My hair is too ashy after using toner, how can I fix it?

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  • To get rid of a too ashy tone in your hair after using toner, you’ll need to do a color wash.
  • And to do that, you’ll need to make a mixture of hot water and bleach powder.
  • This is a very simple method, and I’ll explain how to do it step by step.


When it comes to solving problems related to unwanted colors in your hair, things can get ugly. It’s even more likely that will happen if you don’t have any familiarity with the concepts of colorimetry.


 Wanting to get rid of a too ashy color in your hair after using a toner is more common than you think.   I’m not trying to say that you need to suck it up and deal with it, though, exactly the opposite. I mean that luckily there’s a solution, which I’ll tell you about in a few moments.


You probably decided to tone your hair because you wanted to cancel out some yellow or orange tones in your hair that showed up after you bleached it. And up to that point, you were doing well.

Because toner is exactly the right product for getting rid of those unwanted tones.


But, if you leave it in your hair for longer than the manufacturer recommends, you don’t make the mix correctly, or you don’t apply it to your hair quite right, then your hair can end up with a too intense, too ashy color, which is not what you were looking for.

Are you embarrassed by that ashy color in your hair? Are you ready to finally have that perfect blonde color you were trying for?


If so, don’t move from that spot, because I’m about to tell you:

  • Step-by-step how to get rid of a too ashy color in your hair after using toner
  • How to take care of your hair after getting rid of that excess toner


After today, the only ashes left will be the ones in the ashtray, and only if you smoke.

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Step-by-step how to get rid of a too ashy color in your hair after using toner

To get rid of that ashy color that too much toner or using the toner wrong created, you need to do a color wash.

Don’t worry; your hair isn’t going to end up colorless. Rather, you’ll be getting rid of some of the residues from the toner left in your hair that’s giving it that too ashy color.

Do you want to know how to do a color wash?


Then let’s get to it!



  • One or two tablespoons of bleach powder
  • One tablespoon of boiled water for every tablespoon of bleach powder
  • Gloves



  • Dampen your hair. It shouldn’t be completely wet, just a bit damp.
  • Put water on to boil and as soon as it reaches boiling point, remove it from the heat.
  • Put on your gloves and add two tablespoons of that water to two tablespoons of bleach powder in a plastic container. Be careful when you mix the solution because you might notice that it expels steam that might irritate your eyes.
  • Once you have a smooth mix, use it on your hair wherever you think it’s too ashy, but avoid your scalp.
  • As you use it on your hair, massage areas with the mixture to ensure it gets into your hair. You can even use a comb to make sure that your hair has absorbed the mixture.
  • You’ll notice that after a few minutes, the ashy color starts to go away. Once that happens, use the mix on the areas where the ashy color isn’t as strong, so you completely clean the toner.
  • Don’t forget to massage each hair lock to help make sure the mixture gets rid of the too ashy color.
  •  How long you need to leave the mix in your hair depends on the concentration of the toner in your hair, but as a general rule, you shouldn’t leave it in for more than 10 minutes. 
  • Once that time has gone by, you can rinse your hair with cool water. Remember that it’s crucial to get all of the mix out of your hair.


How to take care of your hair after a color wash

Once you’ve done the color wash to get rid of the ashy color, you can use a dye to get that blonde color you’re looking for.

Of course, choosing which color to choose is personal, but I’d suggest choosing a dye that doesn’t contain ammonia, which would be a semi-permanent dye.

Do you want to know why?


Because after doing the color wash, your hair cuticles will be open and exposed, so it’s important to avoid using more chemicals on your hair.

 It’s better to have your dye last less time than having to deal with hair breakage. 


It’s also a good idea to avoid washing your hair for two days, so your scalp can produce its natural oils to restore the film on your hair that acts as its defense again damage.


And, of course, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Can you imagine everything your hair has had to go through up to this point? 


Let’s sum it up.

  • First, you bleached it, which means you used a mix of chemicals: peroxide and ammonia.
  • Then, you continued with a round of toner, which also contains chemicals.
  • Then, you did a color wash, which does contain bleach powder, which is pretty aggressive for your hair, although it doesn’t contain a developer.


Your hair made it, but it has a breaking point. And even if you can’t see visible signs of damage, it’s still going on inside of it. Your hair needs to get its moisture back.

How can you help it do that?


 With a lot of deep hydration masks! At least once a week.  

You can use coconut oil, and if you don’t have that, olive oil, which you probably have in your house. Both are great at moisturizing your hair.


You can also opt to use reconstructive masks on your hair, which will help fill its internal structure, specifically the capillary cortex. That’s the second layer of hair, directly affected by a chemical process like a color wash.

And lastly, use sulfate-free shampoos. Your hair will thank you.



To get rid of a too ashy color after using a toner, what you need to do is a color wash. You can do it by mixing hot water and bleach powder.

It’s very important to never leave the mix in too long, so you don’t irreparably damage your hair. And afterward, you need to nurture and strengthen it with hydrating masks and reconstructive masks.

And now tell me: Why do you think your toner left that too ashy color in your hair?

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