How to prepare the dye mixture for chocolate hair


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Brown/chocolate are the most looked-for colors than any other because they are warm tones that always look great.


Also, being such a versatile color, it allows us to increase and decrease the tones if that’s what we desire.

They are the most excellent autumn-winter colors.

Now, I’m going to teach you how to make the mixture of the tones step by step so that you can get the chocolate color that you are looking for.




How to mix the dyes

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There are many dye brands on the market and tastes are very personal. Revlon, L’Oreal, Wella or Garnier are the most used.

I always choose L’Oreal, which has a very wide color palette and keeps the hair healthy.



Let’s start with the basics, color palettes.

The tones of dyes go from numbers 1 to 10, 1 being black and 10 being extra-light blonde.

Along these lines,  the brown/chocolate tone is number 5 or 6.


 First, we have to know how to form the basic brown which is blue-red-yellow. 

We can buy the pure pigments. Those are the tools that colorists use to mix together to get the tone that we are looking for. I personally don’t recommend this since you need a lot of experience to get the color.



If we don’t have this previous knowledge of color, we can easily combine the tones in the following way:

Tone of dye + tone of dye / amount of dyes = final tone.

I know it seems difficult, but it isn’t! Here are a few examples.


3 (dark brown) + 7 (médium blonde)=10/2= 5

We divided by 2 because we use two tones.



This way, we can choose our chocolate/brown tone with the tonalities that we like the most.

If we like more red, we can mix a 5.5 deep red tone with a 4 brown tone.

So the calculation would be:

5.5+4=9.5/2= 4.75 would be a dark copper chocolate.



Just like that, you can do the combinations that you want, always keeping the same formula.


How to choose the ideal chocolate tone for your hair

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Choosing the color is always the most difficult. You have to keep in mind the color of your skin and your personal style.

The range of chocolate/brown tones is almost universal; they are colors that always look good.


  • If your skin is dark, the best would be to choose a mahogany brown since red looks perfect with dark skin.
  • If your hair is lighter, the best would be an ashy or golden chocolate which look best with light skin.


How to prepare the dye

materials required

Once we choose the color we are looking for, we are going to mix the dyes. Let’s suppose that we choose a mahogany brown.

  • In a plastic bowl, put half the tube of the tone 5.5 color and half the tube of the tone 4 color.
  • Mix with a developing cream, that would be peroxide that shouldn’t be more than 30 volumes so that you don’t cause extra damage to the hair.
  • If you buy the complete kit that is sold at pharmacies or hair salons, everything comes in the box. In the other case, you should get it separately.
  • Don’t forget to use gloves while handling the dyes.


How to apply the chocolate color in the hair

  • Separate the hair in sections and with a brush, apply the mixture, covering the whole surface, following the product’s instructions. Apply from the roots to the ends.
  • Let it sit for 40 to 60 minutes.
  • You can put on a thermal cap so that the process is even.
  • Once the time has passed, wash with abundant warm water. You can use your normal shampoo or simple apply a rinse cream.


It is normal to feel heat or burning on the scalp, if you feel extreme heat or irritation, rinse quickly.



How to maintain the color: what products to use

To maintain the color, we should keep a few things in mind.


  • Don’t wash your hair every day, it’s not advisable because you strip out the natural layer of grease on the scalp and weaken growth.


  • Don’t abuse cream baths. While they can be an excellent tool for the health of our scalp, the best thing would be to use them 1 time a week.


  • Use sulfate free shampoos. Sulfate is a chemical that produces lots of fading to our color. In that way, the tone washes out quickly, and we have to apply the dye again before the month goes by.


  • Always remember the tones that you used. It is essential for maintaining root growth.

This is very important because with being a mixture of the tones, you aren’t going to find it in any store. So, I always recommend that my clients write a note of the date and the tones that were used.

If you dyed your hair at the salon, always ask the stylist about the tones and the volumes of peroxide. Your hair’s health depends on it.


Now you know how to prepare the dye mixture to get a chocolate color. 

Do you have any doubts? Do you want to get the perfect color, but you don’t know how?



Let me know all your questions here below, and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

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