for your hair, you should spend between 150 and 200 dollars.  


There will be salons that charge you less.

But you will risk that the same thing that happened to my neighbor happens to you.

First, her balayage didn’t look natural. What’s more, it looked like she had applied hydrogen peroxide directly to her each piece of hair.


They were incredibly horrible and orange. You could tell that the professional that did her balayage didn’t know what she was doing.

After, her hair was really dry and frizzy, which probably had to do with the quality of products that they used to do the balayage and the exposure time.

Do you want to know the moral of the story?


She ended up spending three times more the next month because she decided to do a balayage at the salon and they charged her 200 dollars.

But in the end, her hair looked adorable.

The same thing happened to my cousin.


Her light brown hair had some beautiful light details like what you get when you go to the beach for fifteen days.

And also, it looked healthy.

So, we can’t do anything else but look at the evidence, like in court.


If you are going to pay for a balayage in a salon, it’s better to pay a bit more, but you get the results that you want.

Because after all, it comes down to the health of your hair.

Do you want to know the benefits of getting a well-done balayage, even though you pay a bit more?


Benefits of a well-done balayage

between three and four hours of work

Not for nothing, but I’m one of those that thinks that things that are inexpensive end up being expensive.

And this is the case that I told you about the differences between the balayage of my cousin and my neighbor.


 But also, a well-done balayage means you won’t have to go back to the salon for at least two or three months

And that is the true benefit of this technique.


  • When it is well done, the lightening is almost invisible, so you don’t have to retouch it monthly.
  • Also, if the professional is a specialist, they will know what tone to use so that it mixes naturally with your natural tone.


I don’t know what you are thinking. But it’s definitely worth it to spend $200 instead of 50, if for that you’ll directly get what you want.

Now you know how much you can pay on average for a good balayage.

How much would you be willing to pay?

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