Why did my hair dye turn purple? 2 possible reasons and solutions

woman grabs her face because hair turns purple

  • If you applied the auburn dye, your hair could turn purple. To prevent it, you should use a red toning shampoo.
  • Alternatively, if you use purple shampoo too often to keep strident colors off your blonde hair, it could turn purple. Therefore, you should space out the use of purple shampoo.


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If you’re currently reading these lines,  your hair may have turned purple  and you’re faced with one of these situations.


  • First, you’ve followed in the footsteps of an influencer who dyed her hair with an auburn dye.

You probably don’t know that auburn is a mysterious color that keeps certain secrets in its pigmentation. It’s because of those secrets that your hair turned purple.

If you feel you know about this situation, I’ll tell you more later.


  • The second situation that might have brought you here is that you probably got carried away with your sense of responsibility with your blonde hair.

And since your stylist recommended you use the purple shampoo to keep unwanted colors away from your hair, you wash your hair with the purple shampoo every other day.

As a result, your hair turned purple.


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They’re two different situations that lead to the same result.

But this same result will have different solutions because the problem has different origins.

So, I’ll start by talking about mahogany dye lovers. This color is as spectacular as it’s treacherous.



Your auburn dyed hair could turn purple if you don’t use red shampoo

Joico color infuse

 Auburn dye is basically burgundy. So, it’s within the range of purple,  which is made up of red and blue pigments.


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I know that after rinsing out the auburn dye, you waited for your hair to dry. When you looked in the mirror, you couldn’t believe that that Greek goddess from Olympus was you.

Yes, the auburn dye is powerful. But that powerful force hides a secret that will jeopardize your hair color.



As you wash your hair, the pigments in the auburn dye will begin to fade. And it won’t do so evenly.

The red pigments will slowly start to fade. When they do, the purple will appear.


faded red hair

You have two ways out.

  • You could renew the coloring.

But if you use a mahogany permanent dye every fortnight, your hair will become dry and weak. The permanent dye contains ammonia and is applied with a developer. They’re two chemicals that reduce hair moisture.


  • Alternatively, you could maintain your auburn hair by using a red toning shampoo.

I think that’s the best solution. The red shampoo doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer.

Therefore,  you’ll be depositing red pigments with every wash. That will prevent your hair from turning purple. 


Red toning shampoo is easily available. Brands like MANIC PANIC, KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER and VIRAL LUXURY developed shampoos with an excellent quality of pigments.

You should wash your auburn hair twice a week with the red toning shampoo, and leave it on for five minutes.

This way, your auburn hair won’t turn purple.

Your hair turned purple because you use the purple shampoo too often

purple shampoo turns hair purple

Yes, you’re obviously very caring with your extra light blonde hair.

But, don’t overdo it.

Your hairdresser probably suggested certain recommendations when you finally achieved that desired light blonde.


And one of those recommendations  was to use purple shampoo to avoid unwanted colors in blonde hair  after a few washes.

Why should you use purple shampoo?


Because purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. Therefore, when you wash your blonde hair with purple shampoo, you deposit violet pigments that cancel out the yellow unwanted shades.

  •  Use purple shampoo to care for your blonde hair.
  •  Avoid abusing  purple shampoo because it may make your hair turn purple.


Purple shampoo should be used on blonde hair once a week for a maximum of three minutes.


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What solution do I offer you right now?

  • Wash your hair with detox shampoo once or twice. It’ll remove the excess purple pigments and leave your hair blonde again.
  • Once your hair is free of purple traces, use the purple shampoo only once a week.

If you use the toning shampoo with this frequency, your hair won’t turn purple.


Hair can turn purple for two reasons. On the one hand, you could have excessively used purple shampoo on blonde hair. On the other hand, your auburn hair may not be maintained with red toning shampoo appropriately.

If your hair turned purple because you overused purple shampoo, remove the excess purple pigments with a detox shampoo. Then, use the toning shampoo once a week.

And if your mahogany colored hair turned purple, use red shampoo twice a week.

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