Help! Purple shampoo turned my hair purple. What should I do?

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How the hell did I end up with violet hair after using a purple shampoo?


I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.


I had colored my hair about a month before.

 And I started to notice the appearance of some horrible chicken yellow streaks, mixed with an insipid orange.  

A color that reminded me of those rubber ducks that children play with while they bathe.



Getting back to my hair, I thought that nothing worse could happen.

But I was wrong.

Because I decided to finish off those horrible streaks, so I used purple shampoo.


 They said that the shampoo was the solution to tone those horrible chicken yellow highlights that end up in your hair every time you bleach it or dye it blonde.  

And it was the holy grail of Platinum blond and the easiest and simplest answer for unwanted highlights.


But in my case, the solution was worse than the problem.


I had turned my hair into a hybrid of blonde and violet, and it had no parallels.

What had happened?

Why had my hair turned lilac after using purple shampoo?



Needless to say, that luckily I had applied it Friday night, so I had two consecutive days to hide from the world.

But Monday, I had to go back to work.

 And I wasn’t ready to do it with such horrible tones in my hair.  


So, I designed a strategy to get rid of those horrible tones in my hair.

As I said, I didn’t have much time, but I had decided.

One way or another, I had to get rid of those violet-lilac tones in my hair.


Do you want to know how I did it?


I’ll tell you.


And I’ll also tell you.

  • How to get rid of the purple in your hair after using purple shampoo
  • Why it is impossible to know how your hair will react when you use purple shampoo
  • How to prevent your hair from turning purple the next time you use the shampoo




How to get rid of the purple in your hair after using purple shampoo

From everything that I researched, it was a relief to know that I wasn’t the only person whose hair had turned violet after using the shampoo.

Evil of many, consolation of fools, as my grandmother used to say.

But the truth is this helped me a lot to find the solution to get my hair back to the blonde that I wanted.



The pieces of unwanted color appear in blonde hair for a lot of reasons.

 Because of using the flat iron or hairdryer, the accumulation of hair products in your hair, chlorine from pools, pollution, and ultraviolet sun rays.  


Purple Shampoo works by counteracting the yellow colors in your hair pieces because they are opposite colors on the color wheel.

And something that I didn’t know is that not all purple shampoos contain the same amount of violet pigments.

That’s why some are an intense violet color, and others are a lighter violet, closer to lilac.


That’s why choosing the shampoo is important.

But I’ll explain that later on.


Getting the violet-purple out of my hair could go two ways:

  • Wait for it to fade away with washing
  • Find an emergency remedy


Of course, the answer was obvious: find an emergency remedy.


And the emergency remedy arrived.

In the form of a bottle that most times goes unnoticed at the back of our cabinet.

Can you guess which it is?



Hydrogen Peroxide!



Wait, don’t go running to throw hydrogen peroxide on your hair because the procedure is a bit complex than that.


How to get rid of the purple or violet in your hair with hydrogen peroxide

fix violet hair


  • ½ a small coffee cup of hydrogen peroxide (10 volume)
  • 1 coffee cup of your normal shampoo
  • A spray bottle
  • A prayer to heaven




This is what I did to get rid of the violet in my hair.

  • I mixed a cup of hydrogen peroxide and my normal shampoo in the indicated proportions.
  • With the spray bottle containing water, I dampened my hair. I said, dampened, not soaked.
  • I took the mixture that I previously prepared with my fingers, and I started to distribute it on my hair. I didn’t touch my scalp because I didn’t want to irritate it.
  • I waited in front of the mirror for three to five minutes.


I don’t know if you noticed that I wrote in front of the mirror.

This is a very important point because it is vital to watch how our hair reacts to the mixture the entire time.

When I saw that there wasn’t any more violet showing in my hair, I rinsed it out with a lot of water.



 I’m not going to deny that when I finished rinsing my hair, I kept my eyes closed for about ten minutes before looking into the mirror.  

I felt this awful fear that my hair would have, I don’t even know what kind of violet tones.

But the moment of truth had arrived.

I had to open my eyes.

I held my breath and one, two, three…



Eureka! I had done it!

I had gotten rid of the violet color in my hair.


There was my blonde hair just as I liked it, without any signs of lilac, nor chicken yellow, nor oxidized orange.

But I noticed that my hair felt a bit dry.

I sensed it was because of the hydrogen peroxide.


So, I applied coconut oil and let it sit for two hours.

And I hadn’t been wrong.

My hair looked radiant and hydrated as if nothing had happened.


 Now, there are also other ways of getting rid of the violet in your hair, but it’s only a method for very resistant hair.  

And that is washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo.

remove color residue from hair


The best way to remove purple tones from hair is by using a Clarifying Shampoo, check it on Amazon


For me, it wasn’t the ideal method because my hair is very sensitive, and it was already pretty damaged from coloring and bleaching.

Clarifying shampoos are formulated with strong ingredients since they are used to strip out other hair products’ residues.

That’s why I don’t recommend them.



But with your hair, every person does what they want.

Now that the anguish had passed, it was time to check why my hair had reacted like that to the purple shampoo.

For which, I have one answer.


Why is it impossible to know how your hair will react when you use purple shampoo?

 Remove unwanted highlights

Some hair can absorb things very quickly, which directly influences the work of the purple shampoo.


The more porous your hair is, the quicker it will absorb the pigments of the hair.

This is what happened with my hair. It’s porosity played me dirty.


 The next time I use the shampoo, I’ll mix it with a bit of my everyday shampoo.  

And I will really watch the time that I leave the shampoo in my hair.

It is also important to know other things about the shampoo to get the effects that we want.



How to prevent your hair from turning purple the next time you use your shampoo

Another important thing that I learned is that everything depends on the type of tone you hope to get with the purple shampoo.


For example, if your hair needs an intensive color correction, especially if you have very light hair, like platinum, you should apply the shampoo as a toner on dry, divided hair.

You should let the purple shampoo sit in your dry hair for twenty minutes, always observing how it reacts.


But if what you want is simply to get rid of some yellow pieces, the best is to use the purple shampoo on wet hair and for less than five minutes.




get rid of unwanted tones

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There are three ways of getting the purple out of your hair according to your level of impatience and urgency.


  • If you can’t wait and have hair resistant to everything, use a clarifying shampoo.
  • If it’s an emergency, but you are worried about your hair’s health because it is sensitive, you can use a mixture of your regular shampoo with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the color.
  • If you don’t care about going out in public with violet in your hair, simply wait for it to fade as it is washed because, after all, purple shampoo isn’t dye.


It is also important to remember that purple shampoo neutralizes the warm tones in blonde hair by depositing a violet pigment and is the best way of getting rid of orange or chicken yellow chunks in your hair without having to go to a salon.

Therefore, it can be a great ally as long as you adjust the amount of purple shampoo together with the time you leave it in your hair to get the color correction you need.


And now, I would like to hear about your experience.

Have you ever ended up with purple or violet hair?


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