Can I use purple shampoo for my purple hair? Yes, you can, but there is a better option

  • To keep the purple in your hair longer, it’s best to use a color depositing shampoo because they contain a greater amount of purple pigments.
  • Purple shampoo won’t damage your hair, but its pigments are much lighter. Therefore, it won’t revitalize your purple color in the same way.
  • The best way to keep a bright and vibrant purple color longer is to use a color depositing shampoo. Today I’ll tell you which ones are best.


to get yellow out of blonde hair

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 Of course, you can use purple shampoo on purple colored hair. In fact, I know countless clients who use it this way. 

However, you have to know that purple shampoo has not been created for that purpose.

It’s been designed to neutralize unwanted colors, such as brassy yellow, that can appear in your hair after bleaching.


However, when purple shampoos started to be famous worldwide, the fashion of hair in fantasy colors, such as purple, also appeared.

Many people then thought they could use purple shampoo to revitalize or extend the purple dye’s color in their hair.


You can use purple shampoo to keep the color longer. However,   pigments in purple shampoo are very light. So, you may not get the effect you are looking for, which is to revitalize your color. 

Therefore, a better option is to look for a shampoo that was designed for purple colored hair. That shampoo is the one that deposits pigments in your hair.


You see, toning shampoos have a lower amount of purple pigments because they’re used on blonde hair to neutralize unwanted brassy highlights.

Do you want to keep the purple color in your hair vibrant for longer?


Then, you should use color depositing shampoos to help your purple be always like the first day.

To make it clear:

  • Traditional purple shampoo tones hair
  • Color depositing shampoo was developed to extend the life of purple-colored hair


 If you have purple hair, you can use either one. However, I recommend using the latter, , to help your purple dye last longer.


Then, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • What the best color depositing shampoos for purple hair are
  • How to use the color depositing shampoo the right way

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What are the best color depositing shampoos for purple hair?

The difference between the purple toning shampoo and the color depositing shampoo is essential.



Toning shampoos have less purple pigments to avoid completely changing the base color.

 If your hair is colored purple, you’ll need a higher concentration of purple pigments to keep the color more vibrant and intense. You’ll only find that in color depositing shampoos.  


There’s a huge variety of this type of shampoo on the market, but if you want the best effects to extend the color in your purple-colored hair, it’s best to look for the ones with more pigmentation.

These are some of the most popular ones.



deposits color pigments

This is one of the most popular color depositing shampoos because it has the highest purple pigments. You can even use it on dry hair to make your color last longer.

It’ll leave your hair shiny and with an enviable intense color. Besides, it’s a three-in-one product: shampoo, color depositor, and conditioner. So, it’ll take care of your hair by moisturizing it with shea butter, coconut oil, and linen..



color depositing shampoo

This shampoo has the softest pigments. Therefore, it’s best for frequent use; that is, you can apply it three or four times a week to keep your color as new.



for dyed purple hair

Punky Color is a specialist in fantasy colors. Its all-in-one shampoo and conditioner will provide you with the necessary amount of pigments to help your color be always as if you had just dyed it.

Also, it’ll leave your hair soft and totally repaired due to its flower and coconut oils.


Any of these color depositing shampoos are excellent for maintaining the color of purple-colored hair.

Do you want to know how to use them properly?


How to use Color Depositing Shampoos the right way

Using this type of shampoo is very simple, but you must consider the frequency of use not to saturate your hair with color.

Some of these shampoos are for moderate use. For example, Keracolor Clenditioner, which you should use once or twice a week due to the large number of purple pigments it contains.

What happens if you use the Color Depositing Shampoo too often?


Your purple hair will be saturated with pigments, and you may even stain your bedding, towels, and clothes, even with dry hair.

If you love your bedding, you must use this shampoo the right way.

  • Therefore, if you choose a color depositing shampoo with a high pigmentation level, use it once or twice a week.
  • If you choose a color depositing shampoo with a lower level of pigmentation, you can use it three or four times a week.


In general, all color depositing shampoos are applied in the same way:

  • Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of color depositing shampoo, massaging it into a lather.
  • Leave the shampoo in for 5 to 10 minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rinse your hair until the water runs clear.



  • The best thing you can do for your purple-colored hair is to use color depositing shampoo. This way, you’ll revitalize the color and make it last longer.
  • Purple toning shampoo is actually indicated for blonde hair since it neutralizes brassy tones.

Now tell me, what will you use on your purple hair? A color depositing shampoo with a lot of pigmentation or a lesser amount of pigments?

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