Can you use color depositing shampoo on uncolored hair?

depositing shampoo on uncolored hair

  • You can use color depositing shampoo on your uncolored hair if you want to change your hair color temporarily.
  • The results will depend on your base color and the color of the depositing shampoo.
  • The darker your hair, the darker the depositing shampoo should be.


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If you’re thinking about using a color depositing shampoo, you should consider three tips:

  • Your base color.
  • Your expected new color.
  • Maintenance of the new color.

Let’s analyze these ideas.


 Although depositing shampoos are great for changing your uncolored hair, they don’t work miracles. 

So, let’s go through them one by one.

Let’s start with your base color.


If your hair is naturally black, you can use a depositing shampoo, but without a wide range of options.



For example, it’s not possible to color your black hair pastel green with a color depositing shampoo.

If your base color is black,  the depositing shampoo will give you some shades or highlights. 


And this brings us to the second point.

What new color do you want to wear in your hair?


I’ll talk about the difference between expectations and possibilities.

To choose the new color you want to wear on your uncolored hair, you have to start from one fact: your base color, again.


 If your hair is naturally brown, you’ll have fewer alternatives to change your hair color with the depositing shampoo than if it’s naturally dark blonde. 


Finally, if you want to maintain the new color, you need to use the color depositing shampoo frequently.



Because the depositing shampoo doesn’t modify your hair color.

Instead, it deposits a film of color on the outer layer of your hair.

And that film of color will gradually fade with washes.


 Therefore, the more you use the shampoo, the longer its effect will last. 


Until when?

Until you decide to wear your natural color again or try a new color by applying another depositing shampoo.


It’s easy to apply.

All manufacturers of depositing shampoos include instructions for use.

Most recommend using it one to three times a week and leaving it on the hair for five to fifteen minutes according to the intensity you’re looking for.


How to choose the color of your depositing shampoo according to your base color?

That’s what I’ll talk about next.

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If your uncolored hair is dark or very dark, you can choose red, orange, blue, purple, or dark green depositing shampoo

deposits color pigments

  To choose the color of the depositing shampoo, you have to start from your color level. 


Again, I advise you to be realistic with your expectations.

A pastel pink depositing shampoo won’t work on your black 1 hair.


If you’re not a colorimetry expert, you may not know the difference between a dark and a medium shade on the color numbering system.

So, let’s review.


Hair colors range from 1 to 10.

Number 1 corresponds to black, and 10 corresponds to extra light blonde.


In hairdressing, dark or very dark hair falls between the top four shades of the system:

  • Black 1
  • Brown 2
  • Dark brown 3
  • Brown 4[/your_list]


Only a few color depositing shampoos change those hair levels.

However, the options are still interesting.

  •  If your hair is black 1, or brown 2,  you can use red, orange, or blue depositing shampoo.
  •  Alternatively, if you have dark brown 3, or brown 4 hair color,  you can opt for red, orange, blue, purple, or green depositing shampoo.


How does the depositing shampoo work on your dark hair?

Obviously, it won't completely change your color. Still, it’ll leave an interesting shade.


If your hair is light brown 5, dark blonde 6, or blonde 7, you can use blue, purple, fuchsia, red, light green, and yellow depositing shampoo

all in one shampoo and conditioner


In that case, you have more color alternatives for your uncolored hair.

It’s because your hair color falls in the middle of the color numbering system.


Light brown 5, dark blonde 6, and blonde 7 are medium colors.

There are more options to choose from.

  •  If your hair is light brown 5,  you can choose blue, purple, fuchsia, and red depositing shampoo.
  •  Or, if it’s dark blonde 6, or blonde 7,  you can choose blue, fuchsia, purple, red, orange, light green, and yellow depositing shampoo.


If your hair is very light or extra light, you can choose any color of depositing shampoo

They’re the lightest colors in the color system.

What colors are they?

  • Light blonde 8
  • Very light blonde 9
  • Extra light blonde 10


So,  as the base color of your hair is very light, the depositing shampoo will be more noticeable. 


In that case, choose the depositing shampoo very carefully.

For example, if you use the purple or green depositing shampoo on your very light blond hair 9, your mane will turn purple or green.


Some tips for you:

  •  If you don’t like dramatic color changes, opt for a classic or pastel color depositing shampoo.
  •  In the case you have some gray hair and want to conceal it,  opt for a gray depositing shampoo.
  •  Do you have fair skin and light-color eyes?  you can opt for a fuchsia or red depositing shampoo.
  •  Alternatively, if your skin and eyes are dark,  you can choose a purple or blue depositing shampoo.


What about brands?

  •  If you want intense pigmentation,  opt for KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER. The manufacturer recommends leaving it for 20 minutes on dry hair.
  •  If your hair is very gray or your base color is light,  choose CELEB LUXURY VIRAL because it has a wide palette to choose from.
  •  If you’re looking for more fun colors, , go for PUNKY COLOUR.



Depositing shampoos work like semi-permanent hair dyes. In other words, they deposit a film of color on the outside layer of the hair.

Therefore, it’s an effective tool to temporarily change your uncolored hair because it doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer.

Remember to consider your base color when choosing a color depositing shampoo to estimate your desired effects.

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