Blue shampoo for Brassy Orange Hair, highlights or balayage (tips fom a professional hairdresser)

for blonde colored hair or highlights

This is a question that I got the other day.

“Carina, can I dye my hair blue with blue shampoo?”


The answer is NO.

You can’t use blue shampoo to dye your hair blue.

 It works by toning your blonde hair that has turned an rusty orange or yellow. 


Let’s suppose that a few weeks ago, you dyed your hair blonde. Or you got blonde highlights to look super cute during the summer months.

You left the salon in love with your new look. Everyone praised it. Your friends, your partner, boyfriend or lover, if you have any of those. And of course, your mom or dad.


The good thing about parents is that they always praise us children. I remember when I was 16 or 17 and I had the great idea to dye some pieces of my hair pink.

We’re talking 20 years ago when fantasy colors  weren’t in fashion yet.

At first sight, my mother told me, “Carina, you look beautiful. That color looks great on you.”

I knew very well that she was lying to me. My mother was never a lover of abrupt change, not in life, nor in hair.


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Let’s get back to your hair

how to use toning shampoo

You left the salon in love with your new blonde or highlighted look. But in a few short weeks, the magic was over.

 That attractive, shiny blonde turned a brassy orange like the devil’s eyes.    You can’t go to the bathroom because you know that there waiting for you is an accusative monster that is the mirror. But stay calm, my friend. This is completely normal.


It happens to all women that dye their hair any color within the blonde or brunette spectrum. Yes, light Brown hair also has a tendency to turn orange.

The same happens when you get highlights, balayage or whatever technique.

What is the solution?


An option would be to dye your hair again. But if you dyed your hair one or two weeks ago, I don’t think you want to go back to the salon to dye it, right?

A better solution is to use blue shampoo.

from matrix

 Blue shampoo is going to tone those brassy colors in your hair to give you back your original color.  


Here, there are various things to say or make clear.

First, that the process can take a few washes. Meaning, you will have to wash your hair a couple of times with blue shampoo to get the tone you want.

The mistake that I see a lot of people making is that they think that one wash is enough. They wash their hair with the shampoo one time, and since they don’t get the results that they want, they decide that the shampoo doesn’t work at all.

brass off shampoo matrix

 Blue shampoo works if and when you use it correctly.   

In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to now if you use the shampoo or if you are going to start using the shampoo.

  • How to avoid ending up with a horrible blue tone in your hair
  • How much time to leave the shampoo in your hair
  • How often it is best to use the shampoo.
  • What brands of shampoo should you choose
  • And much more.


Why do blondes and brunettes turn yellow or orange?

There are many possible reasons.

  • The effect of the chemicals in your washing products on the dye
  • Sun exposure
  • The saltiness of the water
  • Your wash and hair care habits

Many people dye their hair, and afterwards, don’t take care of it. They keep using their usual shampoo and conditioner. They keep exposing their hair to the sun.

Colored hair is delicate, and that’s why you have to take care of it.


What types of hair does blue shampoo work for?

with purple or blue shampoo

  • To tone hair colored blonde that has turned brassy, be it orange or yellow
  • Tone gray hairs that sometimes turn yellow
  • Neutralize or tone other colors in dyed hair
  • To get rid of orange in bleached hair


How to avoid ending up with blue hair

“Hi Carina.

I’m desperate.

Two weeks ago, I dyed my hair an ashy blonde. Since my hair turned orange, I decided to use blue shampoo. It was the worst mistake of my life.

My hair stayed blue. In reality, it’s a horrible color. It’s not even blue. Nor green. What can I do to get ride of this horrible color in my hair?”

I get comments similar to this daily.

  What happens is, many women buy blue shampoo and they use it without stopping to read the instructions first. That’s why they end up with blue hair, or a horrible hair color between green and purple.  


Using blue shampoo is easy

for bleached hairs

Almost all the brands state on their label that you should leave the shampoo in your hair for between 3 and 5 minutes.

Do you want some advice?


Start with less time than what the maker says.

If the label on your shampoo says 5 minutes, leave it in for 4.

If the label says 3 minutes, leave it in for 2.

That way, you have more control over the final color that your hair will end up.

from brassy yellow hair to ash blonde

For the first wash, you should leave the shampoo in your hair for maximum 2 minutes. Don’t rush to see the results. Remember, that wet hair is darker than dry hair.   If you evaluate the results of the shampoo with wet hair, you’ll end up making bad decisions. 

Wait for your hair to completely dry to determine if you have gotten the desired tone of your hair.


The second important factor when it comes time to evaluate the results of the blue shampoo is time. You should wait a few days to know if you have reached a color that works for you.

Many people use the shampoo one time and when their hair dries, it’s still an orange tone. In that same moment, they wash their hair again with the blue shampoo. This is a BIG MISTAKE. Please don’t do this.

yellowish grey hairs

You should wait a few days between washes with the blue shampoo. Basically, for two reasons.

First, after washing your hair with the shampoo, the tone gets stronger over time. Second, because the shampoo has chemicals that dry out your hair. For these two reasons, you shouldn’t use the shampoo more than once a week.


Let’s review the key points for correctly using the shampoo

  1. For the first wash, leave the shampoo in your hair for maximum 2 minutes.
  2. After the first wash, evaluate the results after three days.
  3. If it’s necessary, wash your hair again with the shampoo, only after 7 days from the first wash.


What Brand of shampoo should you choose?

joico balance

See Joico Shampoo on Amazon


The best blue shampoo brands are Joico and Matrix.

They are the best, not because I say it, but because they have shown the best results over the years.


It’s not by chance that the two shampoos have been on the market for years. You can see the comments on Amazon or any other sight they sell it and you will see that most of them agree that either of these shampoos perfectly fulfills their objective. Toning hair.

matrix brass off

See Matrix Shampoo on Amazon


Of course, there will always be someone that says, “I used this shampoo and it was trash” or “This shampoo left my hair blue.” So they’ve come to the conclusion that the shampoo is at fault without stopping to think that maybe they didn’t use the shampoo in question correctly.

If you are going to use either of these two shampoos in the way that I explained to you earlier in the article, the results are going to be spectacular. If your hair is a horrible orange tone now, after using this shampoo, your hair will go back to being the attractive color that you liked so much.

Are your gray hairs turning yellow?

Any of these shampoos will give you back your natural gray tone.



for balayage or highlighted hair

See the price of the shampoo on Amazon


If your blonde hair turned brassy, you have two options.

  • Color it again
  • Tone your hair with blue shampoo

Which option do you choose?

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