Is your bleached hair breaking off at the crown? 4 possible causes and solutions

damaged lengths and ends

There’re four possible reasons for bleached hair breaking off at the crown:


Having blonde hair is not so easy, especially if your natural color is dark.

If you have had bleaching and root touch-ups for years, hair breakage can occur at the crown of the head.

It doesn’t matter if you bleached it at home or at the salon. Bleached hair is delicate. Of course, if you leave this treatment in the hands of a professional, the damage to your hair will be minimal.


 Hair can break off at the crown of the head as soon as it’s bleached or over time. 


to maintain the heat

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It can also break off because of daily bad habits such as brushing your hair hard, tying your hair in a ponytail, not protecting it from the sun, or styling it with a heat tool.

Bleaching makes hair so thin and sensitive that it ends up breaking off at the crown if you don’t treat it carefully.

What can you do about this problem that really ruins the aesthetics of your hair?


I know you want an immediate solution, but I want to be honest with you:  in extreme cases, there isn’t any other solution than to look for a wig or get hair extensions. 

I’m not saying this to scare you!


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You can do a lot for your hair if you make the right decisions early to avoid those extreme situations.

I invite you to stick with me because I’ll tell you why your bleached hair breaks off at the crown. Also, everything you can do to stop it from happening.

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1- You bleach your hair too often

no elasticity

We love our light hair, but root touch-ups often cause hair breakage at the crown.

When our natural color starts to grow out and we notice a difference in tone between bleached hair and our own, what do we do?


We bleach the roots and that’s where the problem occurs.

 If the new mixture touches too much of any hair that was bleached before, breakage occurs. 


In my salon, I do that kind of technical work. I’m very careful not to touch the limit of the bleached hair with the new bleaching mixture. The idea is to avoid hair breakage at the crown of the head.


Do you want to know if there is a solution?

Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Hair that is already broken has no remedy. You just have to stop bleaching it to help it grow.

I know the answer isn’t what you expected.

There’s still something you can do to disguise those broken hairs that stand up on the crown of your head.


 You can try argan, coconut, almond, oil, etc. Also, any unctuous hair product to help you disguise those short hairs until they grow out again. 

Use a few drops to nourish and disguise broken hair at the crown of the head.


Remember to avoid letting the bleaching product touch the bleached hair next time you do a touch-up. That way, you won’t get those unwanted breakages.


2- The bleaching mixture has been on your hair for too long

with proteins

When the bleaching mixture stays longer than indicated, the hair can break off immediately or over the days.

That is why you have to bleach your hair with a professional stylist who’ll work step by step.


Do you have a solution?

 I insist that immediate solutions don’t exist. Everything you do to recover your hair will be long-term. 


A good diet and a healthy lifestyle will help your hair grow faster.

You can also do egg masks, mayonnaise, and all the protein you can think of. But,  you should also invest in products that help you recover your hair. 


I’ll recommend one of my favorites. It’s the one I use myself.

It is a line that was created to restore the matter to the hair: Absolute Repair by L’Oréal.

If you use the full range, you’ll be able to recover your hair from the extreme damage caused by bleaching.


3- Your hair was not fit for bleaching

before applying dye

If you bleached without a previous good diagnosis (such as a strand test) your hair didn’t withstand the process and broke off the crown.


Breakage at the crown of the head due to chemical products is quite common in hair that has been bleached frequently.

Without a good diagnosis, the hair is left to chance.


Is there a solution?

Yes, stop bleaching for a while until your hair has recovered.


4- You had formaldehyde straightening

in the beauty salon

Some formaldehyde straightening treatments claim to be keratin, but they contain formaldehyde in their formula. It causes hair breakage.


  Your hair may have broken at the crown of your head if you bleached it and, then, had a formaldehyde treatment. 


Hair breakage at the crown can also occur after many treatments, even if the formaldehyde treatment wasn’t done on the same day as the bleaching.

Formaldehyde closes the cuticle and bleach opens it.

That combination of chemicals is a ticking time bomb – watch out!


Do you have a solution?

Let your hair grow out, cut off damaged ends, and use care products to restore damaged hair.



Hair breakage at the crown of the head can be caused by one or several reasons.

A good hair diagnosis to find out if you can continue bleaching your hair will prevent future disasters.


  • If stopping bleachings isn’t a solution for you, you can choose to bleach just a few strands instead of all of your hair.
  • Periodically cutting your hair, using post bleaching care products, maintaining a healthy diet, and going to professional colorists will help you avoid future hair breakage.


Remember that hair breakage at the crown of the head doesn’t have an immediate solution. Time and care will help you restore your healthy hair.

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